Wednesday, August 17, 2016

6 Things I Have Learned Being A Positive Person

I want to start this post with my all-time favorite quote:
“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi
Ever since I started my journey to make my life better and positive; I learned zillion things about myself (that was all hiding beneath my fears).
During my journey I learned to look for the positive things I was doing. Striving to be a positive person in a negative world is not easy. But if we can practice to focus on the positive reasons like: staying hopeful and happy even in the darkest days of our life, and finding the "right purpose" that can help us forget everything and focus on doing something magical (that once you thought was nearly impossible), can  work wonders. Also connecting with happy and positive minded people will help us create a positive environment for ourselves. 

The more we learn to focus on the positive things around us, the sooner we can learn to "let go" any kind of negativity- that is a threat to our peace and happiness.

There's no secret to building a positive life for yourself, nor everything will happen overnight! Changing few habits and practices can help us transform our lives. I'm still a learner when it comes to mastering positivism. But I'm happy to have started walking this 'journey of change.' And here's what I discovered:

1. Being Positive felt better than being Negative.

2. I Became More Aware about My "Happiness Project."
3. I learned that," each day is a complete new day and I must do everything possible to  live it the best way." I started focusing on  making every day a joyful experience. 

4. Don't wait for someone to make you feel happy and better all the time. Get up and find your way to happiness (a true one).

5. I learned to control my attitude/feelings towards how I want to feel about anything that happens to me in a day.

6. I realized that a Positive Attitude is a choice. And I'm free to choose my attitude rather than expecting people to change. I learned to protect my self respect, and my emotions. Now that I know how to deal with my thoughts and emotions; I am in a better position to decide what to take in to my heart and mind. I no longer explain what I'm or what I want to be; I rather choose what is good for me (without any explanation). I'm more honest in letting people go out of my life, who doesn't like me.

Being a positive person has helped me to be strong enough to eliminate all kinds of negativity from my life. I found the brave side of me , who is ready to do anything to live a life where there is more peace, happiness, and purpose!

Your,  mine, and all of our life is filled with different challenges that makes it difficult to remain positive all the time. Certain problems are so big that they steal our motivation to stay positive in life. But just because of these inevitable reasons, I could not let somebody or something  take away those beautiful days of my life. I just have this life and I don't want to end my story by giving up to my problems and redundant fears. I had to take charge of my life totally- sometimes!

I realized that everything happens because it's meant to happen. So rather than blaming I must try to find the 'good' that can steer me out of the present problem. I learned to find peace for myself amidst chaos.

What's your thoughts about Being Positive? What are the kind of positive changes you brought to your life? Do leave me a comment.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Give Your Brain A Vacation

I know I have not written in a while; because I was busy "minding my matters." And the first priority in my list was to, "give my brain a long mindful vacation." But believe me, I was badly longing for a break. July is a very important month for me; for the whole family to say- with too many events and celebrations. And I was able to give hundred percent to my family.

I realized that my brain wasn't performing that effectively, and I was pushing myself too hard. But this break was a very good and important decision for me-personally and professionally. 

Even though I missed writing, and missed you all, but my brain and my health (conditions) thanked me for this short break.

I have been able to put back together my energy, my enthusiasm, and my focus. So this means you will see a lot more happening here @ The Positive Window. I believe I will be more regular in positing new, and interesting topics. I have also been collecting lots of props for my Blog Photography (that you can see in the coming days). 

I played sports, took close care of my husband and kids. I spent some quality time relaxing and just relaxing. Other than that, I was able to read few books of my favorite authors. I also did something new:) :) few fiction novels...and totally loved them:)

And yes, I can say that I have been enjoying summer completely. 

We often wait to finish all our work and then go on a vacation, or to take a break. But life is a continuous task. Never ends. Don't wait to give yourself a break- until you complete your to-do list; because it will never be totally completed.

 If you seem to be over doing whilst neglecting your health (even minor health issues), and badly want to shut everything down- for a moment- then go for it. It may not be a long break, but should be a real one- where you  just take care of yourself, relax, take plenty of rest, and allow yourself all the luxuries that you usually don't take. Then return to work with a fresh mind, relaxed body, and with an increased level of energy and enthusiasm.

So here I am. Back with more ideas, daily inspirations, more life, and more writing . Hope you all are still with me? Can't wait to hear from you in the comments below.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

7 Types of Scarves Every Fashion Woman Must Own

If you have been reading my blog for a while; you would be knowing; how much I love scarves! They always find a special place in my wardrobe. I believe,"a "perfect" scarf can save your day, can make you look chic and elegant- effortlessly."

Accessorizing is an essential part of fashion for every woman. Our look remains incomplete without the "right" accessories- be it a bag/clutch, a hat, glasses, jewelry, or scarves. I'm sure you would agree? Out of many, a scarf and a statement necklace are my easy (instant styling tips) picks when I find my clothing not-so-beautiful. A scarf is not just a great companion for cold and winter days; but this piece of fashion accessory can make you look stylish, elegant, and chic within no time- all-year-round. 
There are lot of things to know about this fashion accessory like: the different types, different kinds in length and textures, different ways to tie them around or to carry them with you everywhere, and much more. You'll see more of posts about this (on scarves) in the coming days.

Come along and read through these must have scarves that every fashion woman should have in their wardrobe:

1. Statement Scarves.

Yes, such scarves are great in creating a style statement. Doesn't matter if they make a cotton, satin, silk, or any other type of fabric; important is how they contribute in creating a fashionable look for yourself! Throw them over anything, even on any dull or basic outfit; and they can make your look polished and presentable instantly. And the types are: silk scarves, florals, bright colors with or without beautiful flowers and prints.

2. A Pashmina Silk Scarf

A Pashmina scarf is not just a luxury scarf; but also a "glam scarf". The soft smooth silk texture makes it a great fashionable accessory. It can go well with any kind of clothing: formal or non-formal. Best features are: can be worn with everything, and in many different ways. Every woman should own at least one pashima style wrap.

Pashimas are either available in bright plain colors, or in prints; but always a silk soft material.

3. A Leopard Print Scarf

A leopard print scarf is always a must have accessory, especially for a fashion enthusiast. They make a great fashion statement. They can be worn in any occasion, or in any season. Leopard prints still find a great place in the fashion world. So if you still haven't included this timeless print in your wardrobe, you must now- I would say.


4. Pom Pom and Tassel Scarves

These are my favorites too! I own a couple of them. They make such a great stylish look- for every type of outfit. Pom poms, tassels, and fringes are so very popular these days. They can be worn around the neck or can be tied to your handbag. Wear it in spring or summer, they will never disappoint you:)

5. The Oversize Plaid Scarf

The fashion industry is crazy about some classic pints like: plaid, stripes, floral, and polka dots. Not just the fashion world; every fashion woman likes to own outfits with these prints. Just the way a classic plaid dresses, shirts, and skirts are favorite items in a woman's wardrobe; so are these oversize plaid scarves. They make a great fashion statement. The feeling of bundling up in an oversized scarf is so comforting and hassle free way of looking great. 


6. A Blanket Scarf

Even though they are only winter favorites for everyone; I would still say that," you must own one or two blanket scarves. They make such a huge difference to your winter looks, and they are equally useful in keeping you warm and cozy all winter long.

I would agree that they may not be a must- have for everyone due to it's big size and thick fabric, but they are my favorites. Learning how to tie a blanket scarf around may seem like challenging, but once you learn the styling tips on how to throw them around your neck or shoulders perfectly, you'll love wrapping them all winter long.

7. The Animal or Bird Print Scarf

Animal and bird prints, or butterfly prints are so hot in fashion these days. And scarves with these prints make a beautiful addition to your outfit.

So do you like wearing scarves? What are the types you own, or wish to include in your  wardrobe? Do leave me your comments and if you liked the post, then please do share.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why You Should Love Your Flaws

"If You Look For The Good, You Will Find It."
If we look for what's wrong with ourselves, we will find plenty of reasons to complain about. But if we look for the best things in ourselves, we'll find plenty of reasons to celebrate. The former allows us to hate ourselves; and the latter teaches us to embrace our true self- with flaws. 

We are all born with some flaws, or we adopt few over a period of time. But we are made up of flaws. And you cannot deny this fact! Nobody is perfect. It's a different matter that in-spite of knowing them, we pretend to be "perfect," and try our best to let them not show up to anybody. We do the alteration or try to conceal the "real things" from the world like:  the physical beauty; body image, appearance, attitudes, failures, weaknesses, certain "negative qualities," and what not. With the changing world, there's solution to everything now; especially if you want to hide things under layers, and project yourself the "perfect" way. But aren't you tired of repressing the true you? Don't you feel the heavy emotional baggage you are carrying underneath- that's holding you back from showing the world- that you're best in so many other ways. So why hide? Why pretend that you are a "perfect" man or a woman?

I grew up hating everything about myself: not just physical appearance, but everything! There were many reasons to feel that way. But ever since I started accepting myself-even with not-so-good- parts of me; I realized and met my beauty- my true beauty that was hiding way way under my fear and hatred. I did not know the talents, the qualities, the reasons that proved to me; that I was unique, I was special like everybody else.

My flaws are as real as I'm. No hiding behind; and nothing to feel shy about. 

I love fashion, I try looking my best, or behaving the "best" way possible, or being kind and polite to almost everyone; but sometimes I fail too! I fail to make everyone happy, and to be good to everyone. I make mistakes, I don't always look pretty or beautiful or attractive like my friends. I have my own reasons to not feel my best all-the-time. I may not be as talented as others, I may not be as intelligent as my friends, my siblings, or my cousins. But I'm much more than you think I'm not. All we need is that vision, that respect for others, and the kindness to accept oneself as well as people with flaws.

I don't like to pretend. I like being real without makeup, and not hiding the "ugly" parts of me most of the times- without feeling ashamed of myself.

The moment you love your flaws and accept them, you set yourself free from any kind of lies you have had been telling yourself or to others; and from all kinds of  society rules of "should be" and "must be." I have learned to look for the good in me, and embrace my imperfections.

When I see myself through my imperfections, they tell me a story about my strongest achievements, my victories, and my growing belief and confidence in me. They show me the scars and the bruises of humiliations and rejections- that have made me attractive, carefree, and strong in all these years. 

So embrace yourself. Embrace that not-perfect body of yours'. Love each of the ugly parts of you, or of yours' and you will soon feel the warmth of love and satisfaction.  You will be more strong to face the world or the people with all your  imperfections, because you're aware of them and you accept them with a open heart.

I hope this post will help you find that lost love and respect for yourself, and you will be confident to embrace your flaws.

Monday, June 6, 2016

How Best To Live A Day and Your Life

"Life is a natural process. But living requires effort." 

And to know if you are living your "best" life or not; you need to know if the effort is coming naturally or you are trying hard- every single day! 

In my early days of life, I was not loving my life at all, and I was pretending that everything was fine. Because I had muted my emotions. I wanted to show everyone that life was treating me fairly; but actually I wanted to believe it too! and therefore had kept all my unhappy feelings suppressed under my fears, uncertainty, responsibilities, approvals, relationships, and under many social acceptance rituals. I was not living my life to the fullest. I wasn't excited about my life. But something that I did not stop then; and even now is: looking forward to some good things coming my way. I had Faith (I still choose faith over my fears), I was Hopeful (still hopeful, because hope changes everything), and I Believed (And I still believe in miracles; and also because when no one else believed in me, I did)

"Your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinion drowned your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."    -Steve Jobs


Ever since I became aware of my interest and strengths; and pursued my passion, I've been living every day my best life, filled with satisfaction, peace, joy, and my life feels complete these days.

I learned to make the most of my day. 

Every task that you are able to do mindfully, and you put your heart and time into it- is special, is important, and is equally useful in adding meaning to your life. It's a great feeling; when you find a passion- and when that passion becomes your purpose of life. You'll learn to live more (happily) each day. So will you try to find that 'reason' from today?

"Every day is a new beginning."

Don't put your life on autopilot. And don't be very serious either.  Find things that can take away your attention from every big or small problems in your life. Let your mind know that life may not be easy every day; but certainly there are many things you can try doing and keep yourself engaged, that will help you take away your worries.

It may seem that life is fair to everyone; but that's not true. When you find it hard to live a happy normal life every day, try going out. See people around you. How everyone is struggling to make it to their life; to make it to their dreams. There are so many inspirations around us- feel them, lock them, and include those learning in your life. See if they make a difference in your attitude towards life! 

You are reading my 100th Post. Thank you so much for helping me get here, and showing interest in my blog. You all motivate me to write more and do more-that I like doing. So, Thank you always:)

Do leave me your thoughts telling me how you think you can live your "best" life, or the best day of your life?

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How To Live More Everyday By Conquering Your Fears

There's nothing called a "problem-free" life. I hope you'll agree with me. And even before the 'actual' problems comes our way; we're paralyzed by so many types of fear(s): "what if"? Certain "fears" are so intense that they leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, empty, and literary sad! And we don't like to think about them, or talk about them. 

I was feeling muddled by such fears from last few days. And believe me, they were so hard to avoid thinking about. Fear of uncertainties, insecurity of tomorrow, a sudden feeling of emptiness in life was sending shivers down my spine.

We allow fears to define and dominate our life. Most of the times they are inevitable. Some "big" decisions of our life also involve many types of fears. But we shouldn't allow our fears to rule our decisions. I was also trying to avoid getting caught in those baseless fears; that my mind was developing. I realized, the only way to conquer my fears was by taking that- "leap of faith." 

We cling to fear every now and then. Sometimes we pretend, not being affected by our 'negative thoughts;' and sometimes we fall in the trap. I would rather hold onto my faith, and believe everything will be fine, than letting fears take away my peace, and happiness from me. We all have been gifted with some super strong unseen powers withing ourselves, that can break though any obstacles that stand in our way. So use those powers next time when you're caught in any such fearful thoughts. Stay strong. Believe. Breathe. Go for the win.

Don't give any time, energy, or attention to fears. Just have faith in that supreme power, who decides everything for us. But sometimes it is also better to think and stay prepared about any kind of unfavorable situations- that you fear. Strengthen your belief system in yourself, and in your "victories"- where you defeated your fears. Reflect on your life, and feel good about the positive stories that has happened in all these years.

Hope you all had a lovely May. Wishing you all A Great June as well.

Do leave me your thoughts about this post in the comments below.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Need To Feel Special

We all crave for this "super" need- at least from our partner/life partner- to make us feel special. We love to know - we matter in their life.! And I'm no different:) 

I guess, that's why God created those "special" days in our life- when we have all rights to expect special treatment, love, and care like: our birthday, wedding day, mother's day, father's day; etc. And we women especially love feeling special, getting surprises, and definitely gifts (doesn't matter big or small).

It was last week (May 18th), I celebrated my birthday; and before the month flies away I wanted to do a post where I can show you some of my celebration pictures. I can't tell you, how special this month makes me feel! I absolutely love receiving wishes, love, and blessings from my friends and family. It is always a great feeling to know- you matter, and also to know people care about you. This is the reason, I try my best to make my friends, family, and kids feel special on their birthday, or on any other 'special' days. We all have that need- to be loved, and be somebody-at least once in a while.

A relationship gets stronger, as we learn these tiny little tricks to treat each other. I must say, "I'm lucky to have such a understanding hubby. He is more of a close friend to me, and too good in reading my mind:)....I have had always believed that, wishes come true, and he is my first wish that came true." We are like normal couples- no different; but there is definitely one thing that we do differently -we never forget to make each other feel special-in every possible way. We try our best to give lots of space to each other, and respect our love, likes, and the relationship we share. We happily participate in planning surprises for each other- more privately than flashing it on social networks. "I love the way he makes me feel special on all occasions:):)"

My birthday celebration was no different. But this time my daughter (who is going to be 6 yrs old this July:)) joined him in planning the surprise (everything)...that was such a cute gift for me. You know something; I have learned from my experience- don't wait for your partner to surprise you all-the-time; or to make you feel special every time, you also actively participate in doing so. Make him feel that he is special to you and to your kids. He's got all the 'rights' to feel important  and to have similar expectations, that you expect from him!

Something I want to share with you all- All my clothes, fashion accessories, jewelries, shoes, bags; etc are all my husband's choice. From the day we met till today, I haven't shopped alone for myself. I'm used to him. I love his picks- and will always wear his choices:)

So I wanted to share few of my recent favorites. A peek into my collections. All in pictures:

With My Two Little Angels:) My Daughter- Yutika and My Son-Archit

"Everyone deserves to feel wanted and feel special once in a while." 

You don't feel any less. Remember, you're special and you have all rights to stay happy and feel "good" about yourself.

Do let me know your thoughts about this post:) Can't wait to hear from you.

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