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'It's Within You' Book Review

Have you been undermining your self-worth and feeling undervalued, empty, and angry from within? If yes, then I've a road map for you, that's going to guide you back from those rough confusing paths to clear known paths-from within. But do you have the courage to look inward and change?

I am way too excited to introduce you all to another amazing book called, 'It's Within You', combinedly written by author Dr. Ilene S. Cohen, and author Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein- is a definitive guide to living a life you create and direct- and not one dictated by others or circumstances, and it all comes down to one simple mantra- shift!

Self-worth comes from knowing that you're inherently worthy, just the way you are; and you don't need anyone's approval to make you feel valuable!

It's Within You is a simple guidethat teaches you- "to stop expecting others to change and to work on changing yourself."
I was super excited to read Dr. Ilene's second book; a…

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