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Ripples of Kindness: Kindness Matters

"Kindness is my strength, and it makes me unique and different."

Most often, being kind is viewed as a weakness, but kindness is a beautiful pure act, that cannot be faked. Kindness shows hope and care, and it shares a beautiful feeling about life. There's more positive energy that can be created by any act of kindness- even a simple smile!

Choose kindness over judgments
Choose kindness over rejection
Choose kindness over shame
Choose kindness over dishonesty and betrayal

Kindness has got a very strong ripple effect that can change a life,  and that can provide a warm shelter to all sufferings. As I begin with today's post, I want to share two of my favorite quotes [on kindness] from my favorite author and founder of Tiny Buddha, Lori Deschene.

Be the person who breaks the cycle. If you were judged, choose understanding. If you were rejected, choose acceptance. If you were shamed, choose compassion. Be the person you needed when you were hurting, not the person who hu…

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