Tuesday, February 7, 2017

15 Simple Things To Do That Can Make You Happy Today

My Daughter's Drawing :)
If I ask, "What makes you 'happy'?" 
You will probably have many answers. 
But what if I ask you; "Do you feel happy every single day?", "Are you a happier person in your daily life?"
We all want to stay happy all-the-time. Don't we? But life comes in between and our efforts to stay positive, to stay joyful takes the backstage. While some factors that add to our happiness are out of  our control, but still there's more hope towards improving our "happiness project" of life. Instead of waiting for the happy moments to happen, how about we create simple lighter moments- to ease out any kind of unhappy, sad, fearful emotions- that arrive us every now and then! 

There are so many factors that add up to your 'unhappy thoughts.' At first learn to avoid those circumstances (if you can), and make a list of your favorite things to-do. Next things to consider are the activities/actions that I'm going to list below. Pick the ones that you feel are suitable for you, and let go the rest,.
Doesn't matter where you are right now (while reading this post), try out these simple ideas to amp up those good feelings within you:

1. Look in the mirror and make all kinds of silly faces at yourself. Choose the one that makes you repeat. For me it's always my smile :) I love to flaunt my smile- even at the mirror.

2. If you are at work, walk to your manager, or to your immediate senior and ask for few minutes of their time. Discuss your ideas on how you would like to improve or add to team's efficiency- by participating, or by doing some courses that will also add up to your skills and efficiencies. Learn something new each day.

3. Make a statement- Go to the loo, and wash you face with nice cold water, and put on a darker shade of lipstick, and/or some scented hand cream, or mascara, or eye liner/kajal- anything that will make you feel wonderful . Let your 'good' colleague friends or peers talk about how good you look in that shade. P.S: It may happen that you won't get any comments, but you will always create some kind of attention for yourself :) 

4. Take a small break and go for a walk all by yourself and revisit your achievements, and the moments that made you feel special, and you felt like; you too belong in this world; because your contribution matters- at work, in your kid's life, for friends, for family, for your readers, and for your fans/subscribers.

5. Chat or send an email to the co-workers' or to the colleagues who helped you when you needed the most! Say a simple 'Thank You,' for all the help they offered you. We all need help some time in life. 

6. Invite your favorite person from your workplace for having a cup of tea or coffee with you-during office breaks, and discuss your weekend plans. Pick the things that you find exciting or you wish to do it for yourself or for anybody else. Usually any kind of 'positive happy' conversations can create happy thoughts and the required motivation instantly.

7. Read through your achievement/ well-done emails at-least for 5 mins; especially when you're feeling completely demotivated and stressful. Those emails will help you kick-start  your pending tasks- with great enthusiasm.

8. Quickly browse through your most favorite website/blog to see what new styles you can create, or what new post(s) you must write next.

9. If outside the house and not at work- (don't feel guilty to) treat yourself. Buy yourself some beautiful flowers, or gifts, or ice-cream, a nice coffee mug, or some kind of jewelries.

10. If at home- play hide & seek with your kids, or run with them, play with your pet, capture their lovely moments in the camera, water your plants, remove all the dried leaves or stems from them, and if houseplants- change their places to a more sunlit area, or somewhere they can get more light, paint your nails, apply some nice perfume or hair cream, organize your closet, try your favorite statement jewelries and take lots of selfies, read through your kid's journals/school works, iron your husband's shirts.

11. Dance or jump rope.

12. Take a long uninterrupted nap. Wake up feeling beautiful.

13. Go online and leave some positive happy vibes around the social media. Pick up some good blogs, websites, magazines and leave a happy comment appreciating the author's work. Make someone's day, because what you send out- comes back.

14. Plan for some new outfits/make-up/shoes/jewelry/hairstyle for the evening.

15. Watch something really really really funny, and laugh uncontrollably.

Now you have so many ways to make yourself feel happy today. Just get-up, get going, and be unstoppable. Take control of your happiness- amidst all kind of worries and fears.
Do let me know what do you do to make yourself feel happy instantly? If you have any more suggestions/ideas to add to the list in this post, please feel free to share with us in the comments below.

P.S. All the above drawings are done by my daughter Yutika. She is in grade one now. And she loves creating such cartoons. I'm one lucky mom to find such cute expressions/impressions for my blog  use :) You will see more of such drawings in future posts too. Hope you like them:)

Friday, February 3, 2017

If Your Closet Is Begging For A Change!

If you have been thinking lately about upgrading your wardrobe, or including some new pieces to your existing styles, then this post is for you. I believe many of us have had made some New Year resolutions to look our best, to feel the best this year- right where we are at present! And I believe you must have swept many of them under the rug- feeling frustrated and emotional about not being able to get the shape you wished for! But instead of feeling bad, how about giving your closet a serious style upgrade. Styles that can make you look wonderful, and just you.

Lately I have decided not to wait any longer (to fit into my old clothes) to get in shape, rather find styles and designs that can fit me, and will flatter my body. Therefore I have been busy upgrading my wardrobe. We often keep our "old" favorite clothes to get back in shape and wear then again, but sometimes that never happens- due to many reasons. So to avoid feeling stuck and miserable (with the body and look you have at present), try and refresh your style, and eliminate the closet doldrums.

.When we become more ware of the kind of clothes that suits our body, we can create more love for our body, and accepting the flaws becomes easier. Accepting our body as it is so very important!

Changes are always intimidating for me; especially if it is about trying out new styles, and new clothes. But I love trying out "different new" outfits; particularly the ones that I feel I will be more comfortable wearing it! I love to experiment new styles and prints.


If you wish to try some new collections, go out today and buy the designs that can define your personality (but don't spend too much! :);)). Styles that fit you well and make you feel confident and more stylish. "We are changing every day." Our body goes through several changes every single day, so we must learn to embrace and respect the change. Wear clothes that can speak about you, even without you giving your introduction.

We can never have enough of styles to add to our wardrobe. So don't feel anything, just try every small possible reasons to 'feel your best' all-the-time. If your closet is begging you for a change, go for it.

I learn a little-more every day about myself. And something I have discovered: "self-love and self-respect is the foundation of lasting joy in life. Learn to laugh with your flaws, and to grow and get better and better with your strengths.

I love simple yet unique styles. And I'm glad to have found few picks for my wardrobe upgrade. I'm always drawn to the colors, prints, and styles that can look good on me. Life gets so easier when you can find the exact styles you've been looking for! So start this year with a new collection of the designs and colors- you wished to have in your closet. Flaunt your best styles and create a signature fashion statement starting this year.

Do let me know what you think about incorporating new colors, styles, and designs into your wardrobe? What do you do when you feel your closet is demanding a change or an upgrade? I'm waiting to hear from you.

I wish you all a Beautiful Stylish Fashionable #Weekend :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

10 Positive Affirmations For Every Day Practice

I remember when I came across those "magical statements," they totally charged my mind and beliefs- they call them "positive affirmations." These are positive statements that can help you feel motivated (upon practice), and can help you avoid negative thoughts. All you are required to do is- say them everyday. I found this method of self-improvement really empowering. Statements like;"I'm enough, I'm the change, I'm important, I'm worthy of love, etc are such powerful sayings that you can say it to yourself every day!

In today's post I am going to share few of those "powerful statements" that you must practice saying it to yourself  everyday

Much like exercise, they help in increasing the levels of feel-good-hormones. I would be  sharing such #positive #affirmations every #month. And you too can help me add to the lists. Either you can create your own list, or repeat after me:

1. Everyday I'm creating a better me.
2. I have all the qualities required for being successful.
3. I acknowledge my own self-worth.
4. I am enough to make a difference in the world.
5. I wake up today with all the energy and strengths required to make my day.
6. I am at peace with all that has happened in my life, that is happening, and will happen (found in another site that I found very motivating).
7. I can. And I will.
8. I can overcome fears by following my dreams.
9. I train my body and mind to find joy in simple things daily.
10. I have the power to create change.

Do leave me your thoughts about today's post in the comments below.

Monday, January 23, 2017

How To Be Better Than The Woman You Were Yesterday

I would like to start this post by asking few questions to myself. You can always ask these questions to yourself when you begin reading today's post.

"Am I better than I was yesterday?"
"Am I doing (today) what I always wanted to do?"
"Do I 'really' love my life today?
"Am I making any personal and professional progress at present?"
"Am I more thankful for everything than I was yesterday?"
"Do I know what makes me happy and brings me joy quickly?"

And if the answers are "yes", or "almost yes," then you know that you have already started creating your desired life- and you are better than you were yesterday; or you are working towards creating your best version today.

We spend each day of our life comparing with others, and trying to be like somebody else. But have you ever imagined seeing yourself- in the "best" possible way! Have you ever wished to create the best version of you. If not, no worries; because I am going to share few of the ways I see myself now (definitely better me) than 20 yrs back. I definitely see changes (good) in me; in terms of taking complete control of my life, being determined, brave, fearless, and more realized of my strengths as well as weaknesses. Now, I'm the creator of my 'life design.'
So definitely I'm better than the woman I was yesterday.

Each day brings me new opportunities to do the things that I love doing. The "happier side" of me also never forgets that there are some things in my life that I can never change; or will never get better. But I want to be unstoppable, fly high to reach my dream; I want to do everything I once thought I can never ever do!

"Every change starts from within. Starts with constant small reminders that may whatever come our way- we will never give up!"
Just start with a conscious "yes." Maintain an interest in life, and stay cheerful all-the-time. Understand that whatever has to happen will always happen; but you will not stop finding reasons to stay alive and to stay hungry, to only settle for more!

So here are few of my ways that helped me to understand myself better and get better. Hope you find them useful too, and can relate to them in your life- for bringing a beautiful positive change:

1. We often hesitate, or find it not-that-important to consider our natural talents and abilities. We often ignore realizing our unique capabilities; because we are trained (from childhood) to focus only upon academic results, school/university performances, and certificates to prove that we are "best " in so and so field. If we are judged by our degrees/qualifications, then let me tell you that I was never good in my academics, but I was good at many other things; which I couldn't realize until I carefully listened to my inner voice.  My life was calling me- to do something big, something different, something which others may not approve and or support me for! And I had to become brave enough to start my own journey of  recognition.

2. I started to focus not just on my strengths; but also on my weaknesses. I am still working on changing my bad habits, and bad qualities. But recognizing and owning them gave me the freedom to be just-myself. No regrets, nothing to feel embarrassing about, but simple acknowledging the -ve me and changing few parts of me. 

3. Remember and recognize your value. Understand that you are good enough than any other person you know or you meet.

4. Accept where you are. Try to make peace with where you are and what you have at present. Forget comparison, jealousy and let your decisions move you in the right direction- where you intend to go.

5. Love your past to know- your past pushed you here- to a better position in life. I can relate how hard it is to forgive (I don't want to forget, so won't ask you too!) everything that you lost. But this is also true that; my past failures were my driving force behind the woman I'm today.

6. Develop more kindness and free yourself by forgiving.

7. Create more choices of purpose and don't let fear guide your choices.

These are just few suggestions that I have discovered- to make myself better. I wish to be the "best me" than I am today, and I'm constantly trying hard and working towards bringing these changes to my life. I'm not perfect, and so are you. But such small actions can make a big difference in our life; and in everybody's life whom you are related to, whom you connect with (known or strangers).

I read these lines in one of my favorite website's post and totally loved it, " So, take back your power from all the people, places, and situations where you've left it and bring it back home. Decide that your energy will be used for believing, not doubting, and for creating, and not destroying."

I hope you and me can create a better us from today, from now, right from this moment and make this world a lovely happy place to live in.
Do let me know your thoughts about this post. Waiting to hear from you.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to love your mornings

They say that, "every morning is a chance to start over."

I was never a morning person; until I started loving my mornings again, as much as I loved staying up late in the night. As far as my childhood memories tell me; I used to hate waking up early for my studies! I was more comfortable in doing late night studies. But now ever since I have realized the importance of morning,  I try my best to love my mornings, because our morning prepare us to follow the rest of the day as it unfolds.

We sometimes find it really challenging to push ourselves throughout the day; and force ourselves to act like everything is moving in the right direction, but from within we don't feel that motivation. Therefore I have learned from my experiences that, "you must feel awesome every morning as you wake up, to make your whole day fun-tastic, productive, and successful. I like to wake up feeling more productive and happy every day. "

Open your eyes each morning saying this to yourself, " today is going to be my best-day ever!"

I never did any experiments to start falling in love with my mornings; but just few realizations that helped me to comprehend the "morning love" practice. When I made the shift, I found that I had more time for myself, to do all my stuffs- important and not-so-important. I became a happier person than I was before.

Some days were effortlessly inspiring as soon I woke up; while other days I looked around really hard to find some things-to-do that can keep me motivated all-day-long. But something I quickly recognized,"if I look forward to doing my "exciting things," I would jump out of bed within no time." So I decided to feed my mind each night (before falling asleep) about the excitement of doing the "task" next day, and I loved falling asleep quickly to wake up next morning- feeling fresh and enthusiastic, to take on my day and the tasks- happily.

All I did was: "started responding to my "creative restlessness, and learned to focus on things that truly matters to me-first thing in the morning, while trying to follow the pattern rest of the day."

So these are few of the things I try doing after I wake up each morning. Hope you find them helpful too. Feel free to just pick the ones you think you can, and leave the rest:

  • Wake up feeling determined each morning like; "you are capable of moving a mountain, or you can bring a change in the world, or you can make your life an inspiration for others." Whatever the thought is, it should be mighty big enough to wake you up each morning; even before the world wakes up.
  • Do one task each morning (after you wake up) that truly excites you.
  • Learn to love what you do.
  • Each night update your next day's passion-list or creativity-list. But please be sure to know the things beforehand, that excites you, or you are passionate about doing it.
  • Try doing something new each day; or do the things that you have a desire (deep down inside you) to do.In this process of trying new things, you may find that you have a flair or a talent that you never knew about before; and you can always add new abilities to your talent list. And those tasks that make you.
  • Read few pages from your favorite book, or browse through your favorite blogs- first thing in the morning; while sipping your favorite caffeinated drink.

Creating a routine where you can bring more energy and happiness into your life while preparing yourself up for the success is what we need for creating a "new us." Let's start now, and make this year a 'year of better changes, a year of healthy choices, a year of beautiful functional mind, and a year of kindness and gratitude.
Hope you all are having a great start of the year. Just Be You. Do More. Learn More. And Be An Inspiration for others This Year.
Don't forget to leave me your thoughts about this post below. And if you really liked it, please do share with your friends, fans, and readers.
Looking forward to an amazing year 2017 for all of you and also for me- in every aspect.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

5 Reasons Why To Live Your Passion and Love What You Do

First of all, Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year 2017. I am so excited about starting my first story/first day in a complete "New Year". I hope you had a blast welcoming another year to your life. I am looking forward to some more wonderful magics to happen in my life this year- with new changes and challenges. Hope you like today's post!

This post is also inspired by a book called, "Clear Seeing Place" by Author Brian Rutenberg. My love for "good" books is just increasing day by day. I have started finding peace and true joy by reading; and therefore I am all set to create a mini library for my reads and references. Anytime I feel I must bury myself within a book and stay there for some inspiration and motivation, I can do that now! I will soon share a picture of my tiny library with you all!

Therefore I believe another awesome book chose me to introduce it to my readers, ( As I was lucky to be contacted for doing a review of the *book).

If you are an artist by heart, or want to find your lost love for art or any kind of activities that you have always loved doing the most- then this book is for you. This book isn't about your hobbies, but about your passions- that you want to LIVE your entire life with! Passions that make you, "you", and for something that you want to wake up and be excited. Something that makes you the happiest, and you are unfraid of going after what you want.
I'm still reading the book, and it feels like I shouldn't put it down. Love the inspiration that I'm able to pick from the words, and experiences in all the pages. It's like, "learning from people who are doing work that they love." What can be more inspiring than real-life examples. I'm sure you will love the quotes that is shared in between the stories.

Whether you want to make a career, or live with your passion work each day takes us closer to ourselves; and help us feel the joy and freedom that we desire to make our life meaningful.

 So here are the reasons why I think you should live your passion:

1. You follow your joy.

You meet your fears and decide to go after the task you love doing the most; and you do it anyways. So the feeling of joy is definitely intense and permanent in the kind of tasks we consistently do.

2. You connect with your inspiration.

You bring those inspirations from all-around-you and create something new at your "workplace." And you wish for more learning and improving. You challenge every part of your self- to create the inspiration that's within you. And that's when magic happens!

3. You create your own world that you love.

When you live your passion, you feel more fulfilled and productive. Your work doesn't feel like a burden, or any heavy duty that you must do to receive your salary every month!

4. You live your beliefs.

You try doing things that you never knew thought you can do! You push yourself to succeed even more. You write your own story with courage and confidence.

5. Everything starts with passion.

Whether you decide upon living a healthy lifestyle, or making a career of your choice; passion drives your purpose.

If you think you must read the book, then quickly grab one today and create a place in your library. The book is worth reading. Do leave me your thoughts in the comments below. Waiting to hear from you all.

*This is a sponsored post.
Photography- Epsita
Opinions- All opinions expressed here are my own.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

10 Reasons How a Hobby Can Change Your Life.

"Life is more than what we do at work for running our lives on pay-checks"- Read somewhere! And this was the best thought ever read. I did not grow up thinking this way; but just the opposite way. I always believed that money is very important in life, and if you have enough money to keep you happy and to meet all your needs- your life is rocking! But coming this far in life and living all "types of me," [as a wife, mom, daughter-in-law, and many more relations] I don't see "too much" money was more important than my self-respect, my peace of mind, and my self-worth; my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. I closely learned about all the essential parts of me whom I was neglecting, or was avoiding. 

Many felt I was not efficient enough to earn a living, or to work in a "good" company. Many left my hand, left me feeling sorry for myself, and to live a guilt-ridden life. I had nobody to trust, and to rise up again and to drag myself and my life out of hopelessness; but my hobbies, my dreams, my faith in myself never left my hand. They were always with me guiding me through all ups and downs; and motivating me to take charge of my life.

I remember being asked in all my job interviews, "What are your hobbies?" I never took that question seriously because it was not making any sense to reply the interviewer saying, "singing, dancing, and cooking," while I was applying for a support job in a IT Company. Writing, Reading, and Photography was way away from my love-to-do list. Ever since I realized 'I can write,' and do well in writing, I created a new me. I no more feel shy to say my hobbies to anyone. In fact I proudly explain them; how my hobbies have turned into my passion- and how I'm going to make a career in that. 

Few lines in this amazing book called, "Steal Like An Artist" by Author Austin Kleon totally took me into another world. The way  he has focused upon living with your hobbies just stole my heart. I have become such a huge fan of his books and thoughts now. His book made me feel good knowing that, "being creative is good after all."

 I will share those beautiful lines with you:

"Creative people need time to just sit around and do nothing. I get some of my best ideas when I'm bored, which is why I never take my shirts to the cleaners. I love ironing my shirts- it's so boring, I almost always get good ideas. If you're out of ideas, wash the dishes. Take a really long walk. Stare at a spot on the wall for as along as you can.

Take time to mess around. Get lost. Wander. You never know where it's going to lead you."

I have grown doing all these tasks; and I still love doing them. As because I love spending some time in solitude. That makes me more creative and I come up with some very good ideas. 

Sometimes I believe God speaks to us through different ways: and books are one of those sources. How amazing and miraculous it is to pick a book that totally speaks your heart. That says, "there's still hope and you can do it. Don't give up!" 

Some more gorgeous lines from the book that speaks," how having a hobby (s) is important":

"It's so important to have a hobby. A hobby is something creative that's just for you.You don't try to make money or get famous out off it, you just do it because it makes you happy. A hobby is something that gives but doesn't take.

Don't throw any of yourself away.  Don't worry about a grand scheme or unified vision for your work. One day, you'll look back and it will all make sense."

Exactly, isn't it? Therefore, I feel we all must grow spending time with our hobbies. You never know where they will take you; because you just love doing it. Don't you?
I want to have the same vision while working my dream at present. I don't know what's the future, and why should I do it? But I feel a great deal of satisfaction and joy while doing my hobbies, focusing on my passions at present.

These are reasons how my hobbies changed my world for ever:

  1. Hobbies show you that you are more than you know about yourself.
  2. Hobbies make you efficient and purposeful without having you compete or compare with anyone. 
  3. Hobbies can be your best friend/partner all-the-time; in all your ups and downs (trust me!).
  4. Hobbies helps in building your self-esteem.
  5. If you are busy with your hobby, you will no longer feel bored or dejected.
  6. Hobbies challenge you in a good way.
  7. You can easily calm down as you move your focus from your worries to doing something wonderful. So hobbies are a great way to feel more of life and "be present," without much worrying about what will happen tomorrow!
  8. Engaging your mind (and your complete self) in hobbies, invokes positive feelings.
  9. Hobbies are a great way to acknowledge and showcase your talents.
  10. "Creative hobbies" make you a happier person.
So what do you think? Are hobbies really important to shape ourselves and  to create a better us, better life, and better thinking for our own self? Does any of these relate to you? Please do leave me your thoughts below. And if you liked the article please do share with everyone you know - who's got a hobby and are extremely happy and proud about that?


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