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Change Your Perspective and Change Your Life: Love & Belonging

Author Brene` Brown subtly defines love and belonging in its deepest form! I am so touched by her findings. Here what she says:

 "We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness, and affection. Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow. We can only love others as much as we love ourselves.

Shame, blame, disrespect, betrayal, and the withholding of affection damage the roots from which love grows. Love can only survive these injuries if they are acknowledged, and healed."

How true!

We are wired for love and to belong. Belonging is not just a need, it is a core desire embedded in our cells that keep us alive. In order to be loved and to belong, we must keep our 'compassion window' open all-the-time! Be compassionate to understand that even though we are hardwired to belong, w…
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A New Start: Delving Into Career Goals and Planning

The Positive Window is not just a blog! It's my insight, on the perception of life. I remember when I thought of starting a blog in 2009, my intentions were so different than what they are today! I was looking for a platform to write my complaints, and my grievances- I wanted to be harsh in my words, and was yearning to pen down all the criticisms people had used for me in all these years- personally and professionally. But I realized, you  can't live a better life by complaining and comparing; by living those unpleasant memories again and again! I wanted to 'take flight'. I wanted to prevent unhappy memories from lurking around. And that's the reason I chose to turn my struggles, my failure stories into inspiring columns-to help others see possibilities and hope in their distress.

We've been given equal shares of happiness and sufferings; and it is up to us now how efficiently we use our blessings to move up towards the "light", and not let our self…

My Insatiable Appetite For Books- A Love Affair To Remember

I've a confession to make!
I don't remember how the affair started!

But my love for books have been immensely deeply increasing with each passing day. I've found my soul mate, my best friend forever, and my family, in a book. I've found my wings of courage and freedom through books, and ever since that day I've been reading and buying more and more books. There are so many books in my library that I want to start reading, do re-reading, and want to add it to my library. My appetite for books is seemingly increasing and seems insatiable day after day!

I cannot share my love (books) with anyone. I feel if I share it with someone (give it to someone), they will not take good care of it. They will not love and care for them, the way I do for my books.

I feel a connection, and at the same time a detachment too! When I bring a book(s) from the library; and after reading when I realize it's time for me to return the book, I feel an ache inside me- the pain of detachm…

Follow Your Heart

"Do it with passion or not at all." ~ Rosa Couchette Carey
How many times have you heard this phrase, especially from passionate, positively enthusiastic dreamers? Yes, that's how they see their work and life. I'm just trying to follow their footsteps. I absolutely love following my heart- be it in doing the things I love, or allowing someone to enter my heart and 'territory'! Do not be at the place or with the person who doesn't value you; or treasure you.

When you follow your heart, you can never feel tired and uninspired. Doing the things that defines you is so natural. They become a part of who you are, your identity, and your sense of self; and our heart is a very good medium that connects us to what we love genuinely. When we follow our heart, we see possibilities and growth everywhere. Our life starts brimming with happiness, good health, prosperity, and bountiful joy.

I was born with a heart that had dreams and many wishes. And I'm all set to…

Ripples Of Kindness Continues: Kindness Is Magic

They say, "if you can't be the rock, be the ripple." And I'm just trying to be the ripple!
In order to bring a change around you, you must be the change first; so I'm trying to keep my kindness spirit alive. And nothing can be more motivating than learning from real people- what is their definition of kindness?

We look at life through our own personal filters: our past experiences, our innate beliefs and theories. But if we remove those lenses, we can have a better clear view of a situation, and we may discover some solutions to those situations we didn't see before! People are always fighting battles that we cannot see, so a little kindness can lift them up, can light up the darkness.

Spread love and kindness wherever you go! I have come to realize that what makes us special and unique is not actually our success or fame; rather our ability to be compassion, selfless, and kind. It is our ability to share the "good things" with people, will make ot…

Words Connect Us

Words can hurt. Words can heal.
Words can help. Words can deal.
Words can make you stronger or weak. But you must know how and what to tweak.

I love words and the magical impacts they have on us. Combined together these letters can reveal, heal, and can say so much more that nothing else can describe anything more! "Words connect us." Don't they?
I love how I can transform my thoughts into words and share them with you, unfolding the layers of my heart and mind. And writing gives me that privilege, that power to transport those emotions from my mind to your heart. And that's what true connection is all about! You hardly know me personally, but you all visit my page everyday and like my posts, leave your thoughts, your compliments; and we look forward to each other's warm support and connection. I love witnessing your visit to my little positive space every single day. It means a lot to me!!

We're so alike than different! We have so many similarities tha…

'It's Within You' Book Review

Have you been undermining your self-worth and feeling undervalued, empty, and angry from within? If yes, then I've a road map for you, that's going to guide you back from those rough confusing paths to clear known paths-from within. But do you have the courage to look inward and change?

I am way too excited to introduce you all to another amazing book called, 'It's Within You', combinedly written by author Dr. Ilene S. Cohen, and author Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein- is a definitive guide to living a life you create and direct- and not one dictated by others or circumstances, and it all comes down to one simple mantra- shift!

Self-worth comes from knowing that you're inherently worthy, just the way you are; and you don't need anyone's approval to make you feel valuable!

It's Within You is a simple guidethat teaches you- "to stop expecting others to change and to work on changing yourself."
I was super excited to read Dr. Ilene's second book; a…