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The Importance Of Consistency While Chasing After Your Dreams

The fight between me and my dream is about consistency, willingness to show up every single day, no matter how busy I'm doing my responsibilities. The day I don't write or don't read, I feel a big disturbing wave of uneasiness and regret inside me.

For a writer, her/his thoughts are the unique empowering elements of how they see each emotions. The raw idea of a particular thought gives shape to some bigger ideas, solutions, and theories. And I'm afraid that I let go such important thoughts without contemplating the possibilities of their occurrence in my journey.
I can never give up my dream. It's embedded in my DNA. And so is in yours'. Isn't it?

"Consistency is not perfection," but the determination to not give up, and the promise to oneself to show up day-in and day-out even in small ways, taking small efforts towards our success.

I make sure I create the time because I enjoy working on my writing. Every time I lose focus doing my things, I r…

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