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Interview with 'The True Beauty Revolution' Founder Lily Chandra

In my previous post I had mentioned that I will soon share more about Lily Chandra, The True Beauty Revolution founder.  It is so important to love yourself with flaws, and I'm glad to connect with Lily- who is not just healing mind and body but also these deep rooted perceptions about oneself. Read more about this awesome project that takes you to the path of unconditional self-acceptance and will help in healing the root cause of low self-esteem.

Tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Lily Chandra and I work as an energy healer and intuitive. I have been working in my field healing people of health issues when doctors and specialists couldn't for over a decade now. My gifts were very spontaneous though I am very spiritual person. In May 2013 I channeled a method that can reverse aging using my hands. I can turn off the aging the gene in the body to reverse aging and take years off a person's age. I am based in Canada and share my gifts with the clients and help them li…

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