Monday, October 9, 2017

Tips To Look Your Best In Wide-Leg Pants

Today I'm going to share few tips on how to style wide-leg pants or palazzos'. Some of these types are also known as flare pants, which were otherwise called as bell-bottoms. These pants are a go-to-style for almost every season.

"Wide-leg pants are my most favorite wears for every day style."
 I'm no more slender to don this style with anything; but definitely my long legs help me in styling this piece of fashion, even today-with short tops, long tops, with button-down, or with a over-sized top.

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After reading too many styling tips and fashion tricks on, "how to style a wide-leg pant," I came to a conclusion that these pants can be a style statement for most of the body shapes, and for any height.

Classic and simple trend of styling these wide pants may have gone into hibernation; as we started falling for skinny jeans and slim pixie pants. But, all style icons and models have begun creating 'special' space in their wardrobe for this versatile piece of clothing.
I see no strict rules to follow when you choose to wear a wide leg trouser. Whether high-waisted or slung-slow, whether you opt to wear these pants to office or to a casual evening party, they can turn heads! However, there's a lot to keep in mind when you decide to give these pants a try- for the first time. 
Read further to know the tips for wearing wide legged pants, and how to style them with different tops, accessories, and shoes.

1. Balance Proportions

The trouser being sloppy and too baggy, needs to be worn with a "perfect" top. Try to tuck in your top, or the blouse. For creating more refined look, wear a belt or a cardigan. It is important to balance the proportions of this oversize trouser when reaching for any designs to pair with it.

2. Create a Monochromatic Look

I love this idea of creating a beautiful silhouette by wearing the same colors; especially when it's all black or all-white :)
Whatever outfit you choose to wear, a monochromatic look always looks elegant and stylish. Try this look!

3. Go for Prints or Bright Colors

Do not feel nervous bout trying the printed trousers. When paired with a printed silk or satin blouse ; the outcome looks fabulous. You can also turn heads by wearing a color blocked trouser and a top. Explore color blocking outfits- especially when you are going for wide legged palazzo or trousers. Balance the vibe with bold colors, to look more fashionable and unique in style.

4. Opt for Over sized Tops

Styling voluminous tops with wide-leg pants may sound scary, but I love tucking-in my tops. Therefore, sometimes donning this style is my favorite way to pull the look together-whether with a wide leg trouser, or with a jeans.

5. Create new silhouette with fur vests, long jackets, classic wool coats, trench coats, or cardigans.

Make your style extraordinary by wearing a fur vest over the trouser, or a long coat. I love the winter look with wide leg trousers worn with an outwear and the ankle boot.

And most importantly, don't forget to accessorize. Add some personality to your wide legged trouser by adding statement necklaces and eye-catching shoes. "I believe, "a beautiful necklace and trendy, stylish shoes can instantly amp up your total outfit.

These are just few of the chic ways (I feel ) we can style wide leg pants- whether formal or casual. And I believe we must own at least one of these pants to create different signature styles. If you have more style ideas on how to look fashionable in a wide leg trouser, please do share with us here in the comments below.

I would love to hear from you. Hope you all are having a wonderful year so far and have already started preparing for the holidays. Stay Beautiful. Stay True. And Stay Purposeful Every day.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Embrace Your Present-Self With Grace And Ditch Perfection

Lots of expectations and pressure come with being a woman. And in the midst of so many demands from your partner, family, and society- it's nearly difficult to feel confident; or to keep a positive attitude about yourself or your body.

Few days back, I was browsing through my old pictures. Seeing the young me brought me some sad feelings. For a moment; I felt like, "wish I can look like this again!" The sad part of life is that- we grow, and we 'grey.' We don't remain the same (don't look the same each following day), as we were six or seven years back. Especially after marriage; and most importantly after having kids, a woman's body doesn't look the same any more- for most of us! So be gentle, kind, and patient throughout this process.

If you feel that your beauty is fading, or you don't look attractive anymore; try to look confident,  try to look smart, be graceful, and always keep that smile on your face.

What you keep telling yourself daily will appear in your daily experiences. "Believing transforms our living."

A good friend recently told me, "doesn't matter how you look these days, and if that makes you feel bad or difficult to accept some parts of you at the moment; just know that- you are so very graceful." This statement was so timely! I felt so good from deep within my soul.

 Yes! there are so many ways of dealing with any kind of imperfections- we develop over time, or we are born with! And the first way is to 'accept it'.

I want to love everything about myself- with grace- no shame, and no hiding. I embrace who I am now.
We are much more than just being pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, and attractive.
I have chosen few words that defines me. And I no more worry about being accepted, or accepting myself as per society's definition of a woman (what everybody defines a woman being "perfect."). I see that things are changing, all across the globe, and throughout the Internet- we are seeing "new" and better definitions of a woman.

You have the power to overcome the limiting beliefs that stop you from realizing your full potential and creating happiness. Stop focusing on your "flaws," and see your true self within.

I found this awesome quote while reading an article on the Internet:

Share with me in the comments below, all the personality traits you think you possess- other than being called beautiful, perfect or anything similar.

Here's a List of 'Names' that defines you, me in so many other ways. It is okay if you feel you are not-beautiful, or not-attractive. You are so much more:

Affectionate             Kind                    
Achiever                  Loving
A Good Friend        Leader
Admirable               Merciful
 Adventurous          Magical
Ageless                   Peaceful             
Adorable                 Powerful
 Ambitious              Passionate
 Awesome               Pure
 Aware                    Protector
  Artistic                 Positive

Brave                       Resilient
Blessed                     Smart
Bubble of Joy           Supportive
Beyond Fabulous     Successful
Best Manager           Stylish       
Balanced                   Strong                                                           
Bright                       Smiling Beauty
Benign                      Skillful
Boss                         Sensitive
Bold                         Simple
Bubbly                    Trustworthy
Brainy                     Thoughtful
Bundle of Energy    Talented
Best-Known           Understanding
Best-Performer       Vibrant
                                Very Patient

Best Mother
Best Daughter
Best Sister                                                                             

                                Gentle & Kind                                                                          
                                Great Personality
                                Good Listener
                                Great Lover  
                                Great Friend                                                                                                  

As I am growing older, I'm learning to redirect my focus from physical beauty and appearance to fully accepting who I am. "I will rather focus on my innate gifts, skills and talents; than worry about my look and body image!"

So next time when you find yourself doubting your own beauty, try writing down all the other great qualities- you are known for "donning." Shift your focus from your flaws/imperfections to your  positive qualities. 

"I still do what I can to look my best and presentable- with all my imperfections."

Do you like the list? I would love to hear from you about this post.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Practicing Stillness In Life

The practice of stillness can create ripples of new energy in  your life. A calm mind is the architecture of  success in life.
Turning off your mind and doing nothing is the state of 'being still.' Practicing the discipline of stillness (when life gets too crazy for me) has given me new inner strengths to deal with my 'problems.'

"While writing this post, I was reminded of this annoying (for others during those times!) habit of mine- I would complete all the work that I was supposed to do,  and then would go still, completely still for few minutes before moving on to the next task. I couldn't understand (then), the reason why I used to sit in complete stillness like this? But now when I talk to my past self; I realize that it was my way of dealing with all kinds of stress and complications."

"Being still would calm down my worries, and frustration!
I'm glad this habit has made me more patient and a realized woman."
I still practice stillness in my present life, but in a different way. There has been a huge shift in the way I look at life now. The more we attend to the unhappy  or busy parts of our life, the more restless we become. And it's very difficult to calm your racing thoughts. So much happen with us every single day; but trying to focus only on the good stuffs takes a lot of practice (I'm slowly getting better at it :))

Why We Need Stillness?

I feel slowing down or even stopping for a moment, and listening to our inner voice reveals the true needs that we have been neglecting from so many years. Personally, I feel we all need some 'still' time in a day- every day for the following reasons:

1. Stillness creates the space for new ideas or solutions to appear.

When we shut the door to avoid same old thoughts, ideas, and or worries to enter our mind, we kind of clear the clutter in our head. We connect to ourselves and to the present moment. When we book some quiet time with our own self, we can find moments to reflect on our own self.

2. It helps you to find your calm.

When you feel that everything around you is very chaotic and disturbing, find your 'stillness.' To keep calm and recreate that sparkle of joy in your life, just slow down. Be still. And feel really really better.

3. Attaches you to your spiritual health needs.

Taking charge of your health and well being is an important part of living a long healthy life. Spiritual needs connect us to our belief system and strengthens our faith and hope for tomorrow. When we create stillness through the spiritual medium (like; meditation, chanting mantras, or by praying), we not only create peace and joy in our life; but we also develop a sense of gratitude and purity.

4. Stillness cultivate gratitude.

A still mind and a restful body can take better decisions of life. When we pause even for a moment, and reflect upon everything that we possess at present; we can calm our habit of complaining. And we will release the fear of uncertainty, scarcity, and anxiety! With practice of stillness, we clear all the blocks that helps growing our "ego tower."

The more thankful we are towards our lives, the more satisfied we become!

And the more we practice stillness; even in between our busy schedules, the better balanced person we become. We can attract more positive energy while being calm, still, and silent. We can develop better imagination and understanding power, when we search our true self in stillness.

I would love to hear from you all - What helps you get still and quiet?
And if you liked this post, please do share.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Easy Tips To Create Your Sweet Life

A "sweet life" isn't the absence of difficulties, failures, struggles, insecurities, or wanting more." But, a life turns out to be sweet when we are truly alive, we laugh often, we make mistakes, we learn, we start, over and over again, we learn to accept changes and delays, we try to be patient when our plans fail and when our focus changes; life becomes sweet when we practice mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives, when  we start to focus on what's important, when we create something amazing with the available knowledge and resources, and last but not the least- when we find happiness in the midst of our daily struggles.

I just finished reading this amazing inspiring book by Author Dulce Candy Ruiz. A true life story; where there is struggle, fear, uncertainties,  dream, hope, courage, hard work, positive attitude, and lots and lots of inspiring takeaways. "We must be passionate about what we do, what we want to do, and then do it at any cost." I feel lucky, when I get to (grab and devour such amazing books) learn from such amazing influential authors, who share insightful stories of success and failure in order to help us find the confidence to step up and and reach our goals.

 I want to say that, "I loveeee this book, and couldn't put it down until I finished reading just in three days." After I read her book, I admire her even more. I found this book very inspiring, and this post is inspired by the book

So here's what I learned about all the essential 'ingredients' we would need for creating our very own sweet life. I have already started using some of these ingredients, and the rest I will apply soon in my daily life.

1. Never let your dream die.

Your dreams were given to you for a reason, so believe in them! Your dream defines your uniqueness, your talent, your purpose in this life; so never ever throw away any of them from yourself.

If you are not in a position to pursue your dream today, don't worry. Just work hard and learn from all the available resources to get there some day. Learn new things each day, Practice, Try incorporating in your work, Fail, and Repeat.

2. Focus only on what you want in life.

May be whoever we're becoming as we are growing up and getting older, is exactly who we're supposed to be. Our preferences are changing, our values shifting, and we are becoming more aware about our own self with each new day. May be this shift in knowing oneself better comes with age; but whatever it is, I'm proud (of myself) to see how far I have come discovering my strengths and where I'm going to be working with them.

Don't dwell on what isn't working in your life. Focus on what's more important to you at the moment, and create a sweet life with peace and real joy.

3. Don't worry about naysayers.

Create your own opportunities, and ignore them who doesn't believe in you. If someone says you do not have the ability to do what you are doing (or want to do), or doubts your performance- just don't listen to them, and stop seeking any kind of help or appreciation from such people. Keep the faith and trust who you want to be, and what you want to achieve- and go for it.

Very few will truly appreciate your talent, and will do anything to help you- not all. So don't let anybody influence you to hold back on living your best life.

Let your unique gifts rise to the forefront. Let your creativity shine high. And let your dreams sing the victory song.

4. Develop the courage, and confidence to fulfill your greatest potential.

You must be confident and equally courageous to stand alone for your purpose- even when nobody supports you! As you tirelessly work on becoming a better person each day, you will eventually find yourself prepared for the higher version of your purpose in this life. You will get on a journey to find better things/better solutions/ better tasks for your overall well-being.

So, trust that journey and just keep going. You will soon discover the connection to the links- that started the day you discovered your new self.

5. Believe in your work.

When you start believing in your self, you will believe in your work too! When you believe in what you do, you grow and you excel. Have faith in your abilities. Work hard. Believe in yourself. Don't give up; and there's nothing you cannot accomplish.

You have just this life. Don't waste it by feeling you aren't enough, you are any less than others, or you cannot be successful. Just believe YOU CAN- and YOU WILL- one day!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What Does it Mean To Be 'Happy'?

Ah! at this moment, for me 'being happy' would mean, "completing this post and publishing it,and may be nothing else!" As I failed (again) to complete my writing yesterday (and not sure how many such yesterdays'), I was feeling disappointed- for not being able to keep up with my blogging and writing regularly.

I am practicing to go slow with my life, and not rush doing everything- being a super woman. So happiness to me is accepting that, "I cannot do everything, and perfectly! I must let go something or the other each day- just to keep a balance between my inner and outer feelings. Definitely, balancing everything (work, passion, play, and life) bring us happiness, but when we fail to do so (as so often we do!), we feel sad and frustrated, and even guilty at times!

"Happiness is finding joy in everything. And the sense of contentment, and coming to a complete peace with the present life and the present self." 

If you want to read more posts from the blog (all about happiness), visit this link:

Feeling happy is no doubt an inside job. Each time we realize this, we can become more and more happier. To me happiness means being content. It is living in the moment fully and accepting everything that is happening in my life- without any kind of comparisons. It is definitely not the absence of fear, anger, or, sufferings; but rather more openly accepting (all) not so likable parts of my life.

Ever since I realized the wonderful joy I have found by making peace and contentment (with what I am now, and where I am at present), I believed that I couldn't have asked anything better for myself!

When I reflect upon all the changes I have brought to myself in all these years, I feel so much gratitude. "Life is not a race." Everything that matters is now, or never!  But I'm on a constant hunt for improving myself (as well as my life) every single day; by reading and learning from every possible sources, by analyzing, and finding "things" that can keep me occupied and joyful at the same time!

I don't see my life as a "perfect" one; but I rather see it as a beautiful good life. And I must bring-in more happiness and satisfaction into my days. So, here are the things that I try to do, to keep my inner peace no matter what comes my way.

1. Recognize Your "bests."

Nobody else, but only you know your best talents and strengths. Recognize them enough, and feel good about it. Go for what calls you. instead of looking too far, I like living them each day- one-at-a-time.

2. Fear, but Stay Prepared.

Prepare the mind to become still, stay in peace because there are so many things that's uncontrollable; but preparing your mind to make peace with whatever happens in your life is one of the best ways to have inner peace.

3. Feel Your "Present" Life More Closely.

Absorb everything that's happening with you, around you at present. Soak up your mind with the "best" things, and try to sit down talking to yourself about everything else that seems taking away your inner peace and state of contentment. See, if analyzing and sorting all the problems can find you a way(s) to deal with them!

4. Just Sit in Absolute Calmness At least  Once In A Day.

Life is a complete chaotic affair. If you want to continue, you must develop your inner strength to deal with it; and nothing is as powerful as learning to 'calm your mind' in crisis. And sitting in absolute calmness with no noise around is a great way to strengthen that power, to react to things that happen to us every second.

5. Visual Reminders- 'How Life Is Beautiful.'

I have so many ups and downs in my life- hardly anybody can imagine; but no matter what, I don't see them as troubles anymore! I see them as challenges to bring out the best in me. They aren't threats anymore, rather opportunities to turn each of these problems into a new victory; and every time I win over them- I discover a new strength within myself. I emerge out as a stronger woman, and a fighter mom- who will do everything to see her kids smiling and leading a peaceful living. So I have put different kinds of reminders all over the house to continue believing that, "life is beautiful, and not so bad after all! There are lot of things I am grateful for and I must love my present life-without looking back at the past, or aiming at a luxurious bling life."

"Each time life has knocked me down, I have gotten back up again." That's my mantra of being happy, and believe me, I'm getting better and better at it with each passing day.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

6 Must-Follow Habits Of Stylish People

While there are no strict rules or to-do-list to follow, to look stylish, but there are few habits ( we must adore) that every stylish women adhere to, when they create a stunning outfit every single day. While for many, fashion is either an internal thing, or just an external thing; but I believe what you wear reflects the affair between internal and external you. How well you want to present yourself to the world!" If you're still wondering: 'How can my fashion choices make any difference?" Our clothing choices impact the behavior of others around us, and have true impact on the way we are perceived in the society. Therefore, we must dress up for  the kind of message we want to send out to the world around us. But it is also true that wearing "big labels" every time will not make you highly fashionable!

"Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you. " - Ralph Lauren

A clear understanding of yourself inside out is one of the way to become a stylish woman. Seeing and feeling the best version of yourself adds up to your clothing choices too- when we better understand our body, skin, and looks. 

So here's a list of some wonderful habits of stylish women- that keep them on top of  the fashion know-how and styling tricks:

1. They browse and follow style inspiration, but don't copy exactly what they see.

Knowing who you are (in person or in your profession), and what can look good on you is the trick to look fabulous. 

2. They only wear clothes that fit, and flatter.

A key to being stylish also involves wearing best fitting clothes for your body.  So they stock their wardrobe with similarly flattering dresses and shirts/tops, and always look stunning- in all kinds of outfits.

3. Plan their outfit in advance.

Yes! A planned occasion-approved outfit saves their day. They look prepared, and fashionably skilled to present themselves to the world. This trick can save your time, and will help you become more productive. Morning struggles to pull out one perfect outfit for your office, or for your meeting can be avoided, when you plan your outfits (and keep it ready every time) in advance., and you can save your drive, your excitement, and your powers of productivity.

4. 'Steal the show' with a "perfect" accessory.

Even if these "stylish idols" fail to impress the crowd or the camera with their  not-so-flattering, or over-sized, wrinkled jeans, they do the trick of - making their accessory grab all the attention whilst ignoring the flaws. They love donning a perfect accessory to steal the show.

5. Never ditch their personal style for trends/demands.

They never leave rocking their signature personal styles- for the trends and  for any kind of public demands. 

6. They can find something to wear (and at the same time look fabulous!) almost anywhere.

They know how to style themselves according to their own taste, so they are never afraid or shy to enter any kind of store. All because they know that; they can always find something good for creating their style . 

To put together a good look, you don't always need to wear labels, or designers, or too-tight, or too-loose, or too-short, or too-long, or trendy, or just classics, or ill-fitting clothes;  rather a stylish women knows well how to pull her whole look together. She knows how mixing some tight jeans with loose shirts/tops will create a great outfit.  She also knows well to mix and match trendy with classics. And they know; "that you don't have to be necessarily rich to be stylish." 

The daily grind of dressing, grooming, and looking the best, never ends for any woman. It is also difficult to make your own fashion choices for yourself everyday, because we must dress up appropriately for our work, and for the clients we work with, and for making a good impression about ourselves. 
Any day if you fail to keep up with this "rule", put-on any dress, but confidence! Confidence is the key to looking your best all-the-time and in any clothing. If you can carry yourself very well in a really fancy gown paired with sneakers, that might even turn into a new fashion; and you will not be surprised if you see many more women wearing the same combination for the occasions! 

Styling one own self is a creative task. Find your perfect fitting, the designs that make you stand out, the colors that rule your personality kingdom, and the secret about creating some great outfits using the basics- are the secrets to looking stylish like any other smart women! 

If you know any other habits of any stylish women (you know), then please share with us in the comments below. Also do leave me your thoughts about this post in the comments. You know! I love to hear from you all.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

21 Fun Things To Do All By Yourself

You really need guts to be surrounded by people all-the-time! I know what you must be thinking right now; that what an introvert she is? But let me tell you something before you create any kind of impression about me; "I have always loved being in my own company than with others. But I am not a loner, not an introvert either! I just love spending time alone- while never getting bored. I always have zillions of things to do in my list- some boring stuffs (that are exciting to dos' for me), some productive and motivating stuff, and many endless chores. I like keeping myself occupied any time of the day- even now (at 2:30 am in the night when people are fast asleep). It is so much fun to find things to do- that excites you, that encourages you, and that inspires you in your life!

"I have a long way to go before I sleep."

So I'm so restless. I have so many things to achieve, so many promises to fulfill (that I have made to myself). How can I be bored and demotivated??

I have plenty of such stuffs, that I would like to share with you today. If you are anything like me (who just wants to wander in her thoughts and in her dreams), then you will love reading further.
I agree, doing something solo requires you to be brave and independent. But there are many more things that can be done alone without having you go to far away unknown lands, or riding a roller coaster all-by-yourself! I can never even imagine doing all these just by myself or in company.

But it is important to make room for some alone time- in a pleasant way- to recharge, to re-evaluate, to re-visit, to rekindle, to rejuvenate, to refresh, to restart, and to reactivate yourself. There's so much hatred, competition, jealousy, comparison, fears, and insecurities around us, and to deal with each of them, you must prepare your mind to act calmly or to become ignorant about each of these negative things around us. So, spending time just with yourself every once in a while is a must to survive in the present world.

I have just started reading this book. This was always in my must-read list, and finally got a hold of it. I am sure by the time I finish reading it, I will feel more inspired to be alone and independent.  I will be prepared to take on this world and all kinds of people living in it (though I will still have some fears)! I am a very big fan of author Elizabeth Gilbert.

So here is a list of 15 things I would love doing all-by-myself :)

1. Taking a long solo walk all by myself ( but not in the woods, definitely!)

2. Shopping new lipstick/lip gloss colors after a long 2-3 hours of browsing all the brands and the available  products in the store.

3. Browsing and shopping books (even different genres) in a book store for long long hours- all by myself.

4. Treating myself my favorite food or snacks in a food joint or in a restaurant.

5. Talking to a lady (who is a stranger to me, but smiles at me and says hi!) for long hours sharing some stories, whilst listening to some of her stories. Best way to feel inspired, motivated, and to practice feeling comfortable talking to people ( I often do that. I love how two unknown people find a connection to exchange their stories and or experiences).

6. Playing with paint colors, or glitters, or bubbles :)

7. Riding a bike/bicycle.

8. Learning the names of new flowers, or plants in a plant nursery near me.

9. Learning some home improvement ideas from YouTube, or from your handyman- and doing it all by yourself the next time- your house needs small repairs here and there.

10. Organizing and sorting your emails, bookmarks, and your "favorites."

11. Begin writing my life's story-secretly.

12. Do research online for some your favorite websites to explore on any of the subjects that may interest you. This way I also get to add more to my favorite reads.

13. Wear your favorite cologne or perfume all day long to perk up your spirit.

14. Take as many pictures as you can in a day, and create a album of your memories. Doesn't really matter how well the photographs are clicked; just keep clicking everything you do in a day- even when you think you do something that's out of your schedule, or regular routine, or anything unnecessary. Just click!

15. Make a scrapbook that may contain either your favorite memories, or your favorite pieces of articles, or favorite styles, or fashion tips and updates. Just cut and paste, and later decorate the pages with stickers, arts, sketches, and with some words.

16. Sew new clothes/dresses by hand, or fix any repairs by hand stitching.

17. Reorganize your room with color codes or patterns.

18. Go browsing and shopping some ( not expensive) home decors, stationary, some inspiring or fun quotes for walls decors, try finding some new spices; and then spend time decorating your home and kitchen.

19. Take a free class, or any paid class (if you can) to learn some new skills you have always wanted to develop, or to learn more about a particular subject you wish to know about!

20. Working or writing your project, story, article from a coffee shop- all by yourself.

21. Creating lists of helpful tips/ or my experience list, or things to adore, or things to avoid, how to deal, etc. or on any subject- that might help others. It can be on any topic you would like to write and share on social media. Just be kind and help someone today!

Hope you like the list, but do not hesitate to share (in the comments below) the fun things you do alone, or would like to do it all by yourself!

 We took a family vacation to see Las Vegas and Disneyland, California, and I'm back feeling refreshed and motivated. I have lots to share in the coming posts. So stay with me.

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