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Ripples Of Kindness Continues: Kindness Is Magic

They say, "if you can't be the rock, be the ripple." And I'm just trying to be the ripple!
In order to bring a change around you, you must be the change first; so I'm trying to keep my kindness spirit alive. And nothing can be more motivating than learning from real people- what is their definition of kindness?

We look at life through our own personal filters: our past experiences, our innate beliefs and theories. But if we remove those lenses, we can have a better clear view of a situation, and we may discover some solutions to those situations we didn't see before! People are always fighting battles that we cannot see, so a little kindness can lift them up, can light up the darkness.

Spread love and kindness wherever you go! I have come to realize that what makes us special and unique is not actually our success or fame; rather our ability to be compassion, selfless, and kind. It is our ability to share the "good things" with people, will make ot…

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