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Flawed And Still Worthy

What made me start this blog after all? Was it to talk about my failures and frustrations or was it to show you how to make peace with the challenges you have already lived and the challenges you will be living in the days ahead. This post is a throwback to my thoughts when I decided to pen down my emotions rather than sharing with anybody. Fast forward eight years, I am still trying to figure out what should my blog posts be reflecting on? Sharing my sufferings, complaints or speaking about the beauty we can find in life no matter how hard our struggles are?

"Positive Thinking " isn't just a social media gimmick, it is real when you learn how to navigate through your life with both good and bad walking by your side. I had to lean on this 'theory of life' (being positive ) because I found peace in it, I found myself leveraging my strengths in the process of being a better person. I saw myself evolving stronger and wise. Let's get real! Life isn't what h…

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