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Why You Should "Focus On The Bright Side" of Life

How do you gravitate towards the "bright side of life", especially when you are amidst challenges and not-so-happy moments?

While I was doing the chores today, this thought suddenly hit me, and I decided to sit down and write my thoughts immediately!

Looking at the brighter side doesn't mean absence of challenges, but a conscious decision to maneuver from  everything that is not working! And I decided to change myself rather than expecting everything around me to change.

One fine day I decided to not give-up to my circumstances. I learned about my profound power within to change the things inside me and not outside of me! How does this "bright side" echo to us? Moments like these:  "Finding your own sunshine, finding your calm in the chaos, do what makes your soul shine, be patient with yourself, be a better you, for you; step into your power?"

We do not have to look really far away

Tune in to your inner voice and enjoy more of yourself. There's …

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