Friday, February 24, 2012

Yes Indeed!!!

Colors rule my world. They get through every pulse so easily that even our heart responds to it quickly. It's not just the seven colors of rainbow that rule the world, instead many more that we cannot see but feel in our lives. Do you know how powerful color can be? Color creates a visceral emotional response, whether or not you are aware of it. Colors not only dominate our bedroom, kitchen, living room etc; they rule over our eyesight, mind, heart and nose buds. It is not what we see, form color, rather what we want to see. Does that mean thoughts provoke color? Right thinking. What we feel is what we see.

I did not want to write a comprehension on colors, explaining the types, forms and their significance, but want to show you all how our every move is succeeded by the brighter side or the darker side of life. We all love bright and vibrant colors. That does not mean if somebody likes neutral colos like; black, white or grey; they are different or sad in life. Even these colors represent the beauty of life.

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions"- Pablo Picasso.

However, our feelings about color can be deeply personal and are often rooted in our own experience or culture. Colors also have different meanings in different cultures. Ok! imagine a wall painted grey all over and pictures of flowers and leaves painted with black, pink and white. Wow!!! What a peaceful symphony of colors! Wouldn't you like wearing a grey top with a white & black polka dot scarf around your neck? What I want to show here is, 'try and find the hidden color that helps you smile, conquer worries and get you going. We all feel enthusiastic and hopeful, when we go out on a bright sunny day with dark greeny trees on both the sides of the road. Even if we haven't had enough sleep last night or we are angry and worried. The dark smell of trees, sun and grass fills the air with some kind of positive energy. Let's all try and make our lives a positive place to live in. So remember, whatever you would like to see becomes your color- "COLOR PSYCHOLOGY".


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