Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scarves:My Favorite Accessory

Scarves, a must for me when I go out. Not only it defines style for me, also a way to hide my unwanted body fat at times;lol. I love spending hours together; discovering new ways of tying a scarf. They inspire me to look bright and beautiful. Now that, my lovely husband has joined me in collecting this good stuff; I feel, I should continue my hunt for the most beautiful and unique ones.

Wow! specially the polka dots! They are my favorites. Got to know from some articles that, scarves are a must for some celebrities. Had a good read and also got inspired to accessorize my look and wear, with scarves. Now that, I am not a celebrity, but no harm in thinking and looking good like them, lol. Isn't it! Keep inspiring your life to live long and develop a passion to energize it. Sure you will have fun and enjoy being alive.

Hundred reasons to feel sad and look sad, but try out new reason to smile and attract people. This is just one of my few ways to feel positive and live positively. I try finding new passions and interests to keep myself busy and happy all the time. So can you!

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