Monday, October 22, 2012

A Mother's Wish!!!

From the day you survived, till the day you arrived

I had a wish!

Wish to see you growing and being knowing.

Wish to see you succeeding, so made a prayer for you to overcome defeating.

Every day you showered a mother’s heart with surprises.

I cried yet smiled and made a wish; O God! Make my daughter strong yet still; when she has to pass through the toughest test and climb those scary hills. 

I wished to see more, do more and be yours.

Now that I see you growing independent, I feel happy, but scared.

What if you need me sometimes? 

I will regret for not being there. I will love to do everything for you again; as I did when you were new to this world.

I plead that you always succeed.

When you fall, do not forget to call.

 I will be always standing behind you holding the warmth of motherly care.

I wish to give you a clean beautiful environment to breathe, but scared if I can keep my commitment.

 A mother’s wish so vulnerable.

But, will always stand tolerable.

Sometimes, may not be impeccable

But I always want to be a wish able.

Create and make it great; is what a Mother’s wish is all about.

I remind myself to be patient and let everything fall into sequence.

No matter what the situation is; keeping faith has always helped me to remove any hindrance.


  1. What lovely words - brought tears to my 'emotional/hormonal mum's' eyes! :)

    1. Thanks so much Jenny:)You made my day. Glad you liked my writing:)

  2. What a beautiful photo to open this post with. How could you not read after that!! My daughter has just turned one, and already she has brought a whole new meaning to our lives.

    1. Thanks much Dear:)Thank you for those lovely words:)

  3. Salutes all mothers...
    please turn off comment moderation will get more comments....quit difficult...

    1. Thanks a lot Kara!!! Sorry for the typo error. Sure would check on that.

  4. Such cute baby. Well, all babies are cute, right? :D I really felt that the poem came from your heart. Keep posting!


  5. Yes indeed Joan!!! I love my daughter more than anything else in my life. Thank you for understanding and leaving me such a wonderful comment:):):)

  6. This is really beautiful, wow. Cute baby.


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