Monday, October 29, 2012

I Hate The Fear Of Losing Your Love

Oh God! Not Again!!!
I hate this fear!
Why do you always interrupt my love now and there?
I know you love taunting me and I am helplessly sure that; this has got no cure.
Except I surrender to my scared thoughts
But, I don't want to give up and stop loving you for such silly efforts
I know we will win one day
May whatsoever come our way!!!  ~~~epsita


  1. A beautiful poem. Loved it! :)

    1. Thanks much Dear:)You know something..for my every post, I sincerely wish your visit and your comment. You are one of my favs:) Thanks much!!!

  2. Thanks a lot Balqis:) Please keep visiting and would love if you leave behind your feedback. That encourages me so much!!! Thanks again for taking time and interest.

  3. I don't even like poems but this is beautiful! Keep writing, I will keep reading :)

    1. Wow! This is such a beautiful inspiration for me to continue writing poems. I am glad to know that, my poem attracted you to read one! Thank you very much. That's very sweet of you:):) I look forward to receiving comments/suggestions from you for my next posts (poems). Thanks much!!!


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