Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I took care of MYSELF to take care of MY FAMILY

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”                                                                                                                                                   -Ralph Marston
I love to hear these words- ‘Take care,’ makes me feel so special and cared.
I even like to hear when somebody says: ‘Take care of yourself!!’ Feels like ‘you’ matter in their life. But I could have never learned the serious message in it, until I realized- this means, “look at you- you have been neglecting yourself.”

Take care of yourself- really had a strong message for me.
I like to immerse myself and feel the wise words and suggestions- when I read books of my favorite authors. And this is when I came across the line -“Remember… nothing is as important as you are…..Take care of yourself…”
I paused for a moment to over think- Am I really taking care of myself? Do I really know what I want in life?
Talking to anybody won’t help you, as much as talking to yourself about you-would do. By the time I realized this- I was already a hypothyroid patient, a stay-at-home tired mom, a dependent wife -with no other identity- who had no future vision, subdued dreams, no passion to live with (except my daughter), and was still living a satisfied life- living happily- but not from inside out.
Taking care of my feelings, my needs and my dreams were so important; but I never paid attention to any of those emotions.
I kept my days busy- with my family, affectionate husband, adorable kid and life’s daily struggles.
The mantra of my life was-“Accept what is there without indulging in- what I want!” But inside me all I needed was: ‘A Life Lift.’ Certain constant creepy feelings kept stroking against my unspoken emotions.
Deep down inside me I always wanted to step forward and do something- I have been longing to start.
I felt restless, frustrated, depressed, and just like a failure. My thyroid problem helped me adding up to those negative feelings and I sensed- I am going to lose it!
I wanted some inspiration to take care of the loose ends in my life, behavior, career and my emotional needs. I wanted to have my own identity- apart from being a ‘dependent’ wife and a mother to 1-year old daughter.
I realized: I was not living my dreams; and that is not all I wanted. Rather than screaming demands, I decided to make my family understand- my values, dreams and passion- I must listen to my heart and carry forward this life-happily.
Life is just too short-to-not-dream and to-not- execute- your- dream (s) in real life. But actually, I was not sure-what I wanted to do and where to start from!
There was already 4 years gap between expectations and reality (in my career), and there wasn't anything I was doing, that could have defined my skills and experiences.
“I was just another woman- on a quest to-define her dreams and values.”
I didn’t have the courage to stand up again (all alone) and select my purpose. All I did was: just kept thinking- how to begin.
I was not unhappy with my present life, but, “I wasn’t happy either!”
I am glad: I realized it sooner than later. Taking care of my emotional needs was as important as taking care of my physical and social needs.

I didn’t have anybody to hold responsible for my present condition, but sometimes I felt- all were responsible- my family, my life, my idleness, my past, my disinterest and actually everything around me!
I decided: I will listen and comprehended every possible demand of my unspoken needs.
I took care of all the hidden stress- to balance my life.

Improving upon my emotional health was a rewarding experience, benefiting all aspects of my life: including boosting my dull attitude, building resilience, confidence in my acts, and adding to my overall enjoyment of life.
Few tasks I realized was necessary right away-
1.    I am first, while being there for my family always- I was already a tired mom and a restless dependent wife. But at that moment, all I needed was- a long worry-free nap!
 I could not think of anything else that would have satisfied- my not so pleasing heart and mind. I wanted to wake up fresh and energetic to take care of my family’s requests.

 2.    Understanding of my emotions to develop a ‘strong’ family- Always deep within me, I was struggling with some unspoken fears and failures. Fear to take on anything new-that may lead to another failure; while past failures kept haunting me over and over again. But soon I learned- I had gained a good amount of wisdom and courage from my failures, and so decided: I will take the challenge and move ahead in life.
 I allowed myself to dream once again, encouraged to try something new, and do it!

 3. Learned about my weaknesses to strengthen my family- We have more weaknesses than actually we can think and accept.   Next important thing I wanted to do was- to take control of my negative qualities like: feeling neglected, always ranting, hopelessness, uncertainty, unhappiness, disinterest and feeling regretful.
 I was afraid- I had actually passed a few to my family; because they knew- I was not an enthusiastic person (I used to be) anymore. Actually I was horrified by this thought- how I can help my family stand strong and take on any challenge- that life throws at them- when I am not confident!!
Ultimately the commitment to myself- helped me rediscover the power of my own spirit. I understood: When I learn more about myself- I can teach my family and guide them through similar paths that I tread!
 4. I decide to “live my passion” while practicing compassion- I followed my passion. My life is equally enjoyable now as it was before, but in a different way. I can ‘now’ define myself. I have a purpose. This explains everything. I was looking for a passion; for a purpose- that will define me. And I am glad: I was able to identify this.
 I risked taking up my writing career once again. I (always) wanted to share my experiences and help people- uplift their life –through emotional setbacks. And I knew ‘blogging’ was the best option. But I could not imagine- failing in life again!!
I decided to respect my well-being while remaining connected to my family-both physically and emotionally. But being a mother and a writer- was never going to be easy.
But I also didn't want to hold onto the regret, just being a stay-at-home mom, so I ‘valued my dream and taught my husband and kid too; to value each other’s happiness and dreams.

 5. I caught ‘my dreams’ to create new ones for my family- Certain areas of my life definitely needed attention and re-work like: mind, body, soul, emotions. Oh! Hope I did mention just few!
 I had to understand what can bring me happiness and a satisfactory life (at present) – to understand and care my family’s needs!
 I am glad- “I did take care of myself,” and improved all my tomorrows. “I remained concerned about my life, wishes; inculcated respect and ‘value for dreams’ in the family, while respecting my thoughts and visions.
End of the day- it was all about “attitude,” attitude towards own life. I continue to wear a ‘caring attitude’- for myself as well as family. It has been two and a half years now; I am still a dependent wife and a stay-at-home-mom; but now I live with an identity-that defines me and my purpose of living.
I have also added another passion to my hat- photography. I try to justify my roles while paying attention to my happiness, dreams and interests.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


A smile, even though for a while;
Can create a mind that's agile.
It helps you forget the bad and reminds you to stay calm for some while.
I have seen hearts melting;
I have seen beautiful moments quilting.
A Smile creates a beautiful heart and keeps evil thoughts apart.

I have seen miracles; kids teach their elders how to stay musical.
A Smile reflects a person’s heart.
Have you ever got illumined by someone’s sweet words!
A Smile is mightier than words; because you can pass a smile to the person you don’t even know.
Now I know why Smiling faces attract hearts, unspoken words and help bridging gaps.

A Smile can make you insane.
I don’t want others to know my pain.
A Smile can speak a lot, even without doing any talk.

A Smile is all I need!
To pass it on to the weeping hearts; those are tired, yet wishful.
Now they can go to sleep and wake up being calm and restful.

A new life awaits you!!!
Do not try finding reasons to make others hate you.
Just Smile! And Life will Smile Back at you.


I don't like Dad interfering in my matters.
I don't like, when my Mom asks me to do household works.
I don't like, when teacher gives home tasks.
I don't like, when my boss blaims me.
I don't like, when my in-laws advices me about everything.
I don't like, when my husband accuses me of not being a good wife and a good mother.

From the day, we understand relations, society, responsibilities, we start not liking things. So if we don't like something, the simple rule I realised is- learn to live it.A general human tendency- If we do not like something, we find it difficult to accept; but from certain experiences, I have learned not to accept it, but 'learn it'. How contradicting!!!

I want to share an experience with you my friends.

When I moved from field job (reporting) to a company job, the role seemed to be more difficult than what I had imagined. Above all what was hurting me day and night, was the reponsibility I was given. If I will be able to speak to customers or not!! Would I be able to understand their problems and provide a correct solution? What if I get stuck in some queries, should I walk straight to my colleague or my team leader for help? "Fear and Depression". I started feeling mad and thought of quitting immediately. Everytime I stepped into the office, the very sense of failure and humiliation used to bring down my confidence level. Fear and resentment dominated my thoughts.

The only thing I knew about this job is- 'I don't like it and cannot continue anymore'. Great people have said- "If you don't like something, change it. If you cannot change, change your attitude. Do not complain." I found it difficult and therefore agreed to learn it rather changing it. It will be difficult to change y our parent's opinion, influence your manager often, change your husband's thought, convincing in-laws or being a perfect mother; because we are not perfect, we are parents.

I was always overrided by the fear of being wrong. All you need to do is, "Dust off your horn and start tooting it." Only you can decide whether you want to carry that around with you foreover. Life is short.

Learning isn't about accepting your defeat, rather showing the world that you are capable of anything and everything; if considered on a positive note. I admire being called a 'silent fighter'. This is the time to show your guts out. So dare! you call me a looser or incapable of accomplishing things.

Always try and take people's negative accuses as your positive energy. Yes! you can, if you think so. You do not have to go and show it to each and everyone of them. The best thing will shine bright and high in the sky, and the world will see a new achiever. Do not bother about winning or loosing the game, just plat play it for the sake and enjoy. Afterall it's your life and you need to find a way out to be happy and peaceful.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I was thinking of the roads we trudged together-A Poem for Daughter from Mother......

I earnestly wish to walk with you- from dusk till dawn
From one end of the world to the other,
From freezing point to melting point;
Where things will never get stuck!

I want to know you better
Beyond caring and understanding;
Walking together can help us understand our future.

Things if turn upside down and
I no longer exist to find it out!
Promise me you will never give up.
Fight and win every drop.
Before I retire from life, I want to remember every story we created together.

I was thinking of the roads we trudged together.
I was thinking of the paths we created together.
I was thinking of the shoes we loved to wear together
I was thinking of the streets, lanes, gardens and parks; we roamed carelessly, holding each other’s hand.
We made eyes move, when we eloquently grooved.
We left the atmosphere behind.
Who cares what they think about us, if anything beyond, being kind!

Life is not always fair. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Before you accept to Divorce, Revisit and Revise your Relationship Vows:

“Children see magic because they look for it.”
                                        Christopher Moore

Have we stopped believing in magical stories or just that we have outgrown childhood fantasies that used to be our inspiration to live and grow big as a beautiful girl or a handsome boy? I have been stuck emotionally from past few days. I would rather say, ‘crushed within the deep thoughts’, when I heard series of heartbreaks caused by divorce. I could not believe when I learned that, few of my friends got divorced.

I have always been horrified by this word, ‘divorce’. I am a wife and a mother of a 3 year old daughter, but I still fail to understand the reasons behind such act. But after such numerous instances, I was forced to rethink about the loss, any divorce can cause.

I want to understand why the relationship that was so dear to me suddenly appeared to look bitter. Are we missing on any possibilities that could have saved our relationship? Can we again start thinking like a child and believe in some magic to happen. Why are we becoming so vulnerable to such incidents in our life? Can we stop break-ups? Thousands of questions and possibilities are running in my mind right now.

 I am not writing this article to discuss faults, solutions or share the to-do list. I would rather want you all to walk with me for a moment and revisit your life from day one, when you started walking alone and then found a partner to tread along with you and you kept going and going, until circumstances stopped you both again.

No family is perfect, but we together make it a perfect place to breathe in peacefully. Husband and wife together, create a place called ‘Home’, and then secure all the walls together by tying it with love, trust, dreams, respect, values, mistakes, compromises and corrections. When any one of these starts falling apart, they work harder to get it along together. That’s when a family is created and sustained.

Even before such instances trigger in our life, can we not correct it in advance? I discussed with one of my friends, who went through this tragedy and realized that she kept complaining about her husband’s fault unless she released that, she was equally responsible for the differences they welcomed in their relationship.

 I don’t want to be judgmental in saying that, it’s both of yours life and you should be responsible and aware about where things are going wrong. Try to flashback your memory and think when you both stopped liking each other or did not spend much time talking to each other? We start distancing, when we stop understanding.

Men and Women are made up of different qualities. One quality commands over other in different situations. It is absolutely ok to be submissive, quiet and a kind husband/wife at some point in your relationship. If you are ready to sacrifice today, you will gain a better life tomorrow.

The most important thing we forget is the kid (s) that gets affected emotionally through this phase. They may seem to get away with such changes, but the internal damage lasts forever and they fail to trust relationship.

After few months of my friend’s divorce, I saw her changing physically and trying hard to stay happy and busy. I was happy to learn that, but I asked her one day, “Did you try doing all this while you were in the relationship?” She said no. 

I asked,"did you try knowing his likes and dislikes after a certain point in your relationship?"
No, "she answered."

"Weren't you too bossy at times and did not try to comprehend the masculine nature?"

Yes, maybe I guess, "she answered."

After we reach a certain stage in our marriage, we start taking things for granted. We often decline to understand each other’s temperament, because everything was fine initially. As your relationship grows older, so does your nature. Changes occur financially, socially and personally. We tend to face new challenges as we grow older as married couple.

Try harder even before you start to regret. Drop all egos and start learning your life.

Believe in your magical power and take time to settle down disputes. There is no comparison to the ‘woman’ power. Learn to stay calm in any arguments and understand the nature of a boy in your man. They tend to be more aggressive and assertive than woman.

If you take that extra step now and try to understand the reasons/external factors that are triggering bitterness in your marriage relationship, I hope you can save it today.

Whenever there is a divorce or break-up, we always try to put the blame on our partner. But how many of us really speak out our faults? This is a no blame game. This is both of your life, and only and only you both can save it from ruining.

Hunt for that magical spill that can save your relationship. You will see magic is happening, only when you look for it.

Never forget, that he was your only favorite person you ever believed, and had dreams to carry on your life with. Trust me! Magic happens. But we need to keep believing and working towards it. Don’t give up! Hope my article will help you in protecting this beautiful relationship, called Marriage.

Failures Create Success Stories.

After umpteen failures, I learned, trying each time gave me new energy, new focus and new life to live and challenge to survive~~~Epsita

I now thank my failures, for teaching me to survive my dreams.

 I am happy that I may not be somebody today, but at least I am one among someone, who dares to do what she likes and happy to embrace rejections too!! I am not afraid of rejections and negative comments, because I know what I am doing, and will definitely attract good comments one day. Society, friends, family, relatives; all will ignore your wishful thinking, but only you have the power to make them believe in you.

 If you fail to convince them, choose your journey and move ahead. Don't stop to take permissions, because sometimes people believe when they see and realize and not before that!

If you have never failed in your life, you cannot know how  success looks like and what it is like to be called a 'challenger'.  I am living my dreams and I believe that, I will achieve it one day!!! Challenge your weaknesses and you will do things, you thought you can never do. 

Every time some incident or event challenge your capabilities, learn to remember those negative comments and behavior and you will never go off track again. Pasts never remain past. They always interfere and torture our present. So, I have learned to remember my past to boost my present. I get more energy and new strength to fight my challenges in the present. 

Learn to remember and embrace your failures. They are the strong energy boosters. Do not feel guilty or angry at your past. Feel happy to know that your self-realization got you here, where you never thought, you could reach. Learn from the number of failures and turn each of them into new milestones in your life.

The Fear of Failure.

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing”~~~Unknown

We are so often shut by the ‘fear of failure’. ‘Fear of failure should never be a reason, not to try something’, I read somewhere. This prevents us from even knowing, 'what can any failure look like?' Fear is one of the most harmful attitudes, found even in the strongest of all. This completely controls the' power of trying'. Once we learn to make friendship with fear, the result is awe-inspiring.

I remember my first job as a field reporter. Immediately after completing my Masters in Communication, I got a job in one of the news publication. I was more interested in writing featured articles upon social causes,  but being completely new to the field, I was asked to try in the news desk first, and later to move on to the feature section. I always got scattered by the fear of failure, even before trying anything. I started feeling tensed by the very thought of humiliation and rejection. The fear of 'I can't do this’, stopped me from even going out and hunting for news. I had that 'nose for news', but may be not the skills to turn a news story into a sensitive story, because of many limitations like; reporting structures, space, orders, as per publication rules etc. Slowly, I started to believe in something- I call as, "failure power". 

Failure truly had some extra hidden powers to turn my every no to 'yes’'.

 I failed in my first, second, third; may be in many attempts. Only thing that I kept repeating to myself is, “try, and try until you fail”. Finally, I succeeded this time. I got my first by-line for bringing in, exclusive, interesting story that got a special space in the newspaper. I learned the tricks from my errors. I was so happy to learn that, I had already become confident in this process. I knew where to and how to proceed.

Since then, I don't mind being called a failure or a loser anytime, because, I am aware of my strengths and knowledge. You definitely not have to be a genius or excellent in achieving success. 

For me, Excellency does not always define top academic results or cream of the crop students. Count your success by the 'number of failures turned into success'. They are the most realized and hardworking people in the planet, because they know what it is like to achieve success, when others thought you are just a loser. 

Make failures, a part of your process, and soon we will learn about the strengths we can discover out of any failure in our life. We will be surprised to know about our capabilities and talents. I did that! Now, I am not hurt when I meet any of my friends, peers who knew, 'I was nothing'. I do not hesitate to invite or add them to my friend’s list anymore, because I know I am doing things differently. I am doing what I have always liked doing, but never had the courage to do it and face the world. 

I was afraid of being called a failure again! In all these years, I have become much stronger and aware of these important questions, we often ask ourselves. What I like to do? Why I should do, what I like doing? Will this get me success? Where and how can I start? Will this also help me earn a peaceful and satisfactory life? We very often get stuck in finding appropriate answers to such questions, because we forcefully keep ourselves happy and satisfied in what we are doing, whereas, the inside me always wanted to do something else. Something which I like and have has always dreamed of.

‘Failures are good’. They help us find out our potential strength. We may not be something today, but the knowledge and experience we gain out of it is commendable. That does not mean, we have to always face failures to be successful in life; but when we fail, we learn about hidden qualities within us. We gain strength and courage to rise up and try again. 

Try something that, we can do. Most important, we like to do! When you like something, you will definitely put your heart, soul and faith into it. You will do lots of research; find channels to show it to others, invest your time, knowledge and experience, and nothing can stop this becoming a hit! Just ‘Believe in yourself’- Three mighty words, that will take you a long way.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I learned to mock at life :)

Life to me is like an awful manager, who has never learned to appreciate Employees. Believe in dumping troubles and creating a messy environment for the employee. Even I am a dreadful learner, who has learned to never give up. I believe in learning and mastering. I take every negative challenge of my life and turn it into positive learnings, be it a personal or professional take away.
Everytime I was happy, the next moment turned out to bring sorrow and pain. That fear to enjoy and live my happy moments became nightmare and I started hiding emotions to myself. Now! I know how to Ride over those floating impediments. Now, I turn every failure to a success.....Want to know how? Read my next article..............

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Competition Creates Confusion!!

Life holds no meaning when we live by comparing or competing. Competition, sometimes may be a "way" to survive in the industry, but not always the only way to show or do your best. It is never necessary that, a competitive mind will always win!!  Major companies or famous people from different walks of life are not best because they always competed to survive in the industry. Many among few just did- what they love doing, and that turned out to be a success!! What makes them best: is their dedication, hard work and strong belief in their capabilities. Working dedicatedly  towards doing better and being better whilst surviving failures is what: got them here, where they are today.

What does the word 'competition' stands for you? A way to measure your capability and knowledge level or a way to label your learning and accomplishments? For me, "it's a mere way to welcome confusions about your capabilities." No competition is sufficient enough to determine- what you can do, that you love to do!! I feel, when we compete, we don't learn and grow, but we just fight and go to any extent to win it! We compete not to improve all the time, but to tag a win to our achievements.

From early childhood, our parents and families always encourage us to participate in various competitions. The same mindset continue to grow as we continue growing as an adult. But if you are with me in this thought, then think for a while- what has competitions got you! A certificate, an award, a trophy: that proves that you are a champion in something!! But I feel, my interest, my passion does not need a certificate or an award. I live and love my passion and I like doing it my way. That's when I feel: I am serious towards it. I am dedicatedly in love with my work. And when there is dedication with sincerity, there has to be accomplishments one day!!

Don't you all feel sometimes that, competitions create lots of anxiety and unhappiness in someone's life. They are unhealthy means of creating hatred, jealousy, enviousness in the society. They force an individual (weak or strong) for "self measurement," and they tend to lose interest, passion and hard work- that was driving them to "love what they loved to do." Such circumstances make us fall back upon our own capabilities and ends up in confusions.

If you are good at something and have strong passion for it; may be any interest, hobby, sports, skills, you are going to enjoy working hard towards it and your hard work will sure yield results.

Competitions are just short cuts to make you feel- "you are the best!" But that feeling will diminish with time, or it may happen that; you will have to continue showing your talent- just to prove: you are best at something. But if you devote your life in doing- what you love to do, there will not be any requirement for the proof! "I love to do- what I love to do. You may be better than me, but I enjoy doing and will continue enjoying. I don't need to compete to prove it!!"

Taking the risk of falling down, yet learning to rise: is competition. To continue surviving with your failures, while wishing for success one day is - competition. Believing in what you started doing, while continuing with criticisms, no support, less resources is - competition. Knowing your weaknesses, but working to improve upon it- is competition.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Do, what you love to do.
But, without hurting others- with what you do.
Some "Real" people Really love you.
Care and Accept you as "you."
They might be hurt with your wrong deeds.
Take care that you respect their "Emotional Needs."
Person-to-person differs.
But still remaining attached together matters!

It is a big deal, not to hurt people but help them heal.

A heart once broken is difficult to seal.
Recurring disheartening instances can make a life shatter.
If only taking care of your words and deeds can help the matter.

Go for it!!

Embrace a needy life and make it beautiful.
It will also make your life worthful.

You will find many reasons to hate someone.

Just find one reason to love "That One."
Every time I think or start to Hate Someone,
God whispers,"hey! That's also my favorite one."

Stop Hating Each Other

We Will Sure Make A Beautiful World Together~~~Epsita

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First-Time Motherhood- A Journey Through The Changes

I was way too excited about being a mother- for the first time........ To Read More, Please visit 'For The First Timer Page,' where my article appeared. I am so very excited to share the link with you all my dear friends and readers.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fading Hope.

I hardly want to remember my remembrance
Fading in the dark, is my reminiscence or I am just trying to act unconscious!
Why should I try to console my soul?
When beautiful implications are getting away leaving me alone!
Life is not a tragedy, I keep telling myself.
But why are the consequences avoiding explaining me the story?
Far away somewhere I left my faith
Asked it to stop dreaming and realize the fact underneath.
Everyone seems to be busy in their Masquerade
Quilted dreams may get washed away or may also fade.
Sometimes I try to follow the stars, sometimes sit quietly and just gaze at them from far.
Life is such a beautiful destination to rejoice.
Then, why we are like lodgers to happiness and residents of sorrows and despair!
I hardly want to remember my remembrance
Fading in the dark, is my reminiscence or I am just trying to act unconscious!
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I WISH- to go back and start NEW.

I wish to go back and start new.
I may not be the one among few,
Who thinks you cannot change what has happened
Some things should be changed not to regret, rather to care and understand.
I knew a girl, who was beautiful and tall
But she never impressed anyone nor any day tried to went beyond.
She hardly spoke, but loved gazing silently outside the wall.
She always walked in quietly through the door.
Something was disturbing her soul.
Her big eyes were always wet with tears.
I feel restive by the thought.
Can I go back to make her feel better and strong to fight.
She was always asked to stand outside the class.
For she was not as competitive as others!
Now, when I think about it, I regret!!!
I never approached speaking to her, or listening to her numb talks.
I wish to go back and listen to her.
Help overcome her worries and cure all her stories.
Nobody helped her ever.
Always made her feel; she was a looser.
Caring was a distant relation for her,
But, she always stood wishfully seeking someone to hug and help her.
Teachers yelled and humiliated.
‘She is a Poor Student’……. a Poor Student! kept repeated.
Kids are not born poor at studies.
Now I realize; that certain incidents in your life keep you away to participate.
Wish I could have understood! and helped her stood.
No use if I now cry.
Can I go back and help her to cure and make her feel like a fairy!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Transition From Stale Thoughts to New Thoughts-My 1st Post of the Year.

Just wrote few words of pain during this transition period: From Stale To New Thoughts-

Today writing a song of mystery
If tragedy is going to be the history!
Jealousy, Pain, Sufferings, Tears, Sorrow and Destruction;
Is creating stories and getting all attention.
Whom shall we consider responsible?
I wish only awareness could have made things possible.
But, every incident is wearing a masquerade
Such memories never fade.
Everything seems to be a trade here
Nobody bothers about love and care.

If you are a heartless person, and feel pain is just an addiction;

Remember to avoid the incidents that can cause a pain.
I don’t want to live being afraid, thinking of such circumstances anymore.
Cure, pure and cheer your thoughts.
Create a family environment and hold hands to support.
Speak out things, Spend time, understand and hug often to show you all know each other very well.

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