Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I WISH- to go back and start NEW.

I wish to go back and start new.
I may not be the one among few,
Who thinks you cannot change what has happened
Some things should be changed not to regret, rather to care and understand.
I knew a girl, who was beautiful and tall
But she never impressed anyone nor any day tried to went beyond.
She hardly spoke, but loved gazing silently outside the wall.
She always walked in quietly through the door.
Something was disturbing her soul.
Her big eyes were always wet with tears.
I feel restive by the thought.
Can I go back to make her feel better and strong to fight.
She was always asked to stand outside the class.
For she was not as competitive as others!
Now, when I think about it, I regret!!!
I never approached speaking to her, or listening to her numb talks.
I wish to go back and listen to her.
Help overcome her worries and cure all her stories.
Nobody helped her ever.
Always made her feel; she was a looser.
Caring was a distant relation for her,
But, she always stood wishfully seeking someone to hug and help her.
Teachers yelled and humiliated.
‘She is a Poor Student’……. a Poor Student! kept repeated.
Kids are not born poor at studies.
Now I realize; that certain incidents in your life keep you away to participate.
Wish I could have understood! and helped her stood.
No use if I now cry.
Can I go back and help her to cure and make her feel like a fairy!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Transition From Stale Thoughts to New Thoughts-My 1st Post of the Year.

Just wrote few words of pain during this transition period: From Stale To New Thoughts-

Today writing a song of mystery
If tragedy is going to be the history!
Jealousy, Pain, Sufferings, Tears, Sorrow and Destruction;
Is creating stories and getting all attention.
Whom shall we consider responsible?
I wish only awareness could have made things possible.
But, every incident is wearing a masquerade
Such memories never fade.
Everything seems to be a trade here
Nobody bothers about love and care.

If you are a heartless person, and feel pain is just an addiction;

Remember to avoid the incidents that can cause a pain.
I don’t want to live being afraid, thinking of such circumstances anymore.
Cure, pure and cheer your thoughts.
Create a family environment and hold hands to support.
Speak out things, Spend time, understand and hug often to show you all know each other very well.

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