Friday, January 4, 2013

Transition From Stale Thoughts to New Thoughts-My 1st Post of the Year.

Just wrote few words of pain during this transition period: From Stale To New Thoughts-

Today writing a song of mystery
If tragedy is going to be the history!
Jealousy, Pain, Sufferings, Tears, Sorrow and Destruction;
Is creating stories and getting all attention.
Whom shall we consider responsible?
I wish only awareness could have made things possible.
But, every incident is wearing a masquerade
Such memories never fade.
Everything seems to be a trade here
Nobody bothers about love and care.

If you are a heartless person, and feel pain is just an addiction;

Remember to avoid the incidents that can cause a pain.
I don’t want to live being afraid, thinking of such circumstances anymore.
Cure, pure and cheer your thoughts.
Create a family environment and hold hands to support.
Speak out things, Spend time, understand and hug often to show you all know each other very well.


  1. Nice interesting post. Wish you a Happy and Splendid New Year 2013 !

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    1. Thank you so much!!! Happy New Year to you too. I will definitely follow your Facebook page.Thank you for sharing with me. Please keep visiting!

  2. Nice poem, Epsita! I like the rhyming very much.
    It seems like the world is indeed walking into tragedy. We're so much getting used to all the sad and painful news from around the world. And of course, sometimes the real reason behind a tragedy is left unknown.

    1. Thanks a lot Zunnur!!! I was really feeling low thinking about all the painful happenings around the world:( I wish people start to understand and stop committing such incidents!Thanks much for stopping by and liking my poem:) You inspire me!

  3. The beautiful poem gives a very good and much needed massage.

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  5. Great way to enter the new year...from stale thoughts to new and improved ones. Happy new year Epsita and looking forward to more news from you.

    1. Thank you so much. Elated to read your beautiful comment. Means a lot to me. Thanks much:)

  6. A very beautiful poem Epsita! I agree with Aunt Mary when she says it is a much needed message.

    1. Thank you so much Nina:) Your beautiful comment made my day:)

  7. Wow nice and interesting facts about pain. I really love poems and guess what I used them to court girls before.hehe. Nice one Epsita!


  8. Thank you so much Jon. Glad to know you visited and liked my poem. Thanks a lot!


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