Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Competition Creates Confusion!!

Life holds no meaning when we live by comparing or competing. Competition, sometimes may be a "way" to survive in the industry, but not always the only way to show or do your best. It is never necessary that, a competitive mind will always win!!  Major companies or famous people from different walks of life are not best because they always competed to survive in the industry. Many among few just did- what they love doing, and that turned out to be a success!! What makes them best: is their dedication, hard work and strong belief in their capabilities. Working dedicatedly  towards doing better and being better whilst surviving failures is what: got them here, where they are today.

What does the word 'competition' stands for you? A way to measure your capability and knowledge level or a way to label your learning and accomplishments? For me, "it's a mere way to welcome confusions about your capabilities." No competition is sufficient enough to determine- what you can do, that you love to do!! I feel, when we compete, we don't learn and grow, but we just fight and go to any extent to win it! We compete not to improve all the time, but to tag a win to our achievements.

From early childhood, our parents and families always encourage us to participate in various competitions. The same mindset continue to grow as we continue growing as an adult. But if you are with me in this thought, then think for a while- what has competitions got you! A certificate, an award, a trophy: that proves that you are a champion in something!! But I feel, my interest, my passion does not need a certificate or an award. I live and love my passion and I like doing it my way. That's when I feel: I am serious towards it. I am dedicatedly in love with my work. And when there is dedication with sincerity, there has to be accomplishments one day!!

Don't you all feel sometimes that, competitions create lots of anxiety and unhappiness in someone's life. They are unhealthy means of creating hatred, jealousy, enviousness in the society. They force an individual (weak or strong) for "self measurement," and they tend to lose interest, passion and hard work- that was driving them to "love what they loved to do." Such circumstances make us fall back upon our own capabilities and ends up in confusions.

If you are good at something and have strong passion for it; may be any interest, hobby, sports, skills, you are going to enjoy working hard towards it and your hard work will sure yield results.

Competitions are just short cuts to make you feel- "you are the best!" But that feeling will diminish with time, or it may happen that; you will have to continue showing your talent- just to prove: you are best at something. But if you devote your life in doing- what you love to do, there will not be any requirement for the proof! "I love to do- what I love to do. You may be better than me, but I enjoy doing and will continue enjoying. I don't need to compete to prove it!!"

Taking the risk of falling down, yet learning to rise: is competition. To continue surviving with your failures, while wishing for success one day is - competition. Believing in what you started doing, while continuing with criticisms, no support, less resources is - competition. Knowing your weaknesses, but working to improve upon it- is competition.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Do, what you love to do.
But, without hurting others- with what you do.
Some "Real" people Really love you.
Care and Accept you as "you."
They might be hurt with your wrong deeds.
Take care that you respect their "Emotional Needs."
Person-to-person differs.
But still remaining attached together matters!

It is a big deal, not to hurt people but help them heal.

A heart once broken is difficult to seal.
Recurring disheartening instances can make a life shatter.
If only taking care of your words and deeds can help the matter.

Go for it!!

Embrace a needy life and make it beautiful.
It will also make your life worthful.

You will find many reasons to hate someone.

Just find one reason to love "That One."
Every time I think or start to Hate Someone,
God whispers,"hey! That's also my favorite one."

Stop Hating Each Other

We Will Sure Make A Beautiful World Together~~~Epsita

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