Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Do, what you love to do.
But, without hurting others- with what you do.
Some "Real" people Really love you.
Care and Accept you as "you."
They might be hurt with your wrong deeds.
Take care that you respect their "Emotional Needs."
Person-to-person differs.
But still remaining attached together matters!

It is a big deal, not to hurt people but help them heal.

A heart once broken is difficult to seal.
Recurring disheartening instances can make a life shatter.
If only taking care of your words and deeds can help the matter.

Go for it!!

Embrace a needy life and make it beautiful.
It will also make your life worthful.

You will find many reasons to hate someone.

Just find one reason to love "That One."
Every time I think or start to Hate Someone,
God whispers,"hey! That's also my favorite one."

Stop Hating Each Other

We Will Sure Make A Beautiful World Together~~~Epsita


  1. Two lines that have struck my mind is "Some "Real" people Really love you. Care and Accept you as "you."" These lines are the main mantra of life. Sometimes we spend our valuable time in just hating each other unaware of the fact that it just only leads you to nothing! Well written Epsita :)

    1. That's so true Sayantini!! We get so busy in hating people, we forget that things are getting worse in our life and nothing better!! Thank you so much Dear!!

  2. Hello Epsita,

    I like your poem. How many have you written?

    Poetic justice is within the truth of the privileged...

    "... A heart once broken is difficult to seal"... is the key to life!
    It all begins at life, which is birth in my world.

    Parents need to appreciate their newborn's uniqueness.. to understand more, please go to

    1. Hi John,

      Nice to have you here! Thank you for visiting me. Glad you liked my poem. I have written quiet a few can always find them in my Blogs. Sure to visit your blog.....sounds so interesting!! Thanks again!!


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