Thursday, November 14, 2013

Failures Create Success Stories.

After umpteen failures, I learned, trying each time gave me new energy, new focus and new life to live and challenge to survive~~~Epsita

I now thank my failures, for teaching me to survive my dreams.

 I am happy that I may not be somebody today, but at least I am one among someone, who dares to do what she likes and happy to embrace rejections too!! I am not afraid of rejections and negative comments, because I know what I am doing, and will definitely attract good comments one day. Society, friends, family, relatives; all will ignore your wishful thinking, but only you have the power to make them believe in you.

 If you fail to convince them, choose your journey and move ahead. Don't stop to take permissions, because sometimes people believe when they see and realize and not before that!

If you have never failed in your life, you cannot know how  success looks like and what it is like to be called a 'challenger'.  I am living my dreams and I believe that, I will achieve it one day!!! Challenge your weaknesses and you will do things, you thought you can never do. 

Every time some incident or event challenge your capabilities, learn to remember those negative comments and behavior and you will never go off track again. Pasts never remain past. They always interfere and torture our present. So, I have learned to remember my past to boost my present. I get more energy and new strength to fight my challenges in the present. 

Learn to remember and embrace your failures. They are the strong energy boosters. Do not feel guilty or angry at your past. Feel happy to know that your self-realization got you here, where you never thought, you could reach. Learn from the number of failures and turn each of them into new milestones in your life.

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