Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I was thinking of the roads we trudged together-A Poem for Daughter from Mother......

I earnestly wish to walk with you- from dusk till dawn
From one end of the world to the other,
From freezing point to melting point;
Where things will never get stuck!

I want to know you better
Beyond caring and understanding;
Walking together can help us understand our future.

Things if turn upside down and
I no longer exist to find it out!
Promise me you will never give up.
Fight and win every drop.
Before I retire from life, I want to remember every story we created together.

I was thinking of the roads we trudged together.
I was thinking of the paths we created together.
I was thinking of the shoes we loved to wear together
I was thinking of the streets, lanes, gardens and parks; we roamed carelessly, holding each other’s hand.
We made eyes move, when we eloquently grooved.
We left the atmosphere behind.
Who cares what they think about us, if anything beyond, being kind!

Life is not always fair. 


  1. Epsita... this is lovely... it's what I desire the most... :-/

    1. Thank you very much Launna:) I wish every drop of wish come true in your life-always on a good note. I wish the same Dear!!

  2. A beautiful and meaningful poem. Loved it! :)


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