Thursday, November 21, 2013


A smile, even though for a while;
Can create a mind that's agile.
It helps you forget the bad and reminds you to stay calm for some while.
I have seen hearts melting;
I have seen beautiful moments quilting.
A Smile creates a beautiful heart and keeps evil thoughts apart.

I have seen miracles; kids teach their elders how to stay musical.
A Smile reflects a person’s heart.
Have you ever got illumined by someone’s sweet words!
A Smile is mightier than words; because you can pass a smile to the person you don’t even know.
Now I know why Smiling faces attract hearts, unspoken words and help bridging gaps.

A Smile can make you insane.
I don’t want others to know my pain.
A Smile can speak a lot, even without doing any talk.

A Smile is all I need!
To pass it on to the weeping hearts; those are tired, yet wishful.
Now they can go to sleep and wake up being calm and restful.

A new life awaits you!!!
Do not try finding reasons to make others hate you.
Just Smile! And Life will Smile Back at you.


  1. This is very true! They say that even when you are feeling down to try to smile and eventually it will lift your mood!

    1. I second your thought dear:) Thank you so much for your comment!!


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