Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Fear of Failure.

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing”~~~Unknown

We are so often shut by the ‘fear of failure’. ‘Fear of failure should never be a reason, not to try something’, I read somewhere. This prevents us from even knowing, 'what can any failure look like?' Fear is one of the most harmful attitudes, found even in the strongest of all. This completely controls the' power of trying'. Once we learn to make friendship with fear, the result is awe-inspiring.

I remember my first job as a field reporter. Immediately after completing my Masters in Communication, I got a job in one of the news publication. I was more interested in writing featured articles upon social causes,  but being completely new to the field, I was asked to try in the news desk first, and later to move on to the feature section. I always got scattered by the fear of failure, even before trying anything. I started feeling tensed by the very thought of humiliation and rejection. The fear of 'I can't do this’, stopped me from even going out and hunting for news. I had that 'nose for news', but may be not the skills to turn a news story into a sensitive story, because of many limitations like; reporting structures, space, orders, as per publication rules etc. Slowly, I started to believe in something- I call as, "failure power". 

Failure truly had some extra hidden powers to turn my every no to 'yes’'.

 I failed in my first, second, third; may be in many attempts. Only thing that I kept repeating to myself is, “try, and try until you fail”. Finally, I succeeded this time. I got my first by-line for bringing in, exclusive, interesting story that got a special space in the newspaper. I learned the tricks from my errors. I was so happy to learn that, I had already become confident in this process. I knew where to and how to proceed.

Since then, I don't mind being called a failure or a loser anytime, because, I am aware of my strengths and knowledge. You definitely not have to be a genius or excellent in achieving success. 

For me, Excellency does not always define top academic results or cream of the crop students. Count your success by the 'number of failures turned into success'. They are the most realized and hardworking people in the planet, because they know what it is like to achieve success, when others thought you are just a loser. 

Make failures, a part of your process, and soon we will learn about the strengths we can discover out of any failure in our life. We will be surprised to know about our capabilities and talents. I did that! Now, I am not hurt when I meet any of my friends, peers who knew, 'I was nothing'. I do not hesitate to invite or add them to my friend’s list anymore, because I know I am doing things differently. I am doing what I have always liked doing, but never had the courage to do it and face the world. 

I was afraid of being called a failure again! In all these years, I have become much stronger and aware of these important questions, we often ask ourselves. What I like to do? Why I should do, what I like doing? Will this get me success? Where and how can I start? Will this also help me earn a peaceful and satisfactory life? We very often get stuck in finding appropriate answers to such questions, because we forcefully keep ourselves happy and satisfied in what we are doing, whereas, the inside me always wanted to do something else. Something which I like and have has always dreamed of.

‘Failures are good’. They help us find out our potential strength. We may not be something today, but the knowledge and experience we gain out of it is commendable. That does not mean, we have to always face failures to be successful in life; but when we fail, we learn about hidden qualities within us. We gain strength and courage to rise up and try again. 

Try something that, we can do. Most important, we like to do! When you like something, you will definitely put your heart, soul and faith into it. You will do lots of research; find channels to show it to others, invest your time, knowledge and experience, and nothing can stop this becoming a hit! Just ‘Believe in yourself’- Three mighty words, that will take you a long way.


  1. Having coached gymnastics, I understand the value of failure. Before a gymnast can master a new skill, they have to fail a hundred, maybe five hundred, times. Confidence grows each time the skill is eventually-and inevitably-attained.

    1. You said just right!! If we do not fail, we will never meet ourselves. Every time we fail, we get up with a new strength-that was unknown to us all this while...Thanks much for reading and leaving me a comment!!


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