Thursday, November 21, 2013


I don't like Dad interfering in my matters.
I don't like, when my Mom asks me to do household works.
I don't like, when teacher gives home tasks.
I don't like, when my boss blaims me.
I don't like, when my in-laws advices me about everything.
I don't like, when my husband accuses me of not being a good wife and a good mother.

From the day, we understand relations, society, responsibilities, we start not liking things. So if we don't like something, the simple rule I realised is- learn to live it.A general human tendency- If we do not like something, we find it difficult to accept; but from certain experiences, I have learned not to accept it, but 'learn it'. How contradicting!!!

I want to share an experience with you my friends.

When I moved from field job (reporting) to a company job, the role seemed to be more difficult than what I had imagined. Above all what was hurting me day and night, was the reponsibility I was given. If I will be able to speak to customers or not!! Would I be able to understand their problems and provide a correct solution? What if I get stuck in some queries, should I walk straight to my colleague or my team leader for help? "Fear and Depression". I started feeling mad and thought of quitting immediately. Everytime I stepped into the office, the very sense of failure and humiliation used to bring down my confidence level. Fear and resentment dominated my thoughts.

The only thing I knew about this job is- 'I don't like it and cannot continue anymore'. Great people have said- "If you don't like something, change it. If you cannot change, change your attitude. Do not complain." I found it difficult and therefore agreed to learn it rather changing it. It will be difficult to change y our parent's opinion, influence your manager often, change your husband's thought, convincing in-laws or being a perfect mother; because we are not perfect, we are parents.

I was always overrided by the fear of being wrong. All you need to do is, "Dust off your horn and start tooting it." Only you can decide whether you want to carry that around with you foreover. Life is short.

Learning isn't about accepting your defeat, rather showing the world that you are capable of anything and everything; if considered on a positive note. I admire being called a 'silent fighter'. This is the time to show your guts out. So dare! you call me a looser or incapable of accomplishing things.

Always try and take people's negative accuses as your positive energy. Yes! you can, if you think so. You do not have to go and show it to each and everyone of them. The best thing will shine bright and high in the sky, and the world will see a new achiever. Do not bother about winning or loosing the game, just plat play it for the sake and enjoy. Afterall it's your life and you need to find a way out to be happy and peaceful.

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