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Thoughts Make Us

Thoughts are not just the reflections of our mind, but mind and heart together. Sometimes mind rules over heart and vice versa ; while making any big or small decisions in life. This means our behavior, attitude or reactions to any particular event in life  are shaped by our thoughts.

I just love these two quotes on 'thoughts' by two great people:

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."~   Buddha.

"We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far."~  Swami Vivekananda

Thoughts can either make you the best person, or the worst anybody could ever imagine. I am no different than you.  Almost everyday I am hit by endless thoughts- both positive and negative. But through practice I have learned to focus only on my positive thoughts. What seems to be impossible on my part, I allow it to go. 

Being positive or negative all the time is completely our choice. So try to make the right choice for yourself and for the people whom you care. Nobody can force you to become negative as long as you don't like being one!

Each transition within you starts with your thoughts. So take control of how you think and react towards people, events or incidents that is happening or ever happened in your life.

I try my best to be better each day than I was the day before. I fail often. But I keep trying and I rise again. So your thoughts should be competitive enough to make you better everyday, than your previous day; and not with anybody else. 

When things are unfavorable or unfair and we feel helpless, negative thoughts just run through our mind, body and soul. 

Whenever I am hurt, humiliated, ignored, criticized, compared or face hostility; my days turn really dark. Even if I try harder, I fail to concentrate on the positive effects of the incident.  I ruin my day, my health, my relation with my husband and kids by constantly thinking about what happened. I am left with anger, frustration, guilt and regret; not just because I was at the receiving end, but because I could not behave the same way or say the same words to them. 

"What we think is what we become." Thoughts harness our capabilities. We all have the power to think beyond our capacity and imagination. To stretch beyond self-imposed limitations; but everything depends on our thinking excellence.

Our thoughts make us what we are; but we can still control what we 'want to be.' There is plenty of time to change the way thoughts appear in our mind. Good positive thoughts are very contagious. We can be either negatively contagious or positively contagious; because what we think matters. How we feel matters, and the energy we share with others, really matters! It not only affects our personal, professional and social relationships, it also affect us badly. Very badly.

I would like to share few of the various ways I try to practice Positive Thinking in life. It has always helped me to focus on the brighter and positive side of life. I am sure they will help you too!

  1. Practice Gratitude: Being thankful and feeling abundant for what we have received in life is the first trick to feel complete and positive in life. Always remember to Thank God for giving everything that you have in the present life. Many even do not have the minimum needs. Being grateful in life helps me to avoid all possible negative thoughts.
  2. Know Yourself Better Than Anybody: Take responsibility of your negative qualities or behavior. The more you ignore, the more it will hit you. Face the 'negative you' or the worst you and try to understand the reasons that trigger such emotions in you.
  3. Practice to Stay Calm under Pressure: "The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it open."- Arnold Glasgow, American humorist.
  4. Smile even if it hurts: Smiling is the only medicine that can create hope and willingness in life. The only cure to all negative happenings in present or future. Learn to smile even in the worst days. This not only gives calmness, but the positive power to face challenges too. 
  5. Quiet your mind and be present: "Think less and feel more."~ Osho. The more you are engaged in the thinking process (about past and future incidents), the less you live your present moments. Quiet your wandering thoughts and feel that's happening right now. Try to  live a mindful life in the present.

6. Concentrate on your happiness and health:
If you practice to stay happy, you will definitely stay healthy.

7. Avoid gossips and stop complaining:
Feel happy and blessed with what you have. 

8. Celebrate positive qualities and pay attention to the negatives:
Be honest about the negative qualities within you and try to change for your well-being. 

9. Do what's good for you:
You are the 'best' in knowing what you want and what is good and favorable for you. Stop the habit of living for others and later complaining about it. We are all gifted with the most precious thing called- life, and therefore we should have the control in deciding what's good for us; even if we fail sometimes. 

10. Learn to have your own opinion:
Listen to everybody, but try to focus on your decision. It matters!

Start your day with happy and positive thoughts. Rise with a positive opinion about your life, and good thoughts will follow. Hunt for those purposes and may be excuses that can keep you happy, peaceful and active all day. 

We cannot stop negative thoughts from coming in to our mind, but can always control them and take charge of our life from being negatively influenced!


  1. My way of thinking always positive great post doll.

    1. Thank you so very much Jackie for leaving me a comment always!! Really appreciate you reading and replying to all my posts! Means a lot!!


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