Monday, December 29, 2014

Love the way you are

"There will be many reasons why you don't like yourself, but when did you last find a reason to love and accept the way you are! Accepting self in the critic way is so easy, but have you ever tried listing the reasons why you are awesome just as "you."

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

We spend half of our life by trying to find out- the good factors in us; and rest half is spent comparing them with others. Why it is important to compare your strengths and or weaknesses with others. Is it really so difficult to know who you are as a person- both from the inside and out! 

Everyone is made up of some good and bad qualities; then why sometimes we feel that; we are the only unfortunate ones! Why we depend on others to tell us that, "we are beautiful, we are brilliant, we have extra good qualities; etc." Does this really means, you are beautiful only when someone tells you, and otherwise not! 

When we learn to accept ourselves, we realize that; our bad habits or certain bad qualities does not make us bad and unacceptable. Nobody is perfect! 

"With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world." 
                                                      - Dalai Lama

A new life dawns when we realize things.  

Unless you have a clear idea of the reasons; why you should love the way you are, you will never have a peaceful life. You will always feel- you are not perfect and something is missing from your life. No human being is perfect. So are you! But you are definitely "better" in many ways- from others'.
So be a "shameless lover" of yourself. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing yourself better than anybody! 

As long as you are not hurting others or being the reason of their sorrow- loving the "imperfect you" is good. Hating yourself won't make you a better person. Learn the reasons why you should change and wish to be better than before. When you know why- your journey to a beautiful life begins. 

"I always knew, I am weak in many things, but was ashamed of accepting it. May be scared; what people will think about me." But slowly, I practiced facing people- just the way I am! I may be poor in many things, but I am too good in few things too! And nobody knows that better than me. All I did was- started believing in me and my capabilities. This is my life and my fight to let everyone know that- I am no waste! Not a reason for anyone to feel shy about; rather a pride for my family and kids! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Pre-Christmas Message To All

Just few more days and A New Year will be 

in our life:) Time to Thank God for every 

thing He gave us this year, and to pray for 

good days with loads of Blessings in the 

coming Year!

May All Have Happiness, Love, Prosperity 

and  Their Dear Ones Near Them always in 

this New Year. 

Praying for them who lost someone and 

something this year. God is with you to 

give you strength and lots of hope and love 

to live this life. Sending my sincere 

condolences and lots of love and blessings 

to them. May in this New Year; you get a 

beautiful new life.

Merry Christmas and A Great New Year 



Monday, December 22, 2014

Steps To Motivate One Tired 'Mommy'

Being a tired wife may be acceptable at times, but being a tired mommy is just not 'possible!' 

Motherhood needs your hundred percent or may be more than that; but never the less. When your life is ruled by; dirty dishes, diapers, scattered toys (even in the bathroom:(...), piled up laundry and hungry tummies; know that you are soon going to be in need of lot of motivation to have patience, and a happy heart.

Those cute innocent faces may make you active and happy from the outside, but you still need to slow down and care of yourself, sometimes. Moms, even after being completely worn out, are responsible for taking care of their kid (s). 

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom- there is no end to the list of a mother's tasks. In such cases, any mother is sure to feel exhausted and worn out! She may even end up feeling demotivated and having no respect for motherhood responsibilities anymore.

I have read so many times that, "Motherhood is a full-time job." If I call it as a "thankless job," I wouldn't be wrong! After taking care of so many tasks as "the only caretaker of the whole house;" what she earns at the end of the day is  happy, satisfied, smiling faces- but not even a 'thank you' many a times! I know this is enough for her- as a wife and a mother, but she always neglects or even avoids to care and pamper the  'woman' within her. After performing endless tasks as a mother- we tend to forget everything else that matters in our life. 

I love my life as a wife and a mother of two; but sometimes all I am left with is- restless, exhausted and tired 'me.' This demotivates my capabilities and questions my role as a woman. I know I am no different than others. Every mom goes through these tough days, and I am not just one!
To continue as a go-getter, and stay motivated as a mother and a caretaker of the house; try doing the following things:

  1. Remember or browse through the words of appreciation, you have received as a mother.
  2. Know that: Parenting isn't all about sacrifice! We receive a lot of rewards as moms. 
  3. Your kids won't be the same as they are today. These cuteness in terms of making the house messy or dirty- will not stay forever. It will happen that; you will miss  all this tomorrow. So relax and enjoy these lovely moments :) (even if it is tiring).
  4. Always remember that with housework, kids and family; you also need to take care  of the 'woman' inside you- quiet often.
  5. Stop being a "perfect mother" or a "good mother and or good wife." Breathe and stay calm. It is absolutely okay to not clean the house one day or give bathe to your kids everyday. Some days' can certainly survive with just a sponge bath! Do not over stress  yourself. Skip certain tasks- even when it is about taking care of your kids.
  6. Learn that "you are not alone." Every mom has to go through these difficulties. Certain things may be more or less for some moms; but they all go through these family  household chores. So smile:) now!
  7. Find Joy in everything you do, and also in your everyday life.
  8. Feel Proud about being a "super mom," who can do so many things at once.
  9. Develop a Routine- where you always have a little time for your nap everyday.
  10. Celebrate your story- either by journaling or through photography, or by sharing; your  incredible ways of life as a mother, a parent and as a wife, with your friends, peers; or by  posting your stories and acts in moms' communities and groups.
There is always a possibility (s) that- motherhood, or being a stay-at-home mom is more fun than just getting exhausted and tired. Explore your limits to celebrate everyday with kids, piled up laundry or even with dirty dishes. Life is fun when we add a little joy and excitement-  to what task we do- at home, or in office as a mom!

If a woman finds purpose in her life; as a mother and as a wife, and make use of her energy and thoughts in it- I am sure we will have less complains and more fun in doing everyday's work.

Monday, December 15, 2014

6 Ways to know you have painted your Past with Beautiful 'Present'

For most of us, past is never a pleasant experience. If past has been haunting you; it's time you take care of it. I will not ask you to forget your past, as it is really difficult; but yes, you can always avoid any thoughts that takes you back to your worst life.

Living a life that you have always wanted to live- is a great way to know that, you don't live in your past anymore. Still the impact is so deep; that the damages remain visible. 

If you want to heal the pain of the past, learn to compare the events from your present. Be free of the past, and you can move on and enjoy a happy and peaceful life. 

I had many ugly experiences in the past and never wanted to look back or have those memories back in my life. But the nagging pain of those dreadful memories kept blocking my happiness. I was not being able to enjoy my present life completely. Still there was emptiness; and  a huge burden of guilt and failures from past!

Six ways to know that you have painted your past with a beautiful present:

1. Marriage

You have found your love and have agreed to marry the person who loves you more and cares for your feelings. You know from your experiences that; it is important for you, your partner and specially for the kids to have a healthy marriage life. You are conscious about fights, arguments and any kind of relationship violence; that it  can cause serious damage to your marriage and kids. 
Marriage isn't just about you and your partner, but also about a 'home' where there should be love, care, dependency, need for each other and lots of trust and respect for each family members.

2. Kids

Your childhood may not have been good and beautiful, but you have painted a beautiful and love-filled life for your kids. You know what you couldn't get and achieve; you will always have it available for your kid (s). 

You were silent, scared, neglected and lonely; but you are teaching your kids to be confident of their capabilities, to be brave, bold and being open about any problems in their life. 

3. Career

Maybe your student life was a total failure or you never excelled academically, but you have achieved enormous experiences from past; and now you are following your dreams. You are doing what you have always wanted to do. Today also sometimes you fail in your attempts, but you know how to work hard to achieve the rewards, because you are doing something that you always to do and you love doing it!

4. Friendship

You had spilled many personal secrets to your 'close' friends, and they never kept it a secret. You were always judged and was never understood! Now you know whom you should be friends with, and to whom you can reveal some personal information. At present, you have few good friends whom you can trust and accept them in your life. 

5. Social life

May be you were forced to attend certain events and gatherings, that you never wanted to go. May be you had to sacrifice certain priorities to be present in such places, where you were entertaining and pleasing others- unhappily; but now you know where you should be present and where you should not! No more compromises at the cost of your family and kids. No more masking the 'pleasing' personality. 

Society is made of different kids of people and therefore being socially responsible doesn't always mean- listening and agreeing to others all the time. Sometimes you need to make a conscious choice.

6. Health and Peace

With the simplification and understanding of life comes inner peace and harmony. You have made certain conscious decisions to stay healthy and peaceful; either by learning your character and the strengths and weaknesses. You know why and when chaos touches lives and family.  

You have learned the trick of -"accept and let go." All the negatives from the past- like; something someone said and or did was always in your mind and heart, and you accepted it. The moment you accepted the fact, it started losing power and slowly all negative thoughts started flowing out from your life. 

Choosing to live in the past not only robs you of enjoyment today, but robs you of truly living. Live in present and love your today, and completely soak yourself in the present moments. Live every bit of it, just like there was no yesterday and there is no tomorrow. Whatever is there- just this day! 

Embrace your every day and stay optimistic. You had no control over your past, but your 'today' is completely yours to make it better for tomorrow. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Epsita's Blog Title Change

Hello Dear Readers, Fans, Followers and Fellow Bloggers.

It has been an amazing journey with you all in my life. I was no one before I started my blog (s). I must say that you all have helped me a lot in fulfilling my dream of becoming a writer. Your encouraging words inspired me and helped me to discover the 'me,' who I am today.

My Blog, 'My Still Thoughts In Words' is changing into a new name- 'The Positive Window;' because I am going to reach to 'that window' in your life and open it for you to see the positive in your life.

Thank you for continuing your love and support. I sincerely appreciate your time and interest in my posts and articles. Thank you always for encouraging me to write more and more.

I hope you will continue to show your love and support and continue your journey with me.

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