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Love the way you are

"There will be many reasons why you don't like yourself, but when did you last find a reason to love and accept the way you are! Accepting self in the critic way is so easy, but have you ever tried listing the reasons why you are awesome just as "you."
“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh
We spend half of our life by trying to find out- the good factors in us; and rest half is spent comparing them with others. Why it is important to compare your strengths and or weaknesses with others. Is it really so difficult to know who you are as a person- both from the inside and out! 
Everyone is made up of some good and bad qualities; then why sometimes we feel that; we are the only unfortunate ones! Why we depend on others to tell us that, "we are beautiful, we are brilliant, we have extra good qualities; etc." Does this really means, you are beautiful only when someo…

A Pre-Christmas Message To All

Just few more days and A New Year will be 

in our life:) Time to Thank God for every 

thing He gave us this year, and to pray for 

good days with loads of Blessings in the 

coming Year!

May All Have Happiness, Love, Prosperity 

and  Their Dear Ones Near Them always in 

this New Year. 

Praying for them who lost someone and 

something this year. God is with you to 

give you strength and lots of hope and love 

to live this life. Sending my sincere 

condolences and lots of love and blessings 

to them. May in this New Year; you get a 

beautiful new life.

Merry Christmas and A Great New Year 



Steps To Motivate One Tired 'Mommy'

Being a tired wife may be acceptable at times, but being a tired mommy is just not 'possible!' 
Motherhood needs your hundred percent or may be more than that; but never the less. When your life is ruled by; dirty dishes, diapers, scattered toys (even in the bathroom:(...), piled up laundry and hungry tummies; know that you are soon going to be in need of lot of motivation to have patience, and a happy heart.
Those cute innocent faces may make you active and happy from the outside, but you still need to slow down and care of yourself, sometimes. Moms, even after being completely worn out, are responsible for taking care of their kid (s). 

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom- there is no end to the list of a mother's tasks. In such cases, any mother is sure to feel exhausted and worn out! She may even end up feeling demotivated and having no respect for motherhood responsibilities anymore.

I have read so many times that, "Motherhood is a full-ti…

6 Ways to know you have painted your Past with Beautiful 'Present'

For most of us, past is never a pleasant experience. If past has been haunting you; it's time you take care of it. I will not ask you to forget your past, as it is really difficult; but yes, you can always avoid any thoughts that takes you back to your worst life.
Living a life that you have always wanted to live- is a great way to know that, you don't live in your past anymore. Still the impact is so deep; that the damages remain visible. 
If you want to heal the pain of the past, learn to compare the events from your present. Be free of the past, and you can move on and enjoy a happy and peaceful life. 

I had many ugly experiences in the past and never wanted to look back or have those memories back in my life. But the nagging pain of those dreadful memories kept blocking my happiness. I was not being able to enjoy my present life completely. Still there was emptiness; and  a huge burden of guilt and failures from past!
Six ways to know that you have painted your past with a bea…

Epsita's Blog Title Change

Hello Dear Readers, Fans, Followers and Fellow Bloggers.

It has been an amazing journey with you all in my life. I was no one before I started my blog (s). I must say that you all have helped me a lot in fulfilling my dream of becoming a writer. Your encouraging words inspired me and helped me to discover the 'me,' who I am today.

My Blog, 'My Still Thoughts In Words' is changing into a new name- 'The Positive Window;' because I am going to reach to 'that window' in your life and open it for you to see the positive in your life.

Thank you for continuing your love and support. I sincerely appreciate your time and interest in my posts and articles. Thank you always for encouraging me to write more and more.

I hope you will continue to show your love and support and continue your journey with me.