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Steps To Motivate One Tired 'Mommy'

Being a tired wife may be acceptable at times, but being a tired mommy is just not 'possible!' 

Motherhood needs your hundred percent or may be more than that; but never the less. When your life is ruled by; dirty dishes, diapers, scattered toys (even in the bathroom:(...), piled up laundry and hungry tummies; know that you are soon going to be in need of lot of motivation to have patience, and a happy heart.

Those cute innocent faces may make you active and happy from the outside, but you still need to slow down and care of yourself, sometimes. Moms, even after being completely worn out, are responsible for taking care of their kid (s). 

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom- there is no end to the list of a mother's tasks. In such cases, any mother is sure to feel exhausted and worn out! She may even end up feeling demotivated and having no respect for motherhood responsibilities anymore.

I have read so many times that, "Motherhood is a full-time job." If I call it as a "thankless job," I wouldn't be wrong! After taking care of so many tasks as "the only caretaker of the whole house;" what she earns at the end of the day is  happy, satisfied, smiling faces- but not even a 'thank you' many a times! I know this is enough for her- as a wife and a mother, but she always neglects or even avoids to care and pamper the  'woman' within her. After performing endless tasks as a mother- we tend to forget everything else that matters in our life. 

I love my life as a wife and a mother of two; but sometimes all I am left with is- restless, exhausted and tired 'me.' This demotivates my capabilities and questions my role as a woman. I know I am no different than others. Every mom goes through these tough days, and I am not just one!
To continue as a go-getter, and stay motivated as a mother and a caretaker of the house; try doing the following things:

  1. Remember or browse through the words of appreciation, you have received as a mother.
  2. Know that: Parenting isn't all about sacrifice! We receive a lot of rewards as moms. 
  3. Your kids won't be the same as they are today. These cuteness in terms of making the house messy or dirty- will not stay forever. It will happen that; you will miss  all this tomorrow. So relax and enjoy these lovely moments :) (even if it is tiring).
  4. Always remember that with housework, kids and family; you also need to take care  of the 'woman' inside you- quiet often.
  5. Stop being a "perfect mother" or a "good mother and or good wife." Breathe and stay calm. It is absolutely okay to not clean the house one day or give bathe to your kids everyday. Some days' can certainly survive with just a sponge bath! Do not over stress  yourself. Skip certain tasks- even when it is about taking care of your kids.
  6. Learn that "you are not alone." Every mom has to go through these difficulties. Certain things may be more or less for some moms; but they all go through these family  household chores. So smile:) now!
  7. Find Joy in everything you do, and also in your everyday life.
  8. Feel Proud about being a "super mom," who can do so many things at once.
  9. Develop a Routine- where you always have a little time for your nap everyday.
  10. Celebrate your story- either by journaling or through photography, or by sharing; your  incredible ways of life as a mother, a parent and as a wife, with your friends, peers; or by  posting your stories and acts in moms' communities and groups.
There is always a possibility (s) that- motherhood, or being a stay-at-home mom is more fun than just getting exhausted and tired. Explore your limits to celebrate everyday with kids, piled up laundry or even with dirty dishes. Life is fun when we add a little joy and excitement-  to what task we do- at home, or in office as a mom!

If a woman finds purpose in her life; as a mother and as a wife, and make use of her energy and thoughts in it- I am sure we will have less complains and more fun in doing everyday's work.


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