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Indo Western Style Fusion

Fashion is fun when there are no boundaries, no specific rules, and no defined theories. A complete freedom, where you can create possibilities and new styles by mixing different fashion staples and styles. Do you wish to rock the styles; where you can experiment with different outfit ideas and can create a "new look" for your personality?
There are so many cool ways to wear Indian ethnic styles whilst mixing it with the western magic. I have had been a huge fan of both cultures: "so much to create by blending it together!"

Below I want to share few of my observations in creating a beautiful ensemble of Indo Western outfits. Hope you will find some outfit inspirations for your New Year's eve party!

"Inspiration is everywhere." All you need is a vision that can show you possibilities; and an enthusiastic heart- that is restless to find more, create more and show more varieties. You can always dress cute and feel beautiful with what you wear and how you w…

My Top 10 Posts Of 2015

2015 was the time when I created this website-  "The Positive Window." And now that the year is coming to end; I felt like doing a round-up post to share (with all my old and new blogger friends as well as with all the amazing readers) my most-liked and most shared posts of this year.  It was a year full of opportunities as well as some missed opportunities. But I feel blessed to have those "new responsibilities/contributions" added to my success book this year. Thank you for believing in me!

Doing a round-up like this makes one a little bit thoughtful, I suppose.

Today I want to let you all know that; you have made me so special and "someone" whom many knows now- by spending your time here; reading my posts, commenting, sharing and re-sharing. So thanks again from the bottom of my heart for making my first year of blogging/writing on my personal website- so very memorable. Was a wonderful journey of writing 47 posts so far (in one full year). Wish to make…

Choices That Can Make You Feel Better Instantly

The art of living a life you love depends on the choices you make: big or small. A person who chooses to be more peaceful in life is way happier than the person who chooses success, wins, accomplishments, fame and popularity. So what would you choose for yourself?

"You have a choice each and every single day. I choose to feel blessed. I choose to feel grateful. I choose to be excited. I choose to be thankful. I choose to be happy."

                                                                                                                       -Amber Housley

In my effort to make peace stay in my life forever; I had to let go many things. Yes! many relationships, opportunities, self care practices and even challenges. But I am glad; I made the right choices for myself and my family. 

You always have a choice. And your choice becomes your attitude. 

In my past maybe I had many choices; but my attitude wasn't so strong that I remember making any strong choices- may be due …

5 Essential Daily Self-Care Habits

"Today I promise, I will just take care of the "me" self. I will listen to my every needs and demands that require attention-on a daily basis. I will take that first step today, towards making myself better in every way possible."

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When was the last time you recall making such "power promises" to yourself?
The "best thing"I did for myself- lately!
I made a conscious choice! I slowed down and tried to understand what was going on with me. It's hard to slow down when you are trying to do zillion of things. 

When life gets really "heavy" on you, just slow your rhythm and start paying attention to your much needed areas in life. Pay attention to your every day small requirements. How about making a routine with very simple yet essential self-care habits? These are no big sacrifices like; going to a spa or salon, or often going out…

How To Choose Your Every Day Style

Every "day" is a new decision, a new reason to look at yourself in a more closer and better way. Embrace your changes in life and changes in your features. Get back your sanity by learning the tricks to dress in a more presentable and comfortable way- everyday. Do you wish to have a wonderful wardrobe with great styles (you love), colors and patterns- a blend of modern and classic pieces; and the clothing pieces that makes you look great, and brings back your sparkling smile?

                                                                Image Source:

We try to hide behind the fact that; "appropriate physical presentations make good impressions. When we dress well, people pay more attention to us!" It may seem unacceptable to you and me; but this is the fact. The more presentable (and definitely comfortable) we are, when we, the greater becomes the chances of being seen and heard (in a more respectable way).

5 Inspiring Ways To Make The Most Of Your Day

There is no way of telling how many times life will knock you off the track (the good life) and you will not be able to prevent it. This is how life is! So how can you make peace with yourself in such crisis? I would say," by making it less stressful and more simplified. Doesn't matter if the day is spent in a more productive way or not; but it should have more peace and relaxation." 

                                         Image Source:

Taking charge of your days; one-at-a-time will make your life simpler; because you will have more mind power to solve your problems, and you will have a more relaxed approach rather than hurrying over the matter (in fear or in anger).

Think of spending a day doing nothing! Yes, doing absolutely nothing productive (as it may seem), but rejuvenating, recreating a new you in person who is more aware (of facing upcoming challenges) and knows how to make peace (with oneself) wh…