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Everyday Inspiration: Living with Words

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"A word is a powerful weapon that can transform your life." Choosing rights words will help you shape your identity. "What you want to hear always collides with what people say." 

I am sure; we all want to hear positive words like: beautiful, gorgeous, intelligent, smart, perfect, motivating, inspiring, best employee, most valuable person; and many more such attributes that defines us. 

Many a times these attributes does not define our worth; yet we depend on them! "Accepting only the right and positive words in life- can change your well being."  'Right words' can also change your brain to create long lasting happiness; can change your thinking, can change your relationships; can completely transform your life- to a beautiful reality!

Words have tremendous power. If they can heal, they can also force someone to end their live…

Tone of your thoughts: what it looks like!

"Thoughts come and thoughts go; but we go on forever." Have you ever tried to understand your thoughts? Where do they come from and why? What drives them to us? Why even we should care about them?

I think we should; because thoughts are our inner voices. Voice of our heart and mind; that is trying to focus on different things at the same time! Some necessary decisions, and some unwanted traps- that are fighting to have equal attention in a day- a week- or may be  in our everyday life!

Most of the times; thoughts are either our dreams- that is screaming possibilities or impossibility, some are our decisions, some are fear about tomorrow, some are frightful memories from yesterday, some are also our unfulfilled wishes and expectations; and some are the thoughts of humiliation, guilt, regrets, failures and rejections.

So imagine the kind of pressure; our mind goes through, when we have to deal with such thousands of thoughts at the same time! I am sure; we don&…

Feeling Depressed Today- Try Doing This!!

This is one of my older posts; and is all about Looking good and Feeling good.....Felt like sharing with you all, as I have removed my other blog- where this was published.
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I found a very good way of defeating the feeling of depression and loneliness. 

Try ‘song chatting’ with your good friend, who has a similar choice in music. This will help you overcome your anger and stress. 

‘Music is always a healthy way to reduce your stress levels’- I have always read this. When I actually applied this rule to my life, I learned that this is the easiest way to combat frustration, but provided, you know your friend’s like/dislike in music beforehand. Just don’t bump into any friend and ask her to discuss songs, movies with you. Respect your friend’s choice. You may not like the song, she shares the link with you, but be polite to reply her that, ‘it’s a good one’. She will be happy to know that, you understand her feelings too and this will make you feel aware and peace…

Mother to her Daughter: Journey from being a friend to a teacher

 A mother is the best friend to her daughter. She knows her emotions. She knows everything, because she is aware that 'history is repeating'. A daughter needs her mom; not just when she is born, but always; even after she becomes a mother. 

I am a daughter; and a mother to a daughter. Every woman starts her journey - as a daughter. This is why they are so special. I will never want my daughter to have the same life- as mine; rather I would wish more happiness and success for her. I want to be her best friend as well her 'guru,' and teach her about all the ups and downs in the coming days. 

The bond between mother and daughter is tender yet strong. I have always seen that most of the times; a woman is responsible for creating problems for another woman! But in mother-daughter relationship; they are nothing- but friends!  And the bonding is so pure and special.

As mothers' we need to understand their needs - that grows and expands with them. Sometimes …

Am I worth enough to be noticed!


This morning, I went through many good posts- starting from self-worth, advantages or disadvantages of social networking sites; from funny to satirical experiences, comparing behind-the-scene 'self' image with other's highlighted image, from responses acknowledging one's "worth" to comments asking- to 'follow back.'

Don't know why; but while reading these posts, I was trying to weigh myself.  I placed myself poorly in the comparison scale- that didn't have any readings! I was  immersing myself into comparisons and stacking reasons that was enough to not recognize my self-worth! 

Do I sound familiar? 
A little pinch of dissatisfaction is sufficient to bring down all you spirits, and efforts- you have been putting into your writings, blogs or in managing your fan pages. Such moments trigger anger, and endless reasons for not doing what you have loved doing in all these years!
I am sure: nobody was born famous and known! May be they we…

Bites of Inspiration for Everyday Living

We all need a bite of "inspiration," to start the day and go to bed peacefully at night; and also to wake-up happily and charged next morning! 

I read somewhere,"life is beautiful when you are laughing." So true! When we are happy in true sense; we see beauty everywhere. We feel motivated and inspired to live more and do more. 
Finding ways to inspire our everyday life may seem tough, but a little effort and practice can make it simpler. One of the ways, I live inspired is by finding things to do- that brings me joy and peace. 
Attract happy thoughts; from the time you leave your bed in the morning. Sometimes thinking happy may seem difficult, but when you decide doing good for yourself and for the people you love, you will learn to live a happy life!
Draw inspirations from others. Try to focus on the good side of people and friends.  Discard what looks bad! Ignore who do not think you are of any worth. I have many such relationships in my life- that I g…