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Mother to her Daughter: Journey from being a friend to a teacher

 A mother is the best friend to her daughter. She knows her emotions. She knows everything, because she is aware that 'history is repeating'. A daughter needs her mom; not just when she is born, but always; even after she becomes a mother. 

I am a daughter; and a mother to a daughter. Every woman starts her journey - as a daughter. This is why they are so special. I will never want my daughter to have the same life- as mine; rather I would wish more happiness and success for her. I want to be her best friend as well her 'guru,' and teach her about all the ups and downs in the coming days. 

The bond between mother and daughter is tender yet strong. I have always seen that most of the times; a woman is responsible for creating problems for another woman! But in mother-daughter relationship; they are nothing- but friends!  And the bonding is so pure and special.

As mothers' we need to understand their needs - that grows and expands with them. Sometimes there comes the generation gap problems; but I would not see it as a problem; rather another reason to see things differently. A little more understanding and trust can make your daughters confident about sharing their 'every' problems with you. From the early childhood, create a bridge of communication (between you two) - that will never break nor can be destroyed- whatever may be the circumstances!

 Mothers are the best teachers. They know every possible ways to take control of their kid (s). If you are still not an experienced mother as it sounds, do not panic! You are soon going to learn the tricks. More than books, advises, articles; what helps is the personal experience with your kids. You tend to learn and become experts as you move along the journey of motherhood. 

    Motherhood gets serious and more responsible as your daughter (s) grow. They need to be treated with tenderly care than boys. Mothers should become friends to them, than being a nagging or a serious mother. That's when a teen or a grown-up daughter will be your 'best friend' and will feel comfortable to share everything with you.

   Here are few of the tips every mother should teach their daughters, as they grow up-
  1. 1. Teaching Your Daughters To Speak Up.
  1. 2. We are not Perfect, We are Parents: Pick up Your Parents' Good Qualities and Trash the Bad ones!!!
  2. 3.  Never use words like; I am lonely, emotional, sensitive, depressed, I have family problems etc. to introduce yourself to anyone.
  3.  4. Often tell you Daughter: 'I Love Your Father and he Loves Me Too! 
  4.  5. Mother: Never say 'sorry' if it's not your fault. It is a sign of weakness. 
  5.  6. Daughter! I am your Mother today, but tomorrow I might be another Daughter's Mother-In-Law. If I am trying to be a good mother, I may also want to be called as a good Mother-in-law. So, please make sure you remind me my good words and promises. You remind me to do better  and be better; because most of the times, a woman happens to hurt another woman's feelings as soon as we switch roles. 
  6. 7. Take time to choose your friends. 
  7. 8. Many a times you will get stuck in finding answers, to many questions. That’s when- Believe in Yourself, Trust God and Trust your Inner Voice. 
   9. People will know your parents and family through you. So always think, rethink before you decide upon something.
  10. Women symbolize love and care, so always love, respect and care for others, but do not  sacrifice your self-respect. Never try to please anyone.

      As I see my daughter growing big everyday; I am kind of developing a fear- fear of losing her someday. Fear of not having her beside me. Fear of the world and people; she is going to face some day! More than that;I fear of the facts; I am supposed to tell her- by the time she reaches her age as a woman. What if my love for her, holds me back from showing her the true picture of this society! What if I fail in letting her know- what a'woman' means to others' in this world. Many more things to do and show my 'angel'- before I rest in peace forever! But I am going to hold my emotions, and not let them influence her to become weak or scared any day! 

Teach your daughters today- that the world outside 'you' is very different. And we as women are very vulnerable to fall into the trap called- emotions! Being emotional is good, but being ruled by them is dangerous. Tell her that,"I am not just your mother; rather a guide that will always follow you; if required I will be beside you to hold your hand and give you the courage to fight back!"

Important lessons that you teach your daughter today- is definitely going to be carried forward. She will teach 'her' daughter exactly the same  way- she was taught and guided. So let the legacy of being 'worth as a woman' continue! 


    1. You're a great mother...and teacher. It's true that mothers are our first and best teacher. We learn from them directly through lectures/advice or from just watching them live their lives.

      I hope to be a good teacher to my future kids. :)

    2. Epsita... I too wish that both my daughters do better than I have done... I love my mother but she would be happy that I did better than her and my oldest daughter is a mama ... I have watched how she has grown into a wonderful mama.. as parents that's what most of us wish for... xox

    3. Great post :-) Thank you for sharing.

    4. I love your blog :)
      Following your blog now, hope you'll follow too :)

      1. Thank you very much Dear:) Following you too!


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