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Tone of your thoughts: what it looks like!

"Thoughts come and thoughts go; but we go on forever." Have you ever tried to understand your thoughts? Where do they come from and why? What drives them to us? Why even we should care about them?

I think we should; because thoughts are our inner voices. Voice of our heart and mind; that is trying to focus on different things at the same time! Some necessary decisions, and some unwanted traps- that are fighting to have equal attention in a day- a week- or may be  in our everyday life!

Most of the times; thoughts are either our dreams- that is screaming possibilities or impossibility, some are our decisions, some are fear about tomorrow, some are frightful memories from yesterday, some are also our unfulfilled wishes and expectations; and some are the thoughts of humiliation, guilt, regrets, failures and rejections.

So imagine the kind of pressure; our mind goes through, when we have to deal with such thousands of thoughts at the same time! I am sure; we don't even get a minute to decide the kind of thoughts; that hit our mind. Whether they are good or bad; or positive or negative!

'Knowing' what we are thinking and why; can help us- realize the kind of thoughts we have in our mind; most of the times! Next time when similar circumstances develop; we can be careful and stop thinking 'negative' right there!

I would like to share one of such examples from my life. Recently I had developed a nagging fearful thought about my life in the coming days. I was afraid of some unexpected circumstances- that may not even happen. I was restlessly afraid by thinking;"what if my thought comes true!" The force of thinking what will happen if it is true was so intense that; I started feeling nervous and restless. "I couldn't help  stop it anyway!"

That's when I decided,"I will do everything I can, to get over this fear." I was sure that; most of the times- such fears are just the mirage of our mind, and nothing is going to happen like that!"

"I tried everything I could;  to avoid any more thoughts about it." Unfortunately nothing was helping me to calm down!

After continuous effort; I was able to find these solutions; that helped me control 'that' negative thinking of my mind. I realized:

  1.  Thoughts are random thinking of mind. It will never come true!
  2. I can always share my such 'negative' thoughts with the family member I trust- who can give me strength and courage to know,"it's a mere sudden thought, and there is no truth in it." "But now that you have developed it in your mind; stay prepared. Pray before God that, you never want this to happen in your life. So God! Please continue to shower your blessings upon us."
  3. I can always visit the place of worship- and just offer my prayers. "I always find it peaceful to visit temple and sit in silence before God and let Him know, my purpose of visit today. Why I am scared and confused!" This always helps!
  4. I can directly talk to the person, I have been thinking about. "About the unseen circumstances, about promises, about my thoughts. "It feels like a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders- when I speak my thoughts."
  5. I can always go to a senior experienced person (I know), or to my parents for seeking their advice and suggestions.
  6. I can simply pick up the phone and call my best friend(s); and share my thoughts. Listen to her thoughts and tell 'her' about mine. Exchanging worries and problems- always makes us peaceful and relaxed.
  7. I can just go out for a low-budget shopping or engage my thoughts in any outdoor activities- I love!
  8. Lastly, I can always remind myself- "life is a sum of good and bad thoughts; but it is completely my responsibility to give space to the kind of thoughts in my mind. No negative thought can share my mind and heart- if I don't want to!
"Think the way you have never thought before- the positive way." 

Once I was able to not 'fear' my thoughts anymore; I could see my purpose; I could have a clear mind and clear view of the reasons- that gave birth to such 'negative' thoughts in my mind.

I was able to understand the 'tone' of my thoughts; and decided; to take control of it.


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    1. Thank you so much! Following you on GFC too!

  2. These are really nice thoughts :)
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  3. Epsita... I don't know if we can change our thoughts but we most certainly do not have to have them control us... and yes, usually our fears are just that fears... even if they come true, they are never as bad as what we believe... It is good when we can recognize that most of our thoughts are just fears... Have a wonderful week xox

    1. Thank you, Launna! I know most of the times baseless fears bring in 'negative thoughts.' Sometimes I also end up being the victim; but realizing that I am being trapped helps me to come out of it quickly.
      Wishing you A Great Week ahead.

  4. This is a very great writing Espita! I really love your words.. ;) Thank you for the visit and follow on my blog dear, I really appreciate it!

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful words, Cassie!
      Love and kisses.

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  6. Thoughts are so powerful. So it's really important to think positive to get positive results. :)
    Good points.

    1. True, Lux!
      Thank you for visiting today. Appreciate your time to read and comment:)

    2. My pleasure. It's a good read.

  7. These are great points! Def agree with you!
    Your blog is really lovely :)

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    1. Thank you for such lovely positive words, Nicole:)
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  10. I love reading this kind of posts :-) I can relate. Your blog is so inspiring Epsita :-).

    1. Thanks a ton, Zane....for such lovely words.
      So happy to know- you liked this post!

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  12. Great post!

  13. Sometimes we might face a very difficult situation but I believe positive thinking will lead us the way out. Thank you, Epsita, for sharing your thoughts for another very inspiring post. You're an excellent writer! :)

    1. Thank you very much, Balqis for the awesome positive feedback. Love to hear from you, always:)
      So very happy to know- you liked this post:)

  14. nice post!


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