Saturday, February 28, 2015

We all can make a difference: bite size


“Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren't any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn't be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life's challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person. ” 

                                                                               - Buckminster Fuller

Do you wish to change something, or many more things in the world! I wish   it too! But changing the existing practices (whether human behavior or the country law) is definitely not easy. I would say; almost next to impossible certain times. Sometimes I stress my brain, my nerves and the restless me; to simply get up, go and do it; but as always easy to say than do!

I am sure many of you must be going through this- once in a while; especially when you see nothing is changing, feel that everywhere there are lots and lots of lies and hatred among people. 

Taking baby steps towards changes, can do a big thing for us one day. 

"I decided that, I will start changing myself- everyday a little bit, and I am sure that will have a big difference in my life, and will also have a impact on other's too! Others; who are associated with me some way or other. Others, whom I meet accidentally or in purpose."

Let's avoid doing what we don't like!

Let's stop behaving the way we never want others to behave with us!

Start from 'you;' and extend the changes (one-step-at-a-time) to your kids, family and friends. I am sure; some day we will see the reflections of good things in and around us.

Start from Today.

Change a little bit; everyday!!

Change for good!

Be the change you wish to see everyday and in  everyone!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

You Can Do Anything If You Say: I Can


This afternoon; "I was kind of feeling annoyed. Feeling angry and frustrated; because I was getting lost in my unhappy thoughts. After many attempts, I was not able to understand certain relationships in my life. It was getting difficult for me to make people (some people I spoke to)understand; about things- that hurt me; certain blames and words; that I will never want to hear anymore! I know it's really difficult to manage relationships. To make some people understand about your vision to see things- that happen, or are made to happen!

Every time I end up being a 'neutral' woman (who wants to say and prove too many things about the other person; but stays quiet, wordless and many a times- just numb!), I start to get mad and left irritant! I don't see the need to hurt the other person; by pointing at their mistakes; by showing that, they are always not correct; or may be, what they say- hurts me too!

Such circumstances leave me unhappy and demotivated. Then, I do nothing; or feel like; never 'trying' anything more. Yes! Absolutely never giving another try.

Just then; I overheard the song from Sofia The First (One of Nick Jr. programs for kids) that was: "Anything." Such perfect timing!! All thanks, to my daughter, that she was watching Sofia at that moment (I guess! One of many times, I was happy to accept my kid watching TV ;))

Wow! I always keep my special eyes and ears open- to see inspiration everywhere and in everything; and this was so much in time!

My spirits gathered strength, I started smiling and dancing in joy; I started feeling light at heart and mind- and I repeated to myself: "Anything is possible; when I tune myself to-I Can, and decided- I am not giving up, at least not to myself!"

Every time I feel sad, dejected, rejected, guilt; like a question box, that's left with only endless questions, and no answers or any clue; I quickly grab my attention and focus it on to anything- that can be motivating at that moment- right then and right there! If nothing helps- I just sit quiet, and try to read some favorite articles- from my favorite inspiring blogs.

What do you do to unoccupy your mind and thoughts out of such circumstances?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Everyday Inspiration#3: Follow Your Passion.

     "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
                                                                                                   -C.S Lewis

Dream again; and make your dream- your passion that fuels your purpose to be positively present in life. 

Do not let your dreams freeze under your inefficiencies. Go for it! Stop thinking if you can do; or cannot. Unlock your potential and give it a try hundred times- before you decide to give-up. What is your motivation for starting on this journey;  that you think will fulfill your passion? 


There will be several reasons- quiet enough to make you stuck- at any moment. But find 'one strong reason' that will open all the gates of doubt. Let "confidence in yourself" rise high, and meet the sky!

Don't put your passion for approval from others. You will never receive welcoming results. Nobody else can understand the depth of your interest! Value your 'pick' and have respect for your decision.

Your passion will remain just any ordinary dream; until you take actions. Start doing; without just thinking about it anymore! 

"If you believe it will work out, you'll see opportunities. If you believe it won't, you will see obstacles."

                                                                                                - Wayne Dyer

"I have my own experiences about people having "conventional" thoughts about one choosing to follow their dream/passion- and working towards

 it! " You will be given hundreds of reasons- to believe that- if your dream is not lucrative; it's a mere waste of time and money. But who told them that; you are putting your passion over money? 

Are you, really?

If so; then you are sure going to either stay stuck forever, or may never feel satisfied with what you do, or how much you earn; because your heart wants to do something else!

 Money is important in life; but it can never bring you the expected happiness. You will wonder, wander and may also feel lost- while trying to find a "monetary" reason; behind you following you dream and passion.

"I remember; my family and close ones judging my capabilities; as well as trying to weigh it's monetary advantages and disadvantages, when I began my journey as a writer." The first thing- they used to advice me was," find a job for yourself (as I was a stay at home mom), as writing will not pay you."

I guess they were not wrong! We are humans, and very first need to everything in life - is money. If we are financially satisfied; dreams and passions can be acquired. 

"But I have a different perspective towards following my dream or passion-even though it may not pay me! I would rather earn my livelihood by doing a job; while still continue doing; what I want to do badly-and that is, writing!"

"I respect my passion, and can never compare it to anything else!" 

'Writing' gives me a reason to feel happy, confident, peaceful and most importantly; a purpose! A purpose that is enough, to feel great about- when it receives appreciations, and when people can relate to it; when I get to know that- my words inspired someone's life! Great deal of satisfaction and pride, I guess!

Sometimes many of us (like me) do or follow our heart- without much thinking about the Ws (why, what, when, where & who); and many even end up being famous or successful. Who doesn't want to be known? But glad, they followed their passion and worked hard for it.

Stop comparing, calculating or creating plans and thinking about purposes! Go for it, and do it- even if it sounds crazy or unnecessary thing for others.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Was Special with the Ls.

Hope you all had a beautiful Valentine's Day! Mine was awesome too; but the things and emotions that made it more special was a bunch of Ls:


Lovely Card
Lipsticks &
Loads n Loads of Fun with husband and kids:)

Life is no fun without 'L.' And so is 'Love.' Even the word 'Valentines;'  would not be too lovable; if there was no "L for Love" in it.

I want to share with you all a picture of 'three' lovely lipsticks (from Artistry)- I got this Valentine's Day from my lovable husband:) I love his choice any day! These lipsticks are going to be my favorites' for the month of February and March.

It's not that; we do not have any worries, or we did not have any at present; but we tried to 'laugh at worries,' even just for that moment.

After many uncertain tragedies- I got to see in my families; I have decided to try and find excuses to "laugh out loud a little," everyday; and will try to live fully, and will also involve my family- to celebrate small little happiness.

Life itself is a 'big reason' to celebrate and feel happy everyday- even with a heart full of worries and problems.

Live every moment to make it the most beautiful day of your life:)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Just 5 Steps To A Healthier Relationship This Valentine's Day.


I think; "Love needs to be expressed to be felt." All thanks to the card companies that prints/produces the exact feelings & words; our heart wants to say or hear:)

Especially for a 'shy' person like me; who wants to speak zillions of words; and express how I feel for my love-my husband everyday; but I guess, I always require a special card to express myself. If nothing; just sharing it with him through emails makes me feel better. I can write anything and may be everything; but speaking it out-is a tough task for me! 

Many a time, one can express oneself better by writing than by speaking. "I am one of them!"

Valentine's day is absolutely a perfect day to show- you love and care! Care for the person-who completes you; who makes you feel worth and important in their life; because you two have decided to complete your journey together-in every situation. But I guess; love or friendship requires expressing your feelings.

Whether you are lovers and or are getting married soon; or you are already in a relationship; as husband and wife- do not hesitate to take advantage of such days'. 

"I know that roses, chocolates, gifts, dinner date, a lovely dress, or a perfect Valentine's day celebration pictures of you two on social networks- would be sufficient enough- to show your love and attraction towards each other! But definitely the quiet expression of your love, and the need for each other- today and in all the coming days' would be the "perfect gift" for your partner; for your relationship, to make it grow beautiful and strong!"

Just 5 easy steps; that are enough to announce your love and care for your partner. Try it!

1. Appreciate him/her for every 'best' thing he or she does for you. Say it loud, even if your ego hurts. Let him know that; you observe and care for every small or big thing he does for you- specially any help that comes unexpectedly!

2. Announce your love to him (or her; I will use 'him' in the post) very often. Letting others' know- you love him won't do much. Rather, try to announce it directly to him. Let him know you love him unconditionally and do not need any special occasions; to express it! 

If possible try to say it loud in front of your kids as,"I love your dad so much." They are seeing the value of relationship and understanding it from you both. So, show them the "best in a relationship."

3. Embrace and Respect his 'Strengths', very often:  for who he is, and often value his decisions (at least sometimes). Declare his or her strengths. This shows- you matter in their life. We all have thousands of weaknesses, but realizing our strengths; add meaning to our life and relationship.

Kids will learn to respect their partners in future. Remember: learning begins at home, and they are observing you both!

4. Often celebrate: Whether it's either of your achievement or any success; or may be that, you and or your family just got over any problems- celebrate the joy together. Including your spouse in the celebration will give him or her the confidence and will show the "need for each other."

When you learn to celebrate small victories; you will add a reason (s) to celebrate life and love together.

5. Stop Humiliating and Blaming Each Other: Humiliating each other about  the weaknesses; triggers anger and hatred. You partner or spouse will have no respect for you anymore. Nobody likes to be told that," you are weak in general knowledge; or your math is so weak; etc." We are human-beings, and everybody is blessed with different strengths and weaknesses. But not liking someone just because he or she is not as good as you are in studies; does not justify your earned knowledge.

Respect and accept your partner for their "best" things, best qualities. I am sure, you will find many such good qualities; if you eagerly try to look for it!

Stop playing the blame game with each other! Learn to accept your mistakes, and strengthen your relationship. If one among you does not take these initiatives- you are sure going to lose many things. Yes! Many beautiful things in life! 
Stay blessed together and always. 
Let there be more trust, more need and more care for each other's values and respect; and love will prevail.

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

6 Choices That Will Lead You To A Better Life.


"You are your choices."

                                          - Seneca.

"You chose to live;" and that is the biggest choice- you have ever made!

Life is 'definitely' not an easy task; but we still continue to carry on, and complete this task.  Many give-up; and many still continue- with all the ups and downs- that life brings them.

Life is sure; not an easy choice!

Unaware of tomorrow; while carrying the heavy burden of yesterdays'- life goes on- and we decide to live.

In any situation; we always get two choices: to go for it and to not go for it. Deciding what you should do; and why- will help you to make things better.

"Whenever I am stuck in finding out: I try to listen to my inner voice. I get wrong sometimes; and sometimes things get wrong for me. They look something, but the reality turns out to be completely opposite. But I don't give up! There was a time; I used to feel helpless and not blessed; but now I think- I have learned from many experiences that- God is going to give me something much better in my platter (called life)."

"I always had two choices: either continue feeling miserable, by sulking and blaming myself- day and night; or to bury everything right there, and take the next step- where a new life was awaiting."

"By taking small better steps; towards improving my life-one-day-at-a-time; helped me to feel better and be better."

Making some conscious "positive" choices really helps you to change things in your life.

I added the following choices-for my better life, and for my better today and tomorrow. Hope these will help you too!

1. Choose to be available only in your present.

I have always heard people saying,"past is past. Live in your present." But I am sure you will agree with me that,"how hard you try to forget past; past always interferes in your present." 

Every-time you will try to avoid the past memories and incidents- it will haunt you, by disturbing you in the present. So try not to avoid past; rather face it. Be bold enough to find out the reasons-that takes you back 'there!' Understand the reasons and compare it with your present life. I am sure; when you find out the 'difference in life' between- then and now; you will stop traveling back to your past and feel incomplete and unhappy. This will also help you to continue with the changes and challenges (if any that happens your way) in the coming days; and you will remain happily stable-in your present.

2. Choose to free your mind of all the blames, relationship disharmony, disagreements, imperfections and the unnecessary limits.

The moment you empty your mind of all these issues that's cluttering your mind right now; you will be able to think clearly. Try not to blame yourself for everything-that is happening in your life. 

"I realized something from my personal experiences that,"in any relationship disharmony or disagreements-both the people should be blamed-and not just one. One may be more responsible than the other; but both are always responsible for the results." So stop! blaming yourself.

Try at-least once to make things better! If it does not work-out; remember-you need to give some more time. "Certain things and certain relationships get better with time."

So stop overthinking, and start enjoying things, that the moment is offering you.

3. Choose to let go, and find peace for yourself.

Remember: you just have one life; to do more, or see more, and to live more. Worrying and hurting yourself (in any way) won't help you to get over certain things in life. Bring more peace to life. Sacrifice what's right and what's wrong. Nothing is more important than having "true peace and happiness."

"I realized that; I cannot change people, cannot change the way they accept me; cannot change how they behave with me; but I can always let certain things, and certain people go from my life. Let go their thoughts. Let go any negative behavior that makes me unhappy, irritable and tired. Really tired to deal with them and their perceptions."

Make yourself agree with the fact that- you can change yourself, and not people. People don't change. Never! 

4. Choose to honor your purpose and dreams.

Life and circumstances may throw you back and forth; may toss your dreams, and may dump you in a dark state; where you will find no path to move forward or go backward- in your life. That's when you remember the purpose; the dreams-that you have left half-way; or never felt it was important for you! 

That feeling of getting up and going to achieve your goals-your dreams will fuel your strength to make a difference in your life. To be a better and beautiful you!

5. Choose to accept yourself, even with negative qualities.

We don't like so many things and so many people in our life; but we still continue with them. Why? May be because we are dependent upon each other; or may be because we know that, we will still need them. Tell the truth!

We know, they hold a certain space in our heart as well as in our life.
We know that- we too have many negative qualities; but accepting them-helped you to understand better; and you were able to see the difference.
Many don't accept!
Not accepting who you are-in real sense; will only force you to defend for your 'not so right' things. You need not tell anyone who you are; but understanding yourself-both inside and the outside, will make things easier; and you find a way out- to be the happier you!

6. Be unstoppable in improving your life.

Promise yourself: "Nothing is going to stop me- from being the better me." "I want to bring a difference to my health, wellness and living; and I will try my best to continue improving."

Do not stop what you have started; that is bringing in peace, happiness and purpose to your life.

Understand.Start.Continue.Continue Further.A Little More Further.Smile.You are Doing Great.You are Almost There.Relax. Go Again.Stay Unstoppable at Life!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Everyday Inspiration#2: Feeling Happy All-Day and Everyday


"Happy are they who take life day by day, complain very little, and are thankful for the little things in life."                                                                                                                     -Unknown

Do you think so?

I do!
Happiness is not in what you were; or what you want in the coming days- rather the very 'this moment.' The present condition- present state of your well-being- where you are consciously aware of your life and the purpose.

"If you can't stay happy, you can never know- what happiness 'feels' like; in any given scenario."

 Like the famous writer on  self-improvement; Dale Carnegie defines happiness as,"it isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about."

I have always mentioned in my previous posts that,"what you think, matters." Our thoughts completely control the whole system in the body. Our behavior, actions, reactions- all are results of how we make ourselves feel all-the-time!

Can we design a happier and more fulfilling life for ourselves?

Yes, we can!
Listen to the needs of a "happier you:"

Believe me! nobody can make you a 'happier you;' if you don't take the first step; If you don't want to have a happy and satisfied life! This is the reason- I had to take a big leap from where I was- to a 'new' happy me.

I have always tried many ways- to not only make myself a happier person; but continue being a happy me. - with everyday ups and downs; changes and challenges as well as with life's unsolved questions.

I try everything I can to add a purpose and loads of inspiration-to my everyday life. Things that bring me immense joy; activities that can keep me occupied while motivating me to smile and feel good from the inside out; and many more 'favorite stuffs,' to spend time with- specially on the days that aren't going so well. They kind of act as an inspiring layer to my really bad days!

"Staying happy is necessary to continue living."

If you are one among many; who badly wants. Yes! badly wants to feel & stay happy; then come out of your 'current zone' (present state of mind), and take a look around you for the things that can give you comfort and protection. Make a choice, and continue walking towards it- who you think can bring you a smile- may it be a person or an activity. At this time; nothing is more important than 'feeling happy and peaceful.' So go for it, and give a try. 

Stay strong in choosing your happiness; because 'true happiness' matters. 

Try these few ways, to remove everything that blocks your happiness and freedom- of who you are in real life:-

Practice Inner Peace: 

'Making peace' with your present life is the first step towards finding happiness. Realize the needs and reasons to feel complete and satisfied with your present 'you.' Thoughts like; what you did not achieve, or could not achieve; etc. will only trigger anger and dissatisfaction. Still you want to go back and think about some deeply rooted unfulfilled thoughts; or thoughts about insufficient you? Then; you can never be stable in your present condition. 

What I Do- Every time I am distracted by these annoying unhappy thoughts about any incident or person; I try to shut my mind immediately. I try not to call anyone, answer any phone calls, or visit any social network sites for at least that day! I get busy playing with my kid or going out for running or walking; or just spending time with my camera. Sometimes; meditation also helps me to calm my thoughts.

Don't allow people to 'edit' you: 

Every time you open yourself up to people for sympathy, suggestions or advice- know that; you are going to be judged, compared and may be hurt! Others (even your close ones') may not see at 'your' problems- as problems! You will be  showered with advises; and many don't dos'. Many will take this opportunity to  prove that- "you have always done things wrong, and then got into trouble." These reasons are enough to make you sad, depressed, lonely, unsettled and upset.

This does not mean- you should not share your feelings; or the reasons for being the 'unhappy you.' Remember to share with them; who accepts you (even with negative qualities), who encourages you, who believes in you.

What I Do-Even after knowing who is going to make me unhappy and upset; I end up speaking out my problems to them. I was hurt many times and my trust broke several times! That's when I practiced keeping few things up to myself; and share only with them- who knows me and my problems very, very well. I spill out my reasons for feeling unhappy and dissatisfied-only to those people; who are patient enough to understand my scenario. Otherwise; I try to journal it or write it down. This helps me to ease my frustration and to find a way out of it!

If it Really Hurts, 'cry out loud':  

Sometimes; crying out loud (just like a baby) is the best solution to drain out your hurt emotions. Try to do it when you are alone. This will give you a better strength to deal with the problem (s) further, and you will feel 'light at heart.'

What I Do-I always do that; specially when I cannot speak out my problems to anybody!

Have a good opinion of yourself:

Everyone will say something to you, about you; or will see you from their perspective. Important is-how much you know yourself! How you feel about yourself? Do you realize-when you are right and when you are wrong?

If your answer is, 'yes'; I am confident-you can control your happiness too!

Accepting right and wrong about yourself- is another easy path to 'stay happy.' This means; you are aware of the reasons that can trigger any unhappy thought in you!

What I Do-I listen to my close friends or family-about their suggestions, advises; etc. But then I discovered that; they are not always correct! They did their part of- explaining, but I must also understand- where I am right or wrong!

I never used to do that; and later the thoughts about these conversations used to make me very upset. But, slowly I decided to have a good opinion of myself too! and then see where I stand in it!

Only do, what you think-'you can do':

People will (unnecessarily sometimes) challenge you- to do what they can do; or they are good at. But you do not heed to such challenges! Do; what you think- you can do. Do not listen to their negative comments or humiliations. You know what you are good at; so do not wait for approval from others. Stop caring about such people in your life; and understand that- they can only talk about what they know; and you are doing-what you know. And that is enough to shut-their-mouth!

What I Do- I have been a major victim of this situation in my life. Initially; I used to really think that; "I am such a waste! I don't know anything; and about so many things," but slowly I realized- I am better at many things. So why not I concentrate on those areas rather than "beating around the bush!"

I started caring less about what, and who; says what- to me. I am aware of my gifted and cultivated strengths; now!

SHIFT+DELETE Negative Thoughts:

If any kind of negative thought (s) seem to appear in your mind- quickly say it loud to yourself- "shift+delete," and start thinking about something good-"some happy thoughts."

What I Do- I do the same thing! Just change my area of thoughts and focus on good, happy things around me.

Engage your mind in 'creative' activities:

"A creative person knows the best utilization of his or her time." Most of them are crazy about their tasks; so hardly care about results! I feel they are the most *happy people on earth; as they have a 'beautiful purpose' towards life and living (*Some get disappointed when they seriously start chasing success; and stop enjoying what they are doing).

"If you really have a creative wing; open it and fly." I am sure; you will find your purpose- and will also enjoy along the way! Nothing can be as happy as living your dreams; or working towards it!

What I Do- I have a purpose now; and I am working really 'hard' towards it! I keep my options open to do-what I like to do- to keep myself happily busy:)

Building a stronger relationship with yourself; and listening to your needs is so fulfilling. This requires a lot of patience, understanding and eagerness. If you really want to be a 'happy person,' then you are sure to find reasons- to stay and feel happy everyday. Just go with the flow rather than expecting anything!

Taking care of yourself-from the inside out-makes you better each day- and happiness fills your life with success, peace, prosperity and fulfillment.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Beauty Essentials for a New Mom:In My Makeup Bag.

'New mom' and personal care can never go hand-in-hand. Whether you are a 'new' mom for the first time or the fourth; the days and weeks following your baby's birth can be full of pressure and tiring; but also exciting and joyful! And in such days; plenty of rest seems to be the only make-up any new mom would ask for!

I am sure; we all have beautiful experiences and memories as mothers' to newborns; but the first year of our life with the baby is more tiresome than pleasant. Days seem to be better than nights. OK, we cannot spend lot of time for ourselves-once we are mothers,' but I believe; "Living in style is important for every woman in any situation." 

When days seem to be gloomy, challenging and tiring for mothers; a little bit of personal care is the only thing that can help to uplift your mood. 

"I am definitely not asking you moms to go out to the salon or get your nails done; while being away from your new baby. I am sure; it won't be as easy as it sounds. But a little care in looking good- while feeling tired and exhausted, can make you all- feel good!" 

Get up from bed; look yourself in the mirror and say it to yourself;" oh no! I look horrible! I must do something right now!" 

But what and how? Would be your next immediate question. 

I am going to share few of my insights and experiences- as a 'new' mom. I will hope that this will make you feel better and beautiful from the inside than outside:)

"I am a new mother to a boy- for the second time; and I look horrible than my first-time motherhood. My little one is 5 months old now; but I still look miserable as: tired, with outgrown eyebrows, dry and rough hands and heels, no pedicure since two years:(... and still got a tummy that looks like five months pregnant. But I try not to feel low with any of these problems; still sometimes few emotions hit me-as ,"I look so not beautiful and presentable." I try not to compare myself (as always) with other 'new' moms; but again ......

Something I realized- I need to take care of myself-personally; just like a "woman." 

Doesn't matter how you are looking from outside. What is important is-how you want to feel about yourself from inside. 

I learned and started following:-

  • I am still the same beautiful woman-who just need a little simple make-up to feel good about herself.
  • After being a mom, all you can carry with yourself is a heavy overloaded diaper bag. So I decided I can still carry stylish, beautiful wallets instead of stylish bags (that's in my possession). So here's the collection of my favorite ones':)
  • I hardly get time to even comb my hair before leaving the house; so decided will go for a carefree, messy bun style.
  • Then decided to "frame my face;" by wearing stylish earrings-that will make my face stand-out-always-day-or-at night.
  • Always you will find the above beauty essentials in my beauty box-that I carry it everywhere, like: face moisturizer (for day and night), powder foundation and brush, kajal kohl eyeliner crayon, mascara, eos smooth lip balm, lip glosses, and all-time wear favorite plum pink and or 2-3 dark shade lipsticks-that will help me to look better-even without any make-up.
  • I also, always carry a hand cream.
  • And pair up everything with a stylish watch. 
Now, I don't complain about not having time to get-ready and look nice! Rather I carry my beauty essentials (everything) I may need to use anytime, anywhere. 

Moms can have several reason to not -take care of their beauty and personal needs; but finding out ways to feel good- can open the doors of 'possibilities.'

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