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6 Choices That Will Lead You To A Better Life.


"You are your choices."

                                          - Seneca.

"You chose to live;" and that is the biggest choice- you have ever made!

Life is 'definitely' not an easy task; but we still continue to carry on, and complete this task.  Many give-up; and many still continue- with all the ups and downs- that life brings them.

Life is sure; not an easy choice!

Unaware of tomorrow; while carrying the heavy burden of yesterdays'- life goes on- and we decide to live.

In any situation; we always get two choices: to go for it and to not go for it. Deciding what you should do; and why- will help you to make things better.

"Whenever I am stuck in finding out: I try to listen to my inner voice. I get wrong sometimes; and sometimes things get wrong for me. They look something, but the reality turns out to be completely opposite. But I don't give up! There was a time; I used to feel helpless and not blessed; but now I think- I have learned from many experiences that- God is going to give me something much better in my platter (called life)."

"I always had two choices: either continue feeling miserable, by sulking and blaming myself- day and night; or to bury everything right there, and take the next step- where a new life was awaiting."

"By taking small better steps; towards improving my life-one-day-at-a-time; helped me to feel better and be better."

Making some conscious "positive" choices really helps you to change things in your life.

I added the following choices-for my better life, and for my better today and tomorrow. Hope these will help you too!

1. Choose to be available only in your present.

I have always heard people saying,"past is past. Live in your present." But I am sure you will agree with me that,"how hard you try to forget past; past always interferes in your present." 

Every-time you will try to avoid the past memories and incidents- it will haunt you, by disturbing you in the present. So try not to avoid past; rather face it. Be bold enough to find out the reasons-that takes you back 'there!' Understand the reasons and compare it with your present life. I am sure; when you find out the 'difference in life' between- then and now; you will stop traveling back to your past and feel incomplete and unhappy. This will also help you to continue with the changes and challenges (if any that happens your way) in the coming days; and you will remain happily stable-in your present.

2. Choose to free your mind of all the blames, relationship disharmony, disagreements, imperfections and the unnecessary limits.

The moment you empty your mind of all these issues that's cluttering your mind right now; you will be able to think clearly. Try not to blame yourself for everything-that is happening in your life. 

"I realized something from my personal experiences that,"in any relationship disharmony or disagreements-both the people should be blamed-and not just one. One may be more responsible than the other; but both are always responsible for the results." So stop! blaming yourself.

Try at-least once to make things better! If it does not work-out; remember-you need to give some more time. "Certain things and certain relationships get better with time."

So stop overthinking, and start enjoying things, that the moment is offering you.

3. Choose to let go, and find peace for yourself.

Remember: you just have one life; to do more, or see more, and to live more. Worrying and hurting yourself (in any way) won't help you to get over certain things in life. Bring more peace to life. Sacrifice what's right and what's wrong. Nothing is more important than having "true peace and happiness."

"I realized that; I cannot change people, cannot change the way they accept me; cannot change how they behave with me; but I can always let certain things, and certain people go from my life. Let go their thoughts. Let go any negative behavior that makes me unhappy, irritable and tired. Really tired to deal with them and their perceptions."

Make yourself agree with the fact that- you can change yourself, and not people. People don't change. Never! 

4. Choose to honor your purpose and dreams.

Life and circumstances may throw you back and forth; may toss your dreams, and may dump you in a dark state; where you will find no path to move forward or go backward- in your life. That's when you remember the purpose; the dreams-that you have left half-way; or never felt it was important for you! 

That feeling of getting up and going to achieve your goals-your dreams will fuel your strength to make a difference in your life. To be a better and beautiful you!

5. Choose to accept yourself, even with negative qualities.

We don't like so many things and so many people in our life; but we still continue with them. Why? May be because we are dependent upon each other; or may be because we know that, we will still need them. Tell the truth!

We know, they hold a certain space in our heart as well as in our life.
We know that- we too have many negative qualities; but accepting them-helped you to understand better; and you were able to see the difference.
Many don't accept!
Not accepting who you are-in real sense; will only force you to defend for your 'not so right' things. You need not tell anyone who you are; but understanding yourself-both inside and the outside, will make things easier; and you find a way out- to be the happier you!

6. Be unstoppable in improving your life.

Promise yourself: "Nothing is going to stop me- from being the better me." "I want to bring a difference to my health, wellness and living; and I will try my best to continue improving."

Do not stop what you have started; that is bringing in peace, happiness and purpose to your life.

Understand.Start.Continue.Continue Further.A Little More Further.Smile.You are Doing Great.You are Almost There.Relax. Go Again.Stay Unstoppable at Life!


  1. wonderful suggestions and advice....we can never change the way others think about us, but we can learn how to deal with it.

    1. You said that so correct, Ivana! "But we can learn how to deal with it."
      Thank you so much for your lovely words!!

  2. Great sentences and all post <3

  3. I agree 100 percent I have done all of this and I'm happy. With the help of my hubby we have made a life moving towards are dreams we don't let anyone keep us from it. Like the name of my blog Life is only what you make it because in the end you are in control of your life. No one else is and once people get this in their head Life is GREAT! Thanks for the invite. I love your blog!

    1. Thank you very much, Patricia! You are so correct!
      I have always loved your blog name; so inspiring.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being here, today!!

  4. Beautiful post. I love the first one about living only in the present :)

  5. Thank you, Epsita, for another inspiring post. I could relate to what you said. It's really a bold step looking back into what had bugged our lives but then again, there must be some lessons to learn from what had happened. May be making reflections would ease our minds and could make us move on with life. No one's life is a bed of roses. So, we have to be realistic that there are bumps along the way but of course, the choice is in our hands to choose for a better life and a meaningful one.

    Thank you, once again. :)

    1. Thank you so much dear for sharing your thoughts; and I loved it! Thanks much for such a beautiful comment:) Love. Just love to Inspire; and feedbacks like this motivate me to write more and more:)
      Thank you always for being mine one of the precious readers!!
      Love and Kisses:)


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