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Just 5 Steps To A Healthier Relationship This Valentine's Day.


I think; "Love needs to be expressed to be felt." All thanks to the card companies that prints/produces the exact feelings & words; our heart wants to say or hear:)

Especially for a 'shy' person like me; who wants to speak zillions of words; and express how I feel for my love-my husband everyday; but I guess, I always require a special card to express myself. If nothing; just sharing it with him through emails makes me feel better. I can write anything and may be everything; but speaking it out-is a tough task for me! 

Many a time, one can express oneself better by writing than by speaking. "I am one of them!"

Valentine's day is absolutely a perfect day to show- you love and care! Care for the person-who completes you; who makes you feel worth and important in their life; because you two have decided to complete your journey together-in every situation. But I guess; love or friendship requires expressing your feelings.

Whether you are lovers and or are getting married soon; or you are already in a relationship; as husband and wife- do not hesitate to take advantage of such days'. 

"I know that roses, chocolates, gifts, dinner date, a lovely dress, or a perfect Valentine's day celebration pictures of you two on social networks- would be sufficient enough- to show your love and attraction towards each other! But definitely the quiet expression of your love, and the need for each other- today and in all the coming days' would be the "perfect gift" for your partner; for your relationship, to make it grow beautiful and strong!"

Just 5 easy steps; that are enough to announce your love and care for your partner. Try it!

1. Appreciate him/her for every 'best' thing he or she does for you. Say it loud, even if your ego hurts. Let him know that; you observe and care for every small or big thing he does for you- specially any help that comes unexpectedly!

2. Announce your love to him (or her; I will use 'him' in the post) very often. Letting others' know- you love him won't do much. Rather, try to announce it directly to him. Let him know you love him unconditionally and do not need any special occasions; to express it! 

If possible try to say it loud in front of your kids as,"I love your dad so much." They are seeing the value of relationship and understanding it from you both. So, show them the "best in a relationship."

3. Embrace and Respect his 'Strengths', very often:  for who he is, and often value his decisions (at least sometimes). Declare his or her strengths. This shows- you matter in their life. We all have thousands of weaknesses, but realizing our strengths; add meaning to our life and relationship.

Kids will learn to respect their partners in future. Remember: learning begins at home, and they are observing you both!

4. Often celebrate: Whether it's either of your achievement or any success; or may be that, you and or your family just got over any problems- celebrate the joy together. Including your spouse in the celebration will give him or her the confidence and will show the "need for each other."

When you learn to celebrate small victories; you will add a reason (s) to celebrate life and love together.

5. Stop Humiliating and Blaming Each Other: Humiliating each other about  the weaknesses; triggers anger and hatred. You partner or spouse will have no respect for you anymore. Nobody likes to be told that," you are weak in general knowledge; or your math is so weak; etc." We are human-beings, and everybody is blessed with different strengths and weaknesses. But not liking someone just because he or she is not as good as you are in studies; does not justify your earned knowledge.

Respect and accept your partner for their "best" things, best qualities. I am sure, you will find many such good qualities; if you eagerly try to look for it!

Stop playing the blame game with each other! Learn to accept your mistakes, and strengthen your relationship. If one among you does not take these initiatives- you are sure going to lose many things. Yes! Many beautiful things in life! 
Stay blessed together and always. 
Let there be more trust, more need and more care for each other's values and respect; and love will prevail.

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone:)


  1. Really wise tips! Appreciation is sometimes really hard, but important.
    Happy Valentine's day to you:)

    1. Thank you so much!!
      Following your lovely blog now via GFC.

    2. Thank you:) I'm your new follower via GFC too:)

  2. Great educational post!! All the points are very vital. :)
    Happy Val's Day!

    1. Thank you very much for the lovely comment, Danke!!
      Following you now on GFC.

  3. Great tips.Thanks for sharing,it is like a reminder... :)
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Great post! I like this :)
    Following your lovely blog now via GFC.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you very much, Patrycja. Thank you for following!
      Following your beautiful blog on GFC

  5. Interesting post!
    We can follow each other if you will.
    Just let me know)))
    I always follow back!

    1. Thank you very much, Elena!
      Following you now on GFC

  6. Very wise words... and nobody said it was easy... In the meanwhile, do you wanna follow each other, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! Have a wonderful weekend! *

    1. Thank you for your lovely words!! You said it right! It's definitely not easy, but if we try-we can bring a beautiful difference in our relationship!
      Following you now on Bloglovin and GFC.
      Thank you so much and you a great weekend too!

  7. Wonderfully written....and you're right about children observing parents. To children it is really important that their parents get along well. Sometimes it happens people really care about one another but they don't know how to show that's why such romantic celebrations can be really useful.

    1. You are so very true, Ivana! Couples; specially married couples should take advantage of such days and celebrate their love and togetherness:)
      Thank you very much for the lovely comment!


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