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The Day I Stopped Complaining!

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Things looked so different yet peaceful; when I stopped! Stopped looking at the negative happenings; and started focusing on the good things (that was happening at the moment). "I was surprised to find out that my day and life had another side too!;  which we ignore looking at most of the times- the better side! Because we busy our minds and thoughts complaining about the things- that is not working in our it as a wife, mother, friend or may be as an employee!"

Every day may be the same; but there is always something good about each day. When did we last realize the need to focus on the good side of our day? Once we tune our brain to the complaining mode; everything seems to be dissatisfying. Nothing works; and all efforts look meaningless.

"It didn't come as a surprise to me- rather more of a self-realization! I was feeling burdened by my day; grumbling, feeling frustrated, tired and exhausted. All I wanted was, to feel the beauty of my life…

7 Tips to Stay True to Yourself: Embracing Imperfections

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"Staying true to yourself needs a lot of courage;" rightly said. Isn't it!

Accepting yourself with the weaknesses definitely is not not easy! 
"I remember one of my good friends telling me once,"who will accept me with my negative qualities. They are my weaknesses, and I don't want to reveal it to anybody." I am sure she is not alone to think this way! That's why in any HR (Human Resources) Behavioral Interview round too; one of the questions happen to be: "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" And we get confused or stuck in giving the right answers.
Accept that we are humans; and humans don't come as perfect as can be expected! But as long as we can accept ourselves; just the way we are- the level of expectations being a 'perfect man or woman' may just remain unaffected.

"From the day I decided to embrace my imperfections; life got easier for me. I am no more afraid of revealing my true-self to …

Women and Shopping: Style, Fun and Emotions

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Women and shopping are inseparable. In a way; shopping happens to be a woman's 'best friend' in her good days as well as in her bad days. Either it is a style matter or just for pleasure; but most of the times; it is connected to some kind of emotions. Emotions that run high-or-low;  and make a woman run after spending. Lately, "I read an article about 'emotional spending'; and I was not surprised to know the facts (though it was more about the psychological and medical conditions behind emotional spending)." But if you really sit alone and think about it; I am sure; as an woman we will find so many reasons that will explain certain emotions; that drive us to go shopping! 

Please Note: This article is not intended to describe any medical conditions; nor the intention is to hurt any woman's feelings; rather a light-hearted write-up to touch certain areas of emotions- in a woman. 

"I have also mentioned in man…

6 Ways To Stay Positive and Feel More Happy In Your Life.

Feeling Positive is knowing that, "I can see and feel the positive effects of people, places, and circumstances." A conscious acceptance to set our mind free of all complaints and to embrace life as it is!"

Just trying to feel positive only for that moment; will never make you a positive person! Living a positive life needs lots of Ps: Patience, Practice, Peacefulness, Purpose, Passion, Possibilities, and the Power of Gratitude.

Everything starts with the practice; and then stretches to having patience while living your purpose and bringing in peace to life; and keeping the doors open to possibilities and feeling the power of gratitude . It depends where and how you want to start! It is completely your decision; but make sure; the result is feeling 'positively complete' at the end of the day!

These days we read a lot of articles, news and stories on practicing positive thinking and having a positive attitude. Everything remains within; until we finish reading the l…

Everyday Inspiration#5: Stay In Style Even In 'Bad Weather'.

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You don't always need a reason to do everything in your life. You simply do it; because that brings you joy and happiness. That makes you- "you." 

Simply finding reasons to stay beautiful all-day, everyday can be difficult; because all-days are not same. Days are different. Weather can be different. Our mood and taste can be different- and so can be our health, look, age; and life. Everyday matters, specially when we want our days to be happy, fulfilling, fashionable and meaningful. Staying beautiful in these days may seem challenging. But do not give-up on looking beautiful and wearing style-as it matters!

  Before you leave house; look yourself in the mirror and be peaceful to know that,"you are looking gorgeous today-in your way." "I am sure everything else will fall in place as the day will unfold to you!"

Staying inspired to look beautiful and stay beautiful is as important is it to staying healthy and fit! Adore your 'pe…

Everyday Inspiration#4: Ways to Stay Positive in Negative Situations

Hello! Beautiful Readers.

Sorry for writing after a month. I was on vacation; and had lovely time with family and friends. But I missed you all so much! Glad, I am back to my world again.  I had amazing time; as well as miserable time during this gap. Learned a lot from people and experiences. Would like to share one very important topic about-how to deal with negative people and circumstances in everyday life. I tried and applied every possible ways to deal with such people; for only one reason- I wanted to be peaceful and happy from within. I hope these possible ways will help you too!

 "It was again that time in my life- when I was going to face realities; my fears and certain relationships-that was way, way too difficult to settle with, in anyways! But I had no choice but to face those awful situations-again!" 

Every time we go back and face the actual bothering people and circumstances in life; we realize that-days are not going to be easy. "I always knew that; but …