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7 Tips to Stay True to Yourself: Embracing Imperfections

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"Staying true to yourself needs a lot of courage;" rightly said. Isn't it!

Accepting yourself with the weaknesses definitely is not not easy! 

"I remember one of my good friends telling me once,"who will accept me with my negative qualities. They are my weaknesses, and I don't want to reveal it to anybody." I am sure she is not alone to think this way! That's why in any HR (Human Resources) Behavioral Interview round too; one of the questions happen to be: "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" And we get confused or stuck in giving the right answers.

Accept that we are humans; and humans don't come as perfect as can be expected! But as long as we can accept ourselves; just the way we are- the level of expectations being a 'perfect man or woman' may just remain unaffected.

"From the day I decided to embrace my imperfections; life got easier for me. I am no more afraid of revealing my true-self to anybody; because I have become better while travelling through those imperfections! My talents were dominated by my fears and weaknesses."

We live in a society; where we are constantly under pressure of 'faking' ourselves. We cannot show or act- just the way we are-whether at home, or outside! Everyone expect us to act the way-they think is appropriate; and such expectations make us battle with our own selves-"the battle between the true you and the portrayed you." "From the day I decided to lift this fog away of what everyone else want for me; and from me; I became more peaceful. I started accepting myself with all the faults; and this helped me to rediscover a new 'me'."

I hope you may find these steps helpful in accepting yourself just as you are-when you are in the constant struggle of switching places, between being just you; and being what others want you to be:

  1. Find Yourself in Silence:  Every-time you fail to convince yourself-what is right, and what is wrong; spend time just with yourself! Find out what is right, and why? I am sure you will be able to find answers to all your doubts; because nobody else can know you better. Also you will get some time-being just 'you'.
  2. Find Inspirations that inspire you to make good changes in life: "I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."    -Carl Jung.                                                                       Every single day gives us plenty of reasons to be better and feel better. All we need is an eye-that can see the good.  
  3. Alter your beliefs and expectations about yourself and the world: What you believe is what you get. Start seeing yourself  with a different perspective. Know that you cannot be perfect in everything. Hone your qualities- that you are good at and leave the rest. Try to expect what is possible and can be achieved. Concentrate on the good happenings around you; and the good will prevail. What you live; and how you live will determine how your society, surroundings and the world will be!
  4. Surround yourself with the right people: Have a bunch of encouraging and motivating people in your life. Surround yourself with people who makes you feel good-just the way you are; and accepts you honestly; without faking. Find a group of happy and caring people; and learn from them-what life looks like to them!
  5. Accept yourself honestly: Important is, what you think-you are! How you evaluate yourself? Know your negative qualities and see if they hurt or trouble your close ones. Do you think, you need to change them and be better? Have a self-talk quite often!
  6. Find happiness in your present condition: Finding happiness in your present life and in your present job while not letting your negative emotions guide you; will ease your journey towards- a better confident you! Listen to your health, mind and body; when it's time to recharge and feel good. Take short breaks from everyday routines, relax and enjoy as much as you can; before you get back to the same everyday life!
  7. Don't push yourself off limits to just put on a good face: A worst thing anybody would do to please themselves and others; because the effect is unsatisfying and temporary. You cannot act good or very good for someone every day-just to make them happy and pleased with you! Do not push yourself to become- what you are not; or what you think you can never be! The results can be very frustrating.
Find strengths in your weaknesses. Embrace imperfections; and learn yourself more and more each day. God will always open the doors of possibilities; only if you believe that; "a good change is possible." 


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