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Women and Shopping: Style, Fun and Emotions

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Women and shopping are inseparable. In a way; shopping happens to be a woman's 'best friend' in her good days as well as in her bad days. Either it is a style matter or just for pleasure; but most of the times; it is connected to some kind of emotions. Emotions that run high-or-low;  and make a woman run after spending. Lately, "I read an article about 'emotional spending'; and I was not surprised to know the facts (though it was more about the psychological and medical conditions behind emotional spending)." But if you really sit alone and think about it; I am sure; as an woman we will find so many reasons that will explain certain emotions; that drive us to go shopping! 

Please Note: This article is not intended to describe any medical conditions; nor the intention is to hurt any woman's feelings; rather a light-hearted write-up to touch certain areas of emotions- in a woman. 

"I have also mentioned in many of my articles that; shopping happens to be my favorite mood-lifter; and or can be yours too!" No harm in treating yourself quite often! We all have certain wishes and needs-that pushes us to go and buy something for ourselves. Sometimes latest fashion trends attract women to go shopping; and sometimes the building-up worries and frustrations in life. Many a times; purchasing the 'best' and 'unique' things for oneself; usually has its roots in the early childhood experiences. A reminder of certain unfulfilled demands and wishes; that elope and re-appear in our late years. 

When we are kids, or in our teens- we develop so many dreams; and gradually as we begin to grow; our dreams look too-difficult-to-be-true! 

We go through numerous emotions, and find it difficult to control or even understand when we are in our early ages; but things get clear and more easy to understand, as we grow. But I will still say,"shopping for yourself is always the best thing you can do. The best treatment, as every girl and woman deserves to look their best; and feel good at the end-of-the-day." Just that don't get emotionally controlled by spending and shopping too much; but yes! if you can financially-go for shopping; and get the BEST for yourself :):):)

Have A Lovely Shopaholic Weekend Lovelies!


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