Sunday, May 31, 2015

3 Quick Steps To Lift Yourself Up When You Are Feeling Low

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Something was going on! "I didn't know what and why? Where it all started and what triggered such feelings of sadness within me; but I was feeling terribly low this evening." 

"Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace."

                                                                                                          - Joan Borysenko

We can control how we want to feel at that moment; but we often fall into the victim trap of other's thoughts and behavior. We can control ourselves-how we want to react to certain situations; but we can never shut up the other person (especially when their intention is to hurt you, in any possible way)! "I guess I knew the reasons behind feeling this way; but it was difficult for me to accept the fact." "I tried to gather all my emotions and said to myself;"I just want to come out of this, right now!" 

Whenever you feel yourself in such unwanted, unhappy situations; just remind yourself,"nothing and nobody can block your path to 'true' happiness." The closer you get to your painful thoughts and feelings; the sooner you will feel free. 

Face your painful negative thoughts.

We all like to run away from unhappy thoughts, rather than facing them! We know what causes them; but still we never try to accept the facts. All human beings are made up of both negative and positive qualities; but people who can learn themselves better, (in every possible way) turn out to be confident and happy people. They know their true self; and no humiliations, guilt, comparisons or hostility brings down their positive spirit! 

Rather than sharing them with anybody; be honest with yourself. Learn them and spend time understanding the reasons behind those negative emotions. 

When we are lonely, hurt, neglected or misunderstood; the level of stress and anger rises within us. We all crave this feeling of belonging- to be loved and accepted for who we are! But many people don't care for you! They want to rule everywhere and make choices for others too! Stop caring for such people in your life! Accept the fact that; people will not change. So, not caring for their behavior will get you back your peace of mind. 

Change Your Focus, Choose your present act.

"I stood right up, and engaged myself in the physical activity. I started playing with my kids. I took control of myself and decided to think 'happy'." Engaging yourself in happy acts (anything that can bring a smile on your face) can reduce your stress and will create a little space of peace and positivism. Forget who said what; and how they behaved with you. Just remember their 'good acts'; the help they have provided you. This will allow you to 'feel good' about the person at least for that moment!

Count your Blessings

Quickly shut your comparing mode and see the 'beautiful' things before you- that life has blessed you with! Thoughts are created from the way we look at things around us. The frustration about how things should have been; and how it is (right now) develops quickly without any delay. So, try to see and feel grateful for the things that are right there in front of you, like: a complete family, happiness, a job, success, peace at home or within the family members, beautiful/happy kids, sufficient basic necessities, and good health. Just think; how many people you know; have all the above things perfectly perfect? So, feel blessed and show gratitude for all the great good things you have in your life. When you feel satisfied with the things you possess; you will stop feeling miserable and or low.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Go For What You Can!

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"I Can!" How many times have you said this to yourself? "I am sure; too many times!"
"I believe these two words have tremendous power to even make mountains move!" 

Do you feel weak and uncertain; when people tell you,"you cannot do it!" Does your hope shatter by the negative remarks made on your capabilities? If yes, you are no different! We all fear criticisms and failures. Nobody likes being called a loser! "I guess; we need to go for it, and do the things-we think we cannot do!" After all; only our action can speak for us. It is the opportunity; that gives you another chance to rethink before giving up and burring yourself under the burden of shame, guilt and embarrassment.

 Explore the possibilities that is under your control. Try doing what you want to do; and not what others think you cannot do! Challenge yourself; rather than accepting other's challenges for the unwanted, unwilling tasks. Do what makes you happy and you want to do-wholeheartedly! At-least try once; or may be ten times- until you lose interest and your heart says:"I don't think this is what I want to do!" 

We often do things in our life- that are either forced or expected. Listening to the personal call or following heart is a daring step for most of the us; because we can either disappoint ourselves (by not following our dream); or disappoint family (by following our heart). But still; doing what you can do, will earn you satisfaction, peace and happiness in life. 

Quiet often, we try to adjust ourselves to those things in life- where we do not find interest and dedication. The result: failures and heart-breaks are the only returns! So, go for the tasks that adds  value to your talents and confidence. Be sure about your 'can do' attitude and capability. Rest everything will follow!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Handle Rejections with Great Spirits

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"When you are not attached to praise or criticism, an interesting freedom is yours."

                                                                                                                               -Kute Blackson
I couldn't agree more! "Rejection is not the end; rather the 'stop' where you begin again- a new journey to reach your dreams and find your capabilities!" 
Selections and rejections are mere processes; that cannot decide your potential. So do not attach your capabilities to it! You can do even more beyond your imagination.

 If you have been a victim of rejection or failures in the past; and that still hurts you, it is time to realize that- you have come a long way in your journey; and you have already proved your capabilities. Feel proud about the chances and risks you took in life! Definitely a rejection (s) must have had been your motivation- to be; who you are today- in a better way! 

A rejection in a career or in the personal life; both are difficult to accept; and moving on from that point becomes difficult! But if you focus on your tomorrow and try getting out of your critical head; the journey will get easy for you.

I want to share these steps that can help you look for possibilities in rejections, and handle them with ease and confidence:

1. Have A Good Opinion Of Yourself

Your opinion matters! Important is how confident you are; and what you you think about yourself! Learning is an art; and definitely does not require any gold certificates or approved degrees'. If you wish to be the best; get better everyday! Know that," passion is the master of all success."  If you are passionate about what you want to do; or how you want to live- "I am sure; one day you will prove that, rejections that you have had to face in your life were all wrong!" But first; believe in yourself. 

2. Don't Sit Back after a Career Setback

A job loss or a career-related failure can take away all our confidence and faith. But be a fighter! Do not give-up; just because someone did not recognize your potential. You may not be the perfect fit for a job; but that does not mean- you are not qualified enough to do anything else! It is just that; you have been doing things differently than expected. But expectations vary and some people (like me) take time to do the things as expected! 

"I remember feeling ashamed of myself, when I used to fail in doing the required task at work. I even took more time than my peers to do the same work; and my self-confidence used to shatter by such instances! But I am proud to say this today that;I survived in that job, and learnt my way; and even got better than the experienced ones."

 So don't let any failures and or criticisms get your way. It is okay to fall; before you learn to stand again and walk restlessly; towards your goal!

3. Make a Choice from Heart

Although you can never be sure of the future outcomes; still making a decision by following your heart, will give you a sigh of relief that,"you followed your heart!" Where there is love, passion and dedication; sure there will be success!

4. Focus on Positive Aspects of the Situation

Rather than blaming yourself or anybody else; focus more on the positive side of the happening. Keep up your self-esteem; and think what you can do differently. How a change in your approach can help you learn from your failures!  

5. Accept Rejections with Honesty

There is definitely a reason; you have been denied or rejected. Agree. But this is not the end! Nothing should block your attempts! You have plenty of opportunities to work towards your self-improvement! If you really want to stick to a career, or a job- you will give your best-even after being rejected over and over again.

6. Allow Yourself to be Imperfect

Rather being rude, be kind to yourself. Understand that, it is absolutely okay to be not perfectly perfect. Accept your weaknesses and stop being defensive! Important is learning from the failures; and moving ahead. Not everybody can have the guts to be transparent and accept a 'no.' Practice believing in yourself; and you can do anything. Yes, anything you want to do!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Oh So Beautiful!

Hello my lovely moms and daughters! 

Mother's day just went by; and if you still feel that you never got the 'perfect' gift for your mother; here's another chance! What can be more special than 'her' daughter's wedding! 

If you are about to become a bride to be; you can make your day more special by choosing the best 'dress' for your mother too! Let her know that; she holds a special place in your heart-whether yesterday or whether it's tomorrow!

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I have picked few that are my favorites. I am excited to share them with you. Here they are:

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Finding the perfect wedding dress; that works for you, and your family and friends is just like a dream coming true- with a beautiful wedding.

I would love to share few of my favorite flower girl dresses; that I can pick anytime:) Hope you like them!

Which one do you like?

Love and Kisses
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Everyday Inspiration: My Favorites' in Pictures

Hello Lovely Readers!
I hope you all are having a great May! I am having good time too; with few more trips and events coming along....
I want to share few of my favorites so far. Everything in pictures and just no words. Sometimes pictures can be as inspiring as words; and bring great amount of motivation and happiness. Hope you like them!

My Favorite Pink Sunglasses from Ray Ban:)

           Gift from my Daughter on Mother's Day-Priceless! (Left-The drawing shows a 'smiling flower', a 'smiley', and the bottom figure is 'me':)/ Right Picture- Includes my favorite 'princesses stickers' and a 'I LOVE YOU MAMA note')
                          Favorite Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Heart from #Costco

Favorite Nail Colors I got this month (From L to R-Reckless, Attitude, Steel, Gold Medal); and the rest are Tulips (clicked in May 2015)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

7 Ways to Welcome A Happy New Month: New Month, New Tasks and New Me!

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As promised; I am writing this post not just for you, but also for me- as a reminder: "how to welcome the galloping months happily to our life!" Even before we realize; the days disintegrate into weeks, and even before we make plans- a new month replaces the old one in our life. With a new month; we also welcome a new weather!. Therefore, the start of a new month is always a good time to set new goals, to bring more meaning and purpose to everyday life; also the best time to decide upon new tasks and activities. 

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An occasion or celebration is always the best reason (s) to feel good about a month. Besides; a trip, vacation plans and new tasks also keep our spirits high, and help us feel motivated.
"I believe, each month gives us a plenty of opportunities to bring changes in our lives. Another chance to create a new 'us'-in a better way."
We go through numerous changes and challenges- in our everyday living; but life continues- just with a hope that, things will change tomorrow, and days will get better. "I live with the same hope; and so smile every morning, and welcome a new day to my life- a new week and a new month!" Even the most motivated people on earth can feel unmotivated and helpless at times. But life is not about giving-up-in any situation!

I would like to share these 7 steps that can help you welcome a new month, happily to your life- with new beginnings:

1. Planning & Preparation

One of the best ways to feel fresh and inspired is; by preparing for the upcoming events and occasions. If you know that there are no such celebrations next month; then try and plan something for the next month- may be a family or friends get together, or a trip, or may be just a day out with family or friends. Don't  make it big; as it may trigger worries and expenditure, but just a low-budget preparation! Planning and preparing for a big day tomorrow; will always keep you excited and motivated!

2. Go for Creative Tasks

Maximize your creative output. Hone in on what drives you! 

Creativity is definitely something; that I can pick for anything else. Creativity in terms of thinking, writing, and presenting are my favorite tasks; that keep me inspired even in those unpleasant days! I also love clicking pictures, and spending time with my camera allows me to feel good everyday. So I plan for the future days-when I need to write and publish, go out with my camera; etc.

3. Self Improvement 

 Plan for self-improvement activities each month-may it be be physical fitness, education, new course, or may it be just focusing on your hobbies and interests. This will not only keep you engaged, but will also help you stay fresh, active and happy!

4. Sports/Physical Activities

If weather is favorable for you; plan for outdoor sports, tournaments, leagues; with family and friends. Nothing can be more exciting than 'playing.' Physical activities always bring the excitement and encouragement to see life from a beautiful perspective. It helps you get over your regular boredom; as well as from worries and problems!

5. Write down your to-do challenges towards work and family.

Make a list of the changes and improvements (in any way) you can plan; for your family. If you missed doing this month, plan for the next month- and do it! If you want to add new changes; or improve upon the existing ones at work, go for it! Think new. Think Better both for yourself and family.

6. Feel excited about any upcoming movies or books

"This is always exciting for me!" I am sure planing to watch a new movie or purchasing a new book on-the-self; sounds exciting for you too! 

7. Go for a new look

Bring changes (good)  to your life too! Try a new haircut, or a new glasses; or anything that you can think of,  and can include in your look and feel. Plan to buy it now, or the next month. Keep something exciting to treat yourself-every month and feel good from the inside.

Finally, be proud of what you have completed. Feel good and satisfied about spending quality time for yourself and for your family-by taking up the qualitative tasks-that was much needed, but never got attention due to lack of time and interest. Feel the satisfaction of another day well spent, another month well spent!

Do let me know, what was your favorite step?

Wishing You All A Beautiful Smiling Weekend:)

Monday, May 4, 2015

7 Ways to Welcome A Happy New Month: Welcome 'May'

Hello My Awesome Readers!
Wishing you all a warm and beautiful weather; as we have already welcomed 'May' into our life.

Definitely May happens to be one of my favorite months; because it makes me realize of my worth; as I was born in May:):):)...and I totally feel special as being just 'me'. I know many who do not like their birthdays' and never want to celebrate the day; but I have always loved my birth date and the month. The month also brings in a beautiful message that; "summer is here."

"I stepped-in to this month of sunshine and warm days- by having lots of fun outside; with the family. We walked, played; and the best part was: I spent the whole afternoon with my camera, capturing the enchanting beauty of 'spring'."

Sharing few of the clicks with you!

Hope you feel fresh and enticing just like a warm, sunny day.

The start of a new month is always a good time to plan and execute 'new' things in life. Another opportunity to stay motivated and inspired all throughout the 30 days! There can be many reasons to feel not so special about 'just' another month; but I am going to share few ways; you can keep your spirit up and moving! Few tips to welcome a new month to your life; that will do wonders for you- physically and emotionally.

Stay with me to read my next post: "7 Ways to Welcome A Happy New Month: New Month, New Tasks and New Me!"

Do leave me a comment, and let me know; how you welcomed May?

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