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3 Quick Steps To Lift Yourself Up When You Are Feeling Low

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Something was going on! "I didn't know what and why? Where it all started and what triggered such feelings of sadness within me; but I was feeling terribly low this evening." 

"Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace."

                                                                                                          - Joan Borysenko

We can control how we want to feel at that moment; but we often fall into the victim trap of other's thoughts and behavior. We can control ourselves-how we want to react to certain situations; but we can never shut up the other person (especially when their intention is to hurt you, in any possible way)! "I guess I knew the reasons behind feeling this way; but it was difficult for me to accept the fact." "I tried to gather all my emotions and said to myself;"I just want to come out of this, right now!" 

Whenever you feel yourself in such unwanted, unhappy situations; just remind yourself,"nothing and nobody can block your path to 'true' happiness." The closer you get to your painful thoughts and feelings; the sooner you will feel free. 

Face your painful negative thoughts.

We all like to run away from unhappy thoughts, rather than facing them! We know what causes them; but still we never try to accept the facts. All human beings are made up of both negative and positive qualities; but people who can learn themselves better, (in every possible way) turn out to be confident and happy people. They know their true self; and no humiliations, guilt, comparisons or hostility brings down their positive spirit! 

Rather than sharing them with anybody; be honest with yourself. Learn them and spend time understanding the reasons behind those negative emotions. 

When we are lonely, hurt, neglected or misunderstood; the level of stress and anger rises within us. We all crave this feeling of belonging- to be loved and accepted for who we are! But many people don't care for you! They want to rule everywhere and make choices for others too! Stop caring for such people in your life! Accept the fact that; people will not change. So, not caring for their behavior will get you back your peace of mind. 

Change Your Focus, Choose your present act.

"I stood right up, and engaged myself in the physical activity. I started playing with my kids. I took control of myself and decided to think 'happy'." Engaging yourself in happy acts (anything that can bring a smile on your face) can reduce your stress and will create a little space of peace and positivism. Forget who said what; and how they behaved with you. Just remember their 'good acts'; the help they have provided you. This will allow you to 'feel good' about the person at least for that moment!

Count your Blessings

Quickly shut your comparing mode and see the 'beautiful' things before you- that life has blessed you with! Thoughts are created from the way we look at things around us. The frustration about how things should have been; and how it is (right now) develops quickly without any delay. So, try to see and feel grateful for the things that are right there in front of you, like: a complete family, happiness, a job, success, peace at home or within the family members, beautiful/happy kids, sufficient basic necessities, and good health. Just think; how many people you know; have all the above things perfectly perfect? So, feel blessed and show gratitude for all the great good things you have in your life. When you feel satisfied with the things you possess; you will stop feeling miserable and or low.


  1. Great tips, and a great post :)

    Meme xx

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  2. Lovely post sweety... :)

  3. Epsita, these are wonderful and true thoughts... I have not been feeling very happy myself but I learned I was looking for it outside of myself and it needs to come from within... Really good post xox ♡

    1. Thank you so much, Launna! Yes! sometimes we need to discover what going on within us; and only we can find solutions, nobody else can help us get over our emotions/negative feelings- sometimes!
      Thank you for sharing your thought, Dear! Hope you feel your best; soon!
      Love n Kisses!

  4. Bang on!! Very uplifting great great. Thanks for the advise, Espita. :)

    1. Thanks a bunch for such a beautiful feedback, Mavis<3

  5. I agree completly with everything you wrote, come face to face with negative thoughts is sometimes very hard, but really necessary.
    Have a nice day:)


  6. Amazing post my dear <3 !

  7. I do agree that we should always count our blessings. In life we need to build on the positive things...little by little. Nothings comes from nothing, everything comes from if there is some good trait in us, we must develop it ourselves because it can't grow alone.
    what we focus on is what we give energy too...sometimes we need to focus on a bad situation in order to resolve it but often we just need to let go and focus on constructive things and actions.

    1. Very well-said, Ivana! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  8. I think I tend to rely on other people or other things to give me a reason to be happy but at the end of the day I think its yourself who controls your own happiness. You can have nothing, but still choose to be happy. It's just all about putting yourself in a positive frame of mind I think :)

    1. Very true Bryony! Thank you for stopping by, and leaving me a comment!


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