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Everyday Inspiration: My Favorites' in Pictures

Hello Lovely Readers!
I hope you all are having a great May! I am having good time too; with few more trips and events coming along....
I want to share few of my favorites so far. Everything in pictures and just no words. Sometimes pictures can be as inspiring as words; and bring great amount of motivation and happiness. Hope you like them!

My Favorite Pink Sunglasses from Ray Ban:)

           Gift from my Daughter on Mother's Day-Priceless! (Left-The drawing shows a 'smiling flower', a 'smiley', and the bottom figure is 'me':)/ Right Picture- Includes my favorite 'princesses stickers' and a 'I LOVE YOU MAMA note')
                          Favorite Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Heart from #Costco

Favorite Nail Colors I got this month (From L to R-Reckless, Attitude, Steel, Gold Medal); and the rest are Tulips (clicked in May 2015)


  1. Epsita... beautiful pictures... I love those awesome gifts from our children... something for us to always treasure...♡ ... I adore all the flowers, so pretty xox

    1. I agree, Launna..Such gifts are so special:) Thank you so much for the lovely comment.

  2. Wonderful pictures kiss

  3. Lovely images, Epsita. I love your shades and the gift from your girl is priceless. :)

  4. wonderful images of flowers! I love flowers, it always make me happy to see vases full of time. At home, I always make my own floral arrangements and bouquets!

    Those pink sunnies of yours are really nice....and the card your daughter made for you is adorable.

    1. Thank you, dear! wow..that's so cool; because spending time with flowers can automatically make you feel happy from the inside out...thank you so much!!


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