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Go For What You Can!

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"I Can!" How many times have you said this to yourself? "I am sure; too many times!"
"I believe these two words have tremendous power to even make mountains move!" 

Do you feel weak and uncertain; when people tell you,"you cannot do it!" Does your hope shatter by the negative remarks made on your capabilities? If yes, you are no different! We all fear criticisms and failures. Nobody likes being called a loser! "I guess; we need to go for it, and do the things-we think we cannot do!" After all; only our action can speak for us. It is the opportunity; that gives you another chance to rethink before giving up and burring yourself under the burden of shame, guilt and embarrassment.

 Explore the possibilities that is under your control. Try doing what you want to do; and not what others think you cannot do! Challenge yourself; rather than accepting other's challenges for the unwanted, unwilling tasks. Do what makes you happy and you want to do-wholeheartedly! At-least try once; or may be ten times- until you lose interest and your heart says:"I don't think this is what I want to do!" 

We often do things in our life- that are either forced or expected. Listening to the personal call or following heart is a daring step for most of the us; because we can either disappoint ourselves (by not following our dream); or disappoint family (by following our heart). But still; doing what you can do, will earn you satisfaction, peace and happiness in life. 

Quiet often, we try to adjust ourselves to those things in life- where we do not find interest and dedication. The result: failures and heart-breaks are the only returns! So, go for the tasks that adds  value to your talents and confidence. Be sure about your 'can do' attitude and capability. Rest everything will follow!


  1. Epsita... I think we always need to listen to ourselves... we do know what's best for us.. and I agree we need to challenge ourselves to grow ♡ xox

    1. I agree, Launna! I always love to challenge my limits, and I get better that way!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Would you like to follow each other other on G+ and GFC?

    1. Sure! Following you now on G+ and GFC.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Definitely, we've heard those words many times and they sure weren't the last ones. But trust yourself I say and go for what you want :) Thanks for stopping by and adding me on bloglovin as well- just returned the favour :) xx Maja

    1. Thank you, Maja! Very true! We need to trust ourselves, first!

  4. Great post!

    I like it!

    You have a nice blog, with amazing pics!

    I follow you on Google+, maybe you follow me back?

    Have a nice evening!

    xoxo Jacqueline

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely feedback, Jacqueline! Means a lot!!
      Following you now on G+, GFC and Bloglovin

  5. Well said Epsita! It is always better to gauge on what you can achieve and then go for it! Too high an ambition that is out of your skill set is bad too.

    New Post - Boho Chic with an old world Charm - Style..A Pastiche!

    1. I second you, Chaicy! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
      Thank you for being here too!


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