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How to Handle Rejections with Great Spirits

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"When you are not attached to praise or criticism, an interesting freedom is yours."

                                                                                                                               -Kute Blackson
I couldn't agree more! "Rejection is not the end; rather the 'stop' where you begin again- a new journey to reach your dreams and find your capabilities!" 
Selections and rejections are mere processes; that cannot decide your potential. So do not attach your capabilities to it! You can do even more beyond your imagination.

 If you have been a victim of rejection or failures in the past; and that still hurts you, it is time to realize that- you have come a long way in your journey; and you have already proved your capabilities. Feel proud about the chances and risks you took in life! Definitely a rejection (s) must have had been your motivation- to be; who you are today- in a better way! 

A rejection in a career or in the personal life; both are difficult to accept; and moving on from that point becomes difficult! But if you focus on your tomorrow and try getting out of your critical head; the journey will get easy for you.

I want to share these steps that can help you look for possibilities in rejections, and handle them with ease and confidence:

1. Have A Good Opinion Of Yourself

Your opinion matters! Important is how confident you are; and what you you think about yourself! Learning is an art; and definitely does not require any gold certificates or approved degrees'. If you wish to be the best; get better everyday! Know that," passion is the master of all success."  If you are passionate about what you want to do; or how you want to live- "I am sure; one day you will prove that, rejections that you have had to face in your life were all wrong!" But first; believe in yourself. 

2. Don't Sit Back after a Career Setback

A job loss or a career-related failure can take away all our confidence and faith. But be a fighter! Do not give-up; just because someone did not recognize your potential. You may not be the perfect fit for a job; but that does not mean- you are not qualified enough to do anything else! It is just that; you have been doing things differently than expected. But expectations vary and some people (like me) take time to do the things as expected! 

"I remember feeling ashamed of myself, when I used to fail in doing the required task at work. I even took more time than my peers to do the same work; and my self-confidence used to shatter by such instances! But I am proud to say this today that;I survived in that job, and learnt my way; and even got better than the experienced ones."

 So don't let any failures and or criticisms get your way. It is okay to fall; before you learn to stand again and walk restlessly; towards your goal!

3. Make a Choice from Heart

Although you can never be sure of the future outcomes; still making a decision by following your heart, will give you a sigh of relief that,"you followed your heart!" Where there is love, passion and dedication; sure there will be success!

4. Focus on Positive Aspects of the Situation

Rather than blaming yourself or anybody else; focus more on the positive side of the happening. Keep up your self-esteem; and think what you can do differently. How a change in your approach can help you learn from your failures!  

5. Accept Rejections with Honesty

There is definitely a reason; you have been denied or rejected. Agree. But this is not the end! Nothing should block your attempts! You have plenty of opportunities to work towards your self-improvement! If you really want to stick to a career, or a job- you will give your best-even after being rejected over and over again.

6. Allow Yourself to be Imperfect

Rather being rude, be kind to yourself. Understand that, it is absolutely okay to be not perfectly perfect. Accept your weaknesses and stop being defensive! Important is learning from the failures; and moving ahead. Not everybody can have the guts to be transparent and accept a 'no.' Practice believing in yourself; and you can do anything. Yes, anything you want to do!


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