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7 Ways to Welcome A Happy New Month: New Month, New Tasks and New Me!

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As promised; I am writing this post not just for you, but also for me- as a reminder: "how to welcome the galloping months happily to our life!" Even before we realize; the days disintegrate into weeks, and even before we make plans- a new month replaces the old one in our life. With a new month; we also welcome a new weather!. Therefore, the start of a new month is always a good time to set new goals, to bring more meaning and purpose to everyday life; also the best time to decide upon new tasks and activities. 

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An occasion or celebration is always the best reason (s) to feel good about a month. Besides; a trip, vacation plans and new tasks also keep our spirits high, and help us feel motivated.
"I believe, each month gives us a plenty of opportunities to bring changes in our lives. Another chance to create a new 'us'-in a better way."
We go through numerous changes and challenges- in our everyday living; but life continues- just with a hope that, things will change tomorrow, and days will get better. "I live with the same hope; and so smile every morning, and welcome a new day to my life- a new week and a new month!" Even the most motivated people on earth can feel unmotivated and helpless at times. But life is not about giving-up-in any situation!

I would like to share these 7 steps that can help you welcome a new month, happily to your life- with new beginnings:

1. Planning & Preparation

One of the best ways to feel fresh and inspired is; by preparing for the upcoming events and occasions. If you know that there are no such celebrations next month; then try and plan something for the next month- may be a family or friends get together, or a trip, or may be just a day out with family or friends. Don't  make it big; as it may trigger worries and expenditure, but just a low-budget preparation! Planning and preparing for a big day tomorrow; will always keep you excited and motivated!

2. Go for Creative Tasks

Maximize your creative output. Hone in on what drives you! 

Creativity is definitely something; that I can pick for anything else. Creativity in terms of thinking, writing, and presenting are my favorite tasks; that keep me inspired even in those unpleasant days! I also love clicking pictures, and spending time with my camera allows me to feel good everyday. So I plan for the future days-when I need to write and publish, go out with my camera; etc.

3. Self Improvement 

 Plan for self-improvement activities each month-may it be be physical fitness, education, new course, or may it be just focusing on your hobbies and interests. This will not only keep you engaged, but will also help you stay fresh, active and happy!

4. Sports/Physical Activities

If weather is favorable for you; plan for outdoor sports, tournaments, leagues; with family and friends. Nothing can be more exciting than 'playing.' Physical activities always bring the excitement and encouragement to see life from a beautiful perspective. It helps you get over your regular boredom; as well as from worries and problems!

5. Write down your to-do challenges towards work and family.

Make a list of the changes and improvements (in any way) you can plan; for your family. If you missed doing this month, plan for the next month- and do it! If you want to add new changes; or improve upon the existing ones at work, go for it! Think new. Think Better both for yourself and family.

6. Feel excited about any upcoming movies or books

"This is always exciting for me!" I am sure planing to watch a new movie or purchasing a new book on-the-self; sounds exciting for you too! 

7. Go for a new look

Bring changes (good)  to your life too! Try a new haircut, or a new glasses; or anything that you can think of,  and can include in your look and feel. Plan to buy it now, or the next month. Keep something exciting to treat yourself-every month and feel good from the inside.

Finally, be proud of what you have completed. Feel good and satisfied about spending quality time for yourself and for your family-by taking up the qualitative tasks-that was much needed, but never got attention due to lack of time and interest. Feel the satisfaction of another day well spent, another month well spent!

Do let me know, what was your favorite step?

Wishing You All A Beautiful Smiling Weekend:)


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