Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cleanse Your Mind By Cleaning Your Closet

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"I know I have not posted for a while; and the whole June passed by! I had certain priorities, and decided I will take things slowly. I know, I had to 'let go' so many things-that I am unhappy about; but sometimes we need to make choices and pick our priorities in life-even though it's hard:(.....But I promise to be active (with posting my articles) in the coming months. So stay with me, and a big Thank You to my Lovely Readers for being there all-the-time in my life. You all mean a lot to me. Thank you always!!

"Lately when (as very often) I was busy cleaning my closet- I was struck with some deep thoughts. Thoughts that felt like; I had visited before! This got me thinking.....what was in my life that was nothing but unwanted, untouched clutters? Just the way our closets need to be often organised and cleaned; we need to organize matters and issues in our every day life too! May be a little more patience and hope can make things better? We spend our days by ignoring matters, or by giving too much attention to some unwanted matters. Even if it seems like the problem (s) has been resolved; most of the times we suffer with the remaining subdued emotions. We need to deal with them quiet often! A small approach to unclutter your mind, by getting rid of the unwanted emotions and feelings can help.

Trying to get rid of the things you loved may seem like a difficult decision, but it is necessary. "I had so many such dresses and accessories, I wanted to give-away or donate; but it was hard for me to decide! I still wanted to keep them (even though I did not like to use them anymore). Similar with the thoughts and emotions: "though we do not want to visit them anymore, we still keep it." 

"Releasing anything that no longer defines us is the best thing we can do- to create a 'new' meaningful life for ourselves." 

We do not have to live by the rules (all-the-time)-as it applies to fashion! A little change sometimes can make us feel better. All you need to know is-how to present it (approach it personally) differently. Like in your 40s, you can still wear your favorite 'treasured' skinny jeans with a long tunic or top; rather than wearing any mummy jeans. Even though it may not define your age-appropriate personality, but still it is okay to feel better with your "creative closet"; rather than turning conventional. But it is also important to focus on what is important in life/or in your closet, and let-go the rest. A calm, organized mind (even closet) shows, you are ready for changes: to include new, better things in your life. It also shows that; you are sure about your choices and any upcoming challenges (occasions). You know what, and why you need them!

Just a simpler way to decide and or face things- when you stay organized. Most of the times; much of our clutter is due to the reason that,"we can't let go!" But learning to sort them out and organize is often necessary- to feel happy and relaxed, to be more peaceful, to clear your mind!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Give Yourself Permission

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We often hide our true-self behind the daily highlighted presentations of ourselves.

Why cannot we give our self permission to be who we are?
When people and circumstances take a toll on us; we should slow down and breathe life. We should give ourselves permission to take life in a easy way- more relaxed way. Do not rush through life. Accept changes-that come along, and flip through each chapters (of life) slowly. 
We all face our own battles in life. And dealing with them our way; will create confidence and the courage to face any such problems in future. Not giving-up is the key!

Allow yourself to laugh out loud, to cry when you need to, to fail, to fall apart, breakdown, and get back up again, permission to be different and unique your way, permission to go too far and reach your dreams.

When you have a positive outlook in life; more positive and amazing things happen! Allow yourself to make mistakes, be the 'imperfect you', fail to succeed and make mistakes (again and again) to learn and grow. "Your life is your deal." How you want your life to be- should be completely your decision. No one will ever be successful in scoring from your life. A low score in studies; or in life will not show you as a loser; rather a fighter. A fighter who is more concerned about reaching her dreams; rather than sitting and counting her wins and losses! As rightly said by Brandon Steiner, "play the game, not the score."

"I feel suffocated when I have to hide my true self and portray a different me." Sometimes we just have to be calm and let the storm inside us (that make us act in a weird way many times) settle down-without affecting our identity and attitude. Let the changes and challenges around us happen unaffectedly! Give yourself permission to react to them; and sometimes go without any reactions.

"I have found some beautiful practices to breathe life"- 

1. Give Yourself Permission to be Imperfect.

Feel your negative feelings and heal them first. Do not run away from negative comments and remarks. Face them with courage! because you are soon going to add them to your experiences/learning towards success. Care less about other's opinions. Care for who you are today; and what you want to become tomorrow. Yes! "I give myself permission to be called anything, but not a perfectionist- even if it paralyzes my thoughts and actions of accepting 'me' in a more positive way. Allow yourself to accept-"I don't know." It is absolutely okay to not know everything and or be "perfect."

2. Give Yourself Permission to Not Feel Beautiful. 

Let your skin under your make-up show-up sometimes! Feel the real you amidst crowd. Give yourself permission to feel under the weather sometimes. It is okay to not feel yourself-all-the-time! Just relax and take it slow!

3. Give Yourself Permission to Not Follow and Go On A Detour.

Choose your own path. You may be wrong one-time; but not every time. Listen to your mind and body. Do what you think is right for you. Do not follow rules. Create yours' for yourself!

4. Give Yourself Permission to Be Available For Yourself. 

Be present  for your needs. Avoid places, people and events-that does not make you feel good and happy. Stop forcing yourself to be present everywhere, or do everything. Choose your actions.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

4 Beauty and Feel Good Essentials For Any Woman

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Hello My Beautiful Readers!
Here I am again with another 'style and beauty' post!
Whether we like to accept it or not; we are a part of the society, where we are first judged by our look and appearance, and then by anything else! Keeping up with the miracles of feeling beautiful and looking great- everyday requires a lot of effort! But above all; the fulfillment of staying beautiful forever can only be accomplished, when we feel 'great' about ourselves- from the inside too! Sometimes the huge possession of beauty products, trending shoes and clothes and or most expensive body creams' and perfumes- also cannot make us -stand-out in the crowd; when we have had been feeling hateful about ourselves!
"I often (I am sure 'you' must be also sometime, somewhere) get carried away by the latest style and fashion-I see in stores, in the fashion blogs, or on the Internet; but everything is not made for everybody." We are all blessed with different physical features; and owning the right 'one' for yourself -can make things easier.

"I am not a fashion and beauty expert; but I have my own findings and takes- when it comes to style and beauty tricks! I like to dress smart and look attractive in my 'comfortable' way!" After all "fashion is all about feeling comfortable in your skin and body."

"I wish to look my best, every time I go out; but there are days when I fail to keep up with my make-up or perfect dress, or with looking beautiful and smartly dressed, to say!" This is a post for such days-  when a new trendy top or a bright lipstick; and or a stylish pair of shoes does not do any wonders; these 'feel good' essentials will work magical to give you a lift or a better feeling instantly!
This is a post for those days; when even your concealer fails to conceal the unexpected appearances on your face; and  a lipstick will be the wrong choice to hide your dark blisters on the lips! This post is about the days when a new haircut (extremely excited to go for a new haircut) turns out to be the most hated decision ever made!

Here I am sharing the essential beauty and style must-haves for every woman; that can lead you to a mindful approach to looking and staying beautiful- just your way:-

1. Staying Confident.

Stay confident about your picks and tastes; because that is the choice (s) you have made for your personal style- and it matters! It may not be alluring for others', but your confidence should be such that; it can create a fashion trend. 

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Feeling confident in your clothes is the first step towards feeling stylish! There will be days when you would want to look effortlessly stylish and attractive without doing much; but you won't be confident about picking the right dress! In such occasions; trust your instinct and go for it. Have a confident smile on your face and feel good from the inside out. Wear that enchantment aura and be confident! You may be the one 'looked at last' in a party; but people will still feel the confidence and kind vibes-you have left behind you.

2. Feeling Comfortable in Your Body and Skin

Love your body with imperfections. You may not have perfect long hairs or perfect lips or the perfect body shape; but you are uniquely beautiful. You have many other beautiful features, that others are not blessed with! "I know some of my friends, who do not wear flip-flops/sandals/slippers; just because they think, they do not have beautiful feet." Running from your insecurities will only make things worse for you. It will bring down your confidence and self-esteem. Feel comfortable to accept them with confidence. And you will never feel embarrassed and uncomfortable to show it up. Accept your body and skin-just the way it is; and feel good.

"I may not be comfortable in wearing dresses or tops-that are sleeveless; but I am good at pulling things together than can make me look more chic and stylish (while feeling all covered)." This is how you should feel everyday. 

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Create a style statement that fits your body and skin- and look great! "I love to collect inspirations (in style and fashion) from others; and bring it all-together and create something new for myself. Sometimes they turn out great and I receive lots of appreciations and wonderful comments; and sometimes they turn out worst. But I don't give-up; because I enjoy creating for myself-my personal style; and I have seen girls and women following them too:):)"

3. Loving yourself

Love to see your-self in front of the mirror -every day! When you love and respect your beauty, body and skin- people are must to follow! Loving yourself in any situation, will ease your worries for unexpected problems. 

Like a month back; "I  had developed fever blisters in and around my lips, resulting in darkened lips. I was feeling embarrassed to even keep my face up in front of people. And above all, we were going on a trip for the long weekend. I realized; hiding my lips and staying away from pictures won't settle the problem. I need to face it, and stop pretending to hide it from others. The worst feeling was also due to the reason that; I won't be able to flaunt my new lipsticks, I had planned for the trip." But I realized; beauty is all about feeling beautiful and good at any given situation-whether good or bad, planned or unplanned. Once you love yourself, true style will come naturally and effortlessly. 

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4. Regardless of age, shape and skin tone; get back you style mojo.

Learning the tricks and tips to style for your age, shape or skin is just fun. Don't follow trends. Do not follow stringent rules. Just buy yourself things; that will make you look beautiful and or attractive.  Learning to create personal styles is not a daunting task!  All you have to do is; be your own stylist and take pictures to compare- the before and after results. Find flattering and affordable styles, that will make you stand-out! Take baby steps towards improving (if you want to), or adapting new styles and trends in fashion. "I am sure; you will get better each day." This will also help you to understand your body, shape and the size. Find the inspiration to perpetuate your own style. Learn. Create. Adopt. Style and Flaunt.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

6 Life-Changing Lessons Learned From The Last Month

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There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy; but one of the strongest reason is; "staying happy for no reason." When we attach our happiness to different reasons, we are sure to feel sad and worried, when changes occur in our life!

"I have had learned from my past experiences that, nobody can make you happy- when you don't want to; and when you decide to stay happy- nobody can block it!"

As I mentioned in my previous post; that every month is like a new opportunity- to do what you could not do in the last month; and to be a 'new' you- with good personal care and personal growth. 

From June 2015 onward; I am going to share my learning and reflections (in terms of personal achievement, growth & lessons learned) from the previous month. I will write this post by the beginning of every month. In this way; I would also be able to remember my uncompleted tasks.

Looking forward to share more inspiration and positive vibes with you all- so that you live more happily and purposefully everyday!

Here are the 6 reasons that left me happy as well as sad, last month; but every experience gave me good amount of wisdom:

1.  The more you look for bad in someone; the more it will show up. 

"I realized that when I saw the good side of the person and ignored everything else- there was hope! Hope to have good relationship. Hope to be together again, as friends and; hope to see her getting better with me some day(here "she" is one of my friends). 

2. Change your habits one-at-a-time.

Don't rush to see changes in you immediately! Changes take time to happen- and specially good ones! Take it slow; and if it does not work-out the first time-breathe and repeat. You cannot be a completely positive and 'perfect' person in one day. Practice and have patience."I am taking it slowly and happily."  As long as you are open to growth; there is definitely hope!

3. Children teaches us many things.

We often see our childhood in our kids. The best way to live that life again- is by 'growing' young again with your kids. Feel your dreams with them. Touch and feel life's simple pleasures with them. Let them hone your talents and skills- by involving you in their tasks. Allow them to let you know- what you are doing right, and what is wrong!

4. Strong Relationships are built on understanding each other's need and creating more quality  space for each other.

The more you will allow your partner to live his or her life with pleasure (without declaring any limits)- the more respect you will develop for each other. Remember to have quality time with each other; but also spending some good-time with your friends. Friends, outdoor physical activities, personal interests; etc also matter in life-even after marriage! So practice to balance life with your spouse as well as with your friends and family.

5. Everyday brings something good for you

"I go to bed every night with this hope that; tomorrow is a new day for me. A new start and another opportunity to set things right-in life." There is definitely something good in each day-feel it and live it!

6. Love Yourself first.

"I know; I sound selfish." But this is true: A person who doesn't care about oneself; can never care for others. Taking care of our physical and emotional well-being is the fuel that helps you run for this life. When you understand the need to respect your dreams and passion- you will realize; how important it is for the other person too! 

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