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Cleanse Your Mind By Cleaning Your Closet

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"I know I have not posted for a while; and the whole June passed by! I had certain priorities, and decided I will take things slowly. I know, I had to 'let go' so many things-that I am unhappy about; but sometimes we need to make choices and pick our priorities in life-even though it's hard:(.....But I promise to be active (with posting my articles) in the coming months. So stay with me, and a big Thank You to my Lovely Readers for being there all-the-time in my life. You all mean a lot to me. Thank you always!!

"Lately when (as very often) I was busy cleaning my closet- I was struck with some deep thoughts. Thoughts that felt like; I had visited before! This got me thinking.....what was in my life that was nothing but unwanted, untouched clutters? Just the way our closets need to be often organised and cleaned; we need to organize matters and issues in our every day life too! May be a little more patience and hope can make things better? We sp…

Give Yourself Permission

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We often hide our true-self behind the daily highlighted presentations of ourselves.
Why cannot we give our self permission to be who we are?
When people and circumstances take a toll on us; we should slow down and breathe life. We should give ourselves permission to take life in a easy way- more relaxed way. Do not rush through life. Accept changes-that come along, and flip through each chapters (of life) slowly. 
We all face our own battles in life. And dealing with them our way; will create confidence and the courage to face any such problems in future. Not giving-up is the key!

Allow yourself to laugh out loud, to cry when you need to, to fail, to fall apart, breakdown, and get back up again, permission to be different and unique your way, permission to go too far and reach your dreams.

When you have a positive outlook in life; more positive and amazing things happen! Allow yourself to make mistakes, be the 'imperfect you', fail to succeed and make m…

4 Beauty and Feel Good Essentials For Any Woman

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Hello My Beautiful Readers!
Here I am again with another 'style and beauty' post!
Whether we like to accept it or not; we are a part of the society, where we are first judged by our look and appearance, and then by anything else! Keeping up with the miracles of feeling beautiful and looking great- everyday requires a lot of effort! But above all; the fulfillment of staying beautiful forever can only be accomplished, when we feel 'great' about ourselves- from the inside too! Sometimes the huge possession of beauty products, trending shoes and clothes and or most expensive body creams' and perfumes- also cannot make us -stand-out in the crowd; when we have had been feeling hateful about ourselves!
"I often (I am sure 'you' must be also sometime, somewhere) get carried away by the latest style and fashion-I see in stores, in the fashion blogs, or on the Internet; but everything is not made for everybody." We are all blessed with diffe…

6 Life-Changing Lessons Learned From The Last Month

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There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy; but one of the strongest reason is; "staying happy for no reason." When we attach our happiness to different reasons, we are sure to feel sad and worried, when changes occur in our life!

"I have had learned from my past experiences that, nobody can make you happy- when you don't want to; and when you decide to stay happy- nobody can block it!"

As I mentioned in my previous post; that every month is like a new opportunity- to do what you could not do in the last month; and to be a 'new' you- with good personal care and personal growth. 

From June 2015 onward; I am going to share my learning and reflections (in terms of personal achievement, growth & lessons learned) from the previous month. I will write this post by the beginning of every month. In this way; I would also be able to remember my uncompleted tasks.

Looking forward to share more inspiration and positive vibes with you al…