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6 Life-Changing Lessons Learned From The Last Month

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There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy; but one of the strongest reason is; "staying happy for no reason." When we attach our happiness to different reasons, we are sure to feel sad and worried, when changes occur in our life!

"I have had learned from my past experiences that, nobody can make you happy- when you don't want to; and when you decide to stay happy- nobody can block it!"

As I mentioned in my previous post; that every month is like a new opportunity- to do what you could not do in the last month; and to be a 'new' you- with good personal care and personal growth. 

From June 2015 onward; I am going to share my learning and reflections (in terms of personal achievement, growth & lessons learned) from the previous month. I will write this post by the beginning of every month. In this way; I would also be able to remember my uncompleted tasks.

Looking forward to share more inspiration and positive vibes with you all- so that you live more happily and purposefully everyday!

Here are the 6 reasons that left me happy as well as sad, last month; but every experience gave me good amount of wisdom:

1.  The more you look for bad in someone; the more it will show up. 

"I realized that when I saw the good side of the person and ignored everything else- there was hope! Hope to have good relationship. Hope to be together again, as friends and; hope to see her getting better with me some day(here "she" is one of my friends). 

2. Change your habits one-at-a-time.

Don't rush to see changes in you immediately! Changes take time to happen- and specially good ones! Take it slow; and if it does not work-out the first time-breathe and repeat. You cannot be a completely positive and 'perfect' person in one day. Practice and have patience."I am taking it slowly and happily."  As long as you are open to growth; there is definitely hope!

3. Children teaches us many things.

We often see our childhood in our kids. The best way to live that life again- is by 'growing' young again with your kids. Feel your dreams with them. Touch and feel life's simple pleasures with them. Let them hone your talents and skills- by involving you in their tasks. Allow them to let you know- what you are doing right, and what is wrong!

4. Strong Relationships are built on understanding each other's need and creating more quality  space for each other.

The more you will allow your partner to live his or her life with pleasure (without declaring any limits)- the more respect you will develop for each other. Remember to have quality time with each other; but also spending some good-time with your friends. Friends, outdoor physical activities, personal interests; etc also matter in life-even after marriage! So practice to balance life with your spouse as well as with your friends and family.

5. Everyday brings something good for you

"I go to bed every night with this hope that; tomorrow is a new day for me. A new start and another opportunity to set things right-in life." There is definitely something good in each day-feel it and live it!

6. Love Yourself first.

"I know; I sound selfish." But this is true: A person who doesn't care about oneself; can never care for others. Taking care of our physical and emotional well-being is the fuel that helps you run for this life. When you understand the need to respect your dreams and passion- you will realize; how important it is for the other person too! 


  1. Thanks for sharing, such an inspirational post.

  2. Beautiful post. ^^
    New outfit is online...

  3. Couldn't agree more with all these lessons learned. Especially 5 and 6.
    Some days are good and some days are not. I guess we just have to look on the bright side
    of things and realize that there's always tomorrow. Be optimistic then you'll find great things in little things.
    Seriously, loving yourself is the most important thing in life. And I don't think that's being selfish.
    If you don't love who you are in the first place, then don't expect someone expressing it to you. Right??
    I think I got carried away, I just love your post! :)

    Much love

  4. You are right, we should learn from children so many good things, especially enjoying life, they are perfect in this. And yes, we have to be selfish a little and love yourself firstly then we are able to care about others.


  5. that was a very nice read Epsita :) thanks for sharing!!

    Following you now :)


    1. Thanks a lot, Tanuja. Your positive feedback made my day! Thanks much!!

  6. Great pictures kiss

  7. These are very good. The first and the last one I came across a few times, definitely agree on both advices :) xx Maja

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you very much! Thank you for stopping by today....xx


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