Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Create. Belong. Live. Recreate

Have you been lately yearning for a space that speaks your passion? Or something that speaks your fashion? Your love for the books, make up and beauty products; or your madness about lipsticks, jewelry, shoes, bags, and many more such 'hoardings'! 

Sometimes we just want to create a dedicated space for our mind, body and soul- where we can unwind, enfold and fly with our imaginations and dreams. "I am sure, you must be waiting to create that 'special' corner (just for yourself) in your house!" Life gets easy when we learn the tricks behind decluttering and then organizing- even for matters (in life) that tend to worry us.

Create a space, where you can belong, and give your life another chance to live, breathe and get easy with everything else. If you feel this idea really works and it gives you reasons to 'love your life' again, then give it a try and recreate another such space for yourself; and do it quiet often! Make time and space for your few 'special' needs in life. Find the sacred in life! A space that makes you feel empowered, in control of your life, protected and peacefully different than anything else in the world!

Here are 6 reasons why you need to create such creative inspiring space for yourself:

1. Use it as your creative corner for all your creative works like; writing, reading, art, fashion illustrations, crafts, DIY experiments, or just to inspire your every-days.

2.  Use it as a place that is particularly peaceful or meaningful- like; relaxing while curling up with tea in your favorite chair, meditation, library, fashion corner, a 'hush' room to declutter your mind for clarity, focus, peace and balance.

3. Use it as a 'powerful' creative space that can ignite your passion and that open doors of your possibilities and capabilities.

4. Personalize this space. Feel good that you have some space in your life- that is just yours and you rule over it! Surround yourself with decor you like, your creations, with inspiring quotes that inspire you and offer you more motivation. This should be your favorite place for work as well as for inspiration.

5. Exclusive space for displaying your artwork, photography projects/work, beauty and make up products; anything you wish to see and feel happy day-and-night; use the area for displaying your interests.

6. Use it as your work space (in the house) where the magic of thinking, writing, planning, executing and scribbling magic can happen.

 Let your space shout the creativity within you , while making you cozy at the same time. A space that helps you to express, inspire and create; and bring out the best in you!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

21 Things To Do To Make Your Day More Exciting

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When was the last time you craved for "me" time and spent a day- just for yourself, with yourself? We all wish for such days, don't we? We all want to feel loved and live life in love and peace. And this true feeling of happiness and mindfulness should come from within! We should do whatever we can to reduce everyday stress and create a meaningful living for yourself.

Whether connecting with nature or connecting with yourself; a mindful connection is a must for all of us- once in a while! Take-a-break from your everyday routine and feel life! Doesn't matter whether you are planning to take a break from your work, or from household chores and responsibilities; all that is important is a -complete peaceful me time. 

Take small steps towards improving your life-one-day-at-a-time. The best way to start is- just start! 

Make yourself available for your needs!

"I know what you are thinking right now! How to do it; when you have too many responsibilities and expectations." Just start by making each day (with daily routines) more meaningful and lively. "I was surprised to acknowledge the kind of things (that makes us happy and satisfied) we can do in just a single day!" 

The following list of 21 things that you can-do in a day was really exciting for me! I hope it will be useful for you too:

1. Start your day a little different than usual.

Suppose you have been getting up too early in the morning; try to wake up late this time. Take more rest, and give yourself a "break" from usual routine mornings. If you like to hit the gym or doing yoga every morning; try going for a brisk walk and connect yourself with the beautiful serene surroundings. Today just make yourself a cup of tea/coffee (just the way you like) rather than depending upon herbal/green tea.

2. Drool over some good books and or fashion & beauty magazines to keep you inspired the rest-of-the-day.

This will keep you inspired to stay beautiful and attractive all-day-long. Also starting your day with some good books will keep you motivated at work, or at home.

3. Treat Yourself and family with the favorite meals.

A happy tummy will attract more happy and positive thoughts; even if you are feeling stressed!

4. Count your glasses of water.

Try to make your body feel better at-least for a day, by drinking lots of water and staying hydrated.

5. Get ready (even when you are just at home) as per "inspired by"  fashion or make-up.

This will help you prepared for the next day stresses and or challenges, because you have already chosen your outfit or make-up for the next day (s).

6. Sign-off from all social networks and emails.

 Have a day without internet, and connect more with yourself , family and kids. Being  available on chat or over phone not only "eats your time," but also brings-in more stress and negative feelings. So live a day without  any kind of electronic gadgets. Kids will learn from you too!

7. Connect with "green."

If possible be more outside for a day! Play, bike, have a small family picnic, or just sit quietly and breathe-in more fresh air amid green grass, tress and blue sky.

8. Harness Your Creativity (Passion)

Be it drawing and coloring, arts and crafts, or photography. Just spend time with what you like doing; or have been thinking of doing it lately.

9. Write down your best (happy) moments from the last month or in the present.

Journaling may be the last thing in your to-do-list (like me). So utilize this break for writing down your favorite moments- you want to read and remember forever.

10. Have a long soak bath time.

Feel your body, feel more relaxed and calm by taking bath a little longer than usual. "I am sure you will agree with me that, bathroom is the most peaceful area in the house." All you need to do is just- lock yourself behind the door and relax:):)...think, dream or take a short quick powerful nap. Recharge your senses to take any stress from the rest of the day!

11. Buy yourself flowers and decorate them in a vase.

Looking at the flowers itself can fill your day with more beauty and freshness. They are such a great medium of unspoken emotions, yet powerful source of liveliness!

12. Watch a new or your favorite movie.

Spending a day watching movie (s) is so interestingly relaxing. Believe me! "I love marking such days - just for myself."

13. Spend quality time in a bookstore.

If you are a bookworm; I am sure you will love this idea. But if you are not, still try and browse the different kinds of magazines, kid's books and pick some interesting ones for yourself. The ambiance within a bookstore happens to be so empowering that; "I am sure, you will end up spending the whole day there." There is some unseen magical powers in books, that can keep you captivated for hours and days altogether!

14. Clean the kids toy room.

Yes! "You heard me! I am not crazy to tell you to do this, but this has helped me." Kid's rooms and toy rooms are the most messiest rooms in a house. If you can keep it clean, know that you have cleaned your house. "I like doing this once in a while; because this way I feel the connection between me, my kids and their toys. I get to know their likes and dislikes. I also find out their interests!"

15. Try on your newly bought jewelries (any).

This way you can stay prepared for any upcoming events and occasions. Try them with different outfits and see what goes well with that! Once you like the look; take selfies and save the look.

16. Use a new and soft bed sheet and then hit the bed.

The bed happens to be the most special furniture in your house- that you would like to cuddle in anytime! Keep it neat, soft and beautiful by using beautiful patterned, soft, silk sheets, and feel wonderful. With a nice and beautiful bed, you are sure going to sleep well and have good dreams!

17. Read a new genre of book.

This may be boring! But what if you find it exciting? Trying a new genre can be challenging and equally a mindful decision; but do not hold yourself in trying out new things. Who knows; if it turns out to be really exciting for you!

18. Learn something new today.

Focus on adding new skills and knowledge. Learn new applications and tools that you can use at work or with your owned projects. Learning should always be a continued journey with no destination. When you stop learning, you will be left with no excitement in your life. So every day is a new chapter. Every new experience counts. Add it to your skills and experiences!

19. Buy yourself essential "accessories" for your favorite activity.

Try collecting the items that you require for getting better in your activity. Like; if you like playing sports every day- try to buy and or collect all the required accessories. This will make you feel good about your picked interests and passions. Suppose you like clicking pictures; try to collect different lenses, filters, hoods, memory cards, carry-bags, tripods etc.

20. Pay-off all the outstanding bills.

This will not only reduce your burden; but will also be a kind gesture for your husband/wife to let them know that, you care for your partner, house and the family; equally! But do not forget to switch-off your phones after the calls! Also let your friends and colleagues know that; you are going to be "off" from receiving and or answering any sort of call or emails that day.

21. Observe this day as the "me" day every month.

Mark your calendar, and schedule your 'special' day- jut for you, and with 'you'. Once you start managing one such day in a month; you can create more such exciting days in every day living.

Even with endless problems and worries; life can still get exciting and purposeful, when we learn to find beautiful reasons for living. The more we create a life (we like to live) for yourselves, the more merrier our life becomes. Take charge today! Turn your every day challenges into beautiful experiences. Make life happening and more pleasant, by bringing in small happy changes towards a better tomorrow.

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