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Create. Belong. Live. Recreate

Have you been lately yearning for a space that speaks your passion? Or something that speaks your fashion? Your love for the books, make up and beauty products; or your madness about lipsticks, jewelry, shoes, bags, and many more such 'hoardings'! 

Sometimes we just want to create a dedicated space for our mind, body and soul- where we can unwind, enfold and fly with our imaginations and dreams. "I am sure, you must be waiting to create that 'special' corner (just for yourself) in your house!" Life gets easy when we learn the tricks behind decluttering and then organizing- even for matters (in life) that tend to worry us.

Create a space, where you can belong, and give your life another chance to live, breathe and get easy with everything else. If you feel this idea really works and it gives you reasons to 'love your life' again, then give it a try and recreate another such space for yourself; and do it quiet often! Make time and space for your few '…

21 Things To Do To Make Your Day More Exciting

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When was the last time you craved for "me" time and spent a day- just for yourself, with yourself? We all wish for such days, don't we? We all want to feel loved and live life in love and peace. And this true feeling of happiness and mindfulness should come from within! We should do whatever we can to reduce everyday stress and create a meaningful living for yourself.

Whether connecting with nature or connecting with yourself; a mindful connection is a must for all of us- once in a while! Take-a-break from your everyday routine and feel life! Doesn't matter whether you are planning to take a break from your work, or from household chores and responsibilities; all that is important is a -complete peaceful me time. 

Take small steps towards improving your life-one-day-at-a-time. The best way to start is- just start! 

Make yourself available for your needs!

"I know what you are thinking right now! How to do it; when you have too many responsibiliti…