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Create. Belong. Live. Recreate

Have you been lately yearning for a space that speaks your passion? Or something that speaks your fashion? Your love for the books, make up and beauty products; or your madness about lipsticks, jewelry, shoes, bags, and many more such 'hoardings'! 

Sometimes we just want to create a dedicated space for our mind, body and soul- where we can unwind, enfold and fly with our imaginations and dreams. "I am sure, you must be waiting to create that 'special' corner (just for yourself) in your house!" Life gets easy when we learn the tricks behind decluttering and then organizing- even for matters (in life) that tend to worry us.

Create a space, where you can belong, and give your life another chance to live, breathe and get easy with everything else. If you feel this idea really works and it gives you reasons to 'love your life' again, then give it a try and recreate another such space for yourself; and do it quiet often! Make time and space for your few 'special' needs in life. Find the sacred in life! A space that makes you feel empowered, in control of your life, protected and peacefully different than anything else in the world!

Here are 6 reasons why you need to create such creative inspiring space for yourself:

1. Use it as your creative corner for all your creative works like; writing, reading, art, fashion illustrations, crafts, DIY experiments, or just to inspire your every-days.

2.  Use it as a place that is particularly peaceful or meaningful- like; relaxing while curling up with tea in your favorite chair, meditation, library, fashion corner, a 'hush' room to declutter your mind for clarity, focus, peace and balance.

3. Use it as a 'powerful' creative space that can ignite your passion and that open doors of your possibilities and capabilities.

4. Personalize this space. Feel good that you have some space in your life- that is just yours and you rule over it! Surround yourself with decor you like, your creations, with inspiring quotes that inspire you and offer you more motivation. This should be your favorite place for work as well as for inspiration.

5. Exclusive space for displaying your artwork, photography projects/work, beauty and make up products; anything you wish to see and feel happy day-and-night; use the area for displaying your interests.

6. Use it as your work space (in the house) where the magic of thinking, writing, planning, executing and scribbling magic can happen.

 Let your space shout the creativity within you , while making you cozy at the same time. A space that helps you to express, inspire and create; and bring out the best in you!

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  1. Such a great post! I can relate with this and how I wish I can do it that easy. I really love your writing Epsita, keep it up and you did a great job. Your posts always inspires me!

  2. You have such a nice blog! Keep up a good work! <3

    Maybe you want to follow each other?
    Let me know on my blog & I'll follow back right away.

    1. Thank you so much, Eva! I am already following you dear!

  3. Perfect! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too

  4. Wonderful selection kisses

  5. Great post!
    You have a lovely blog! Let me know if you'd like us to follow eachother on GFC and keep in touch?
    Lyinyou blog

    1. Thank you so much dear. Following you now via GFC and G+

  6. Those are some great spaces, I have been yearning for one but not too sure who would be able to get my ideas

    Style..A Pastiche! - New Post - Mustard Outfit

  7. omg, this is amaze balls, so creatively done.
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  8. Great post !!!

  9. Loved this post! It really gives me the inspiration to create beautiful spaces in my house. I love to see things well-organised at the right places because it gives me the feeling that home is a place where I can declutter stresses of work.

    Thank you, Epsita. You never fail to inspire me. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Balqis for the kind words:) So happy to see you here...keep in touch!

  10. Awesome post. Would love a space which showcases my passion for clothes and books :) And also travel! I have this image in mind - once I can have my own house, I will dedicate a complete wall to my travels - with all the stuff I have picked up from my travels :)

    1. Thanks a bunch, Rosh for your wonderful words! Thank you for sharing your thought and ideas! Loved to hear them all:)

  11. AAA I am in love with this post! thanks for sharing I am in love with your writing<3 Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


    1. Thank you so much, Hilary! Following you now via Twitter, GFC, Bloglovin.

  12. I think having your own personal space is something that we all should have... sometimes we have to be creative in smaller spaces. I like your ideas here Epsita xox ♡

  13. When i started to have my own place, i also planed to have everything customized. Hopefully by next year i could start customizing my own space. I've always wanted that white clean look in my space with too much minimalist look. :)

  14. I love these photos. I would want to have them. :)

  15. nice photos :)

    I was wondering if we could follow each other. It would be great, just let me know :)


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