Monday, September 28, 2015

Stay Cozy. Stay in Style This Fall

Fashion is all about staying beautiful and confident in your own way.

"Be your own kind of beautiful."

"I love fashion, but more than that; I love to style my way."

Among the many accessories; scarves are my everyday favorites! They not only create a style statement for me; but also give me a chance to use them in different ways."I can wear a scarf everyday; with every outfit and in any weather."

Image: This is how I have styled scarves:)

Following the trend is really a great way to stay in fashion but, "I don't follow the crowd; I follow my heart and my taste-when it comes to style and fashion. That does not mean; I am rude or stubborn! Just that I have a different body and different taste than others; so following my friends or other women may not fit into my personal style."

So may choices and trends floating around the internet and social media not just create inspirations; but are more than enough to confuse us and leave us unhappy-most of the times. Feeling confident, and owning a wardrobe that fits your taste and choice is so important to feel fashionable and unique!

Style is all about believing in yourself and your body and skin! Try what looks best on you and make you stand out! "I am sure one day; even the most fashionable woman (you know) will end up trying; or even following your style! 

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Friday, September 18, 2015

The 'Beautiful' Mommy

"Motherhood" - the most beautiful experience for any woman! New joy, new experiences, and a special opportunity (only a mother can do it) to give life and nurture somebody- that's so tender and beautiful! A mother's caress is so warm and peaceful; and absolutely nothing can match it's purity.

The experience of 'being mommy' is so beautiful, but the changes that come along-with motherhood may not be pleasant most of the times! Definitely new responsibilities, sleepless nights, baby blues, feeling of overburdened, no personal care, lack of motivation, low self-esteem and hate for the body. Sometimes the emotions go this way: "Wow! I am a mother now"; and sometimes like this: "Oh! no; see what pregnancy has done to my body!"

Learning to love your postpartum body is as important as, it is to taking care of your baby; because when we feel beautiful and confident as a woman- we can be happy as a mother and wife too!

Many women get back their original body after delivery; but there are still many, who finds it difficult to get back into shape! Also, many mothers take 'their' time to get back on shape; while for many; the stretch marks, hanging skin and the flabby tummy never disappears. These reasons are more than enough to not feel attractive and confident anymore. How many of us have been there, or are still there; who hates looking in the mirror, particularly after the birth of a baby? But accepting to love your body after baby, is the best way you can treat yourself-this mother's day!

Love yourself with this thought that; "you have given birth to a beautiful 'new life', and you are one lucky woman who is blessed with this task." Your body took long nine months to develop that 'little miracle'; so it definitely needs some time (may be longer than expected at times) to give you back your beauty and shape.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Style Inspiration with Denim

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"Denim - Such a versatile beauty!"

Yes, I am talking about a must-have clothing in your wardrobe- that everyone would love to own. Denim happens to be the most loved; ageless and timeless beauty magic. An effortless way to look your best. This classic fabric comes in so many styles: (everybody's favorite) jeans, skirts, shorts, overalls, jumpsuits, jackets, shirts, bags and even shoes.

"I am a huge fan of denim shirt; because it's not just comfy and stylish, but also you can wear it all year-round." Whether with accessories or without; this fashion statement is self-defining. This fashion pick can be anybody's favorite item in their closet; due to it's humble yet chic varieties. Styling a denim or with denim can never let you down in terms of looking your best!

Here are some of the denim essentials or favorites that you can own, or update your closet with:

1. Boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans

They are a must-have basic in your closet. You can pair them with any types of shirts, t-shirts, shoes, pumps or jackets to create an attractive look. If you don't like being noticed; try to keep the rest very subtle while sporting a blue or dark blue jeans. Skinny denims also come in colors; so try to pick some for a different look.

2. Denim flared or boot cut jeans

3. Denim Skirts
                                                                                                     Image Source:

4. Denim shorts and culottes
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5. Denim or Chambray shirt

They are my favorites too! Style with anything, and they will stand out. Whether with single colors or with prints and patterns; denim or chambray shirts can rock your look. If you really want to create your personal statement; try combining different colors, and prints. For more elegant professional look, try to tuck the shirt in; and pair it with a skirt or jeans. Also try to wear it with any leather leggings or camo pants and make your own fashion magic.

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                                                             Image Source:

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6. Denim dress or tunic

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7. Denim jacket

                                                                                           Image Source:

8. Denim Overall or Dungaree

                                                    Image Source:

9. White denim

                                                             Image Source:

10. Denim bags and shoes

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Trends come and go; but style is immortal, everlasting. You are recognized by your style. So own a style that defines you, and most importantly; in which you feel comfortable and just 'you'.
Doesn't matter if it in trend or not. Fashion can never have limits and it's fun when you can mix and match classics and new. There is something about this fabric that can make you look stunning- effortlessly.
How do you wear denim and what's your favorite among all? Do leave me a comment

Friday, September 11, 2015

Choices That Will Give Your Life A Positive Makeover.

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We all have bad days; but the choices we make can decide if our life will be happy and peaceful in the next few years! Remember, staying positive is a choice. So choose your mindful state of being! Choices are 'powerful decisions' of your life. 

Do you wish to navigate through life with a closed vision, or you wish for certain possibilities? Have you ever tried picking up those options- you thought; can never work out! If not, it's time to try them. Tune your mind to just focus on the good things- you have in your life. The first important thing to do is; "make peace with your choices." Accept them mindfully (even if they seem negative and impossible). Choose to invite peace and calmness to your every day life, with every decisions-you make. 

Make these simple choices and experience a positive makeover 

1.  Train your mind, body and soul to be positive, first.

Practice in every way to just see the good side of people and circumstances; even if it means trying harder, several times. You are the "work" that needs some deep attention and care. Take time to be positive- in all aspects. First, reinforce positivism in yourself. Feeling positive is easy, but staying positive requires work. Lots of work!

2. You are a 'present' person who does not have a past!

Learning from past is important, but dwelling there permanently can be harmful. Whatever you do, people will try to take you back to your past- by judging "what you were"; as they will never be interested in knowing "who you are" now. Don't bother! React to those criticisms and negative comments; as if you never had a past, and or you don't remember what you were then! Just focus on your present.

3. Fall in love every day.

There are tons of reasons you like 
about your every day life. Pay attention to only those things that make you feel happy and blessed (in a day). Love yourself and know yourself more every day. A small positive change can ignite infinite possibilities, and will give you reasons to love more, live more and accept more.

4. Honor your dreams.

Do not give-up on your dreams, just because you don't get more likes and appreciations; just because others don't believe in you; just because you were not good at it! Choose a purpose that gives you energy and reasons to feel that; "life is a beautiful gift to you, and not a burden."

5. Connect, learn and share with 'positive spirits'.

Spend time with people, with whom you can learn and improve; who brings out the best in you. Choose to see the good around you. Stop ruminating about your problems and weaknesses. You can be much more than you are right now. 

6. Choose to be honest with your feelings.

Stop tagging reasons to your unhealthy negative feelings. We all have more negatives inside us than even we can imagine; but what differentiates us from happy positive people is the 'acceptance of one's attitude'. When we choose to accept- just the way we are; we are often hit by the 'urge to change.' We feel the need to get better and do better. But it should be a honest change; and not just pretend act of betterment! Stop blaming your fortune, stop blaming others and accept your self-worth. Respect yourself.

7. Choose to live life above your problems. 

Rise above your doubts, disappointments and distress. Life is much more beautiful and pleasant once we choose to live with problems. Every day brings us so many reasons to love life and live it mindfully. Create excuses to see the goodness in life. Create a life mission (s) and start working dedicatedly towards it. 

8. Choose a peaceful life over stressful life.

We are all victims of everyday stresses; but only we can choose, how not to feel stressed! "Even I often scream, shout, complain, cry, feel very tired and overburdened; but I try to stay calm and handle the situation more peacefully and calmly. The very conscious feeling of 'this is not the right way;' gives me reasons to be more patient, calm, funny, sweet- in my next approach to handle the situation. So choose your actions and reactions more appropriately, and reduce stress from your life.

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Sorry my dear readers for not being able to post for quiet some time. Trying hard to keep up with my roles and duties. Have got busy juggling between (work and family) priorities and responsibilities. Thank you for continuing your love, support and interest in my words and thoughts. A big thank you for being there!

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