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5 Inspiring Ways To Make The Most Of Your Day

There is no way of telling how many times life will knock you off the track (the good life) and you will not be able to prevent it. This is how life is! So how can you make peace with yourself in such crisis? I would say," by making it less stressful and more simplified. Doesn't matter if the day is spent in a more productive way or not; but it should have more peace and relaxation." 

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Taking charge of your days; one-at-a-time will make your life simpler; because you will have more mind power to solve your problems, and you will have a more relaxed approach rather than hurrying over the matter (in fear or in anger).

Think of spending a day doing nothing! Yes, doing absolutely nothing productive (as it may seem), but rejuvenating, recreating a new you in person who is more aware (of facing upcoming challenges) and knows how to make peace (with oneself) wh…

The Positive 'She': How to Train Yourself to be More Positive

Do you wish to face the world with grace and a positive outlook; but often fail staying positive; then you have landed at the right place! I hope when you leave after reading this post; you discover your own 'powers' (positive energy) to give yourself a positive makeover.

"Life is not an easy decision." If you have to live; you have to face changes and challenges. And we; as an all women are the most vulnerable  population; who suffers the massive destruction with the changes in life. Some changes are often passed through legacy and cultures.  Sometimes we try best to adjust to anything and everything, that comes our way;  and sometimes, we try even harder to get over those unforeseen unforgiving 'truths' of life. 

Do you really wish to meet and celebrate that 'positive woman' inside you; then come along with me to know how?

Simple life changing practices can tune our brain to see more positive around us; and to react less in a negative way! You just nee…

Bring Your Life Back On Track

When life takes ugly turns; we land on some unwanted, unexpected messes of life! But we cannot run away from those circumstances, rather we need to face them, resolve them and move forward. Life will start to pick up and get back on track, when we are clear about the purpose and stick to it- at any situation!
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Lately life kind of drove me out of the usual joy and peace, and I was stuck in a state of self-doubt and confusion. We all have had days like this. That's when I came across these "powerful" positive quotes, that gave me the needed strength and belief to start my journey again- with a positive affirmation.
“I’m always doing things I can’t do. That’s how I get to do them.” ~ Pablo Picasso
So true! I tried to recollect my memory and remember the purpose of my journey. I have had also made few promises to myself like; "I should never get distracted or disturbed by the people and or the circumstances that try to criticize me or t…