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5 Inspiring Ways To Make The Most Of Your Day

There is no way of telling how many times life will knock you off the track (the good life) and you will not be able to prevent it. This is how life is! So how can you make peace with yourself in such crisis?  I would say," by making it less stressful and more simplified. Doesn't matter if the day is spent in a more productive way or not; but it should have more peace and relaxation." 

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Taking charge of your days; one-at-a-time will make your life simpler; because you will have more mind power to solve your problems, and you will have a more relaxed approach rather than hurrying over the matter (in fear or in anger).

Think of spending a day doing nothing! Yes, doing absolutely nothing productive (as it may seem), but rejuvenating, recreating a new you in person who is more aware (of facing upcoming challenges) and knows how to make peace (with oneself) when there is an emergency at work or in life.

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There are some days in my life when everything goes the opposite way! I never feel convinced; even if I tell myself that, "don't worry, things will be fine." Things remain tangled, unresolved, exhausted, and sick! This is a post for such days; when you are needed just for yourself- to feel the beauty of your life again!

“Stress is not what happens to us. It's our response to what happens and response is something we can choose” – Maureen Kiloran

People believe that life is perfectly pleasant for everyone else except theirs'. So was my belief too, until I started to take my life seriously. I learnt to embrace it and understand it's need-a little closely. And the journey of self- discovery continued!  I want you to often visit your weak, neglected, unsure, hatred, scary segments of life. Touch them quiet often and feel the scars that has been neglected and untouched. Feel it to know; what you can do to make it feel better! How can you improve your life (just your life) to make it a better gift from God.

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I have few suggested ways to make it workable for me. Hope they can help you too! But you pick the one (s) that will work best for you. 

I have discovered these 5 ways to make my day most promising and equally relaxing:

1. Focus on solving just 'one problem' (nerve-wracking) that day and nothing more.

Try to find a solution to just one disturbing problem, that needs your attention right now. Whether family matter, personal relationship, career decisions, job, colleagues, time constraint issues, health, children, monetary, peers, lack of enough social media followers; or any other matter; just focus on any one problem in a day and leave the rest. Find a workable solution, and if you can't; give it more time and jump over to the another one.

2. Spend the day doing something completely pointless.

Wonderful words of wisdom! When was the last time you had a day like this in your life? Get lazy. Slow down a lot and get messy. Sometimes we need to get messy and a little irresponsible to wash away certain messes of our life. 

3. Disconnect and just enjoy your own company.

Be yourself. Love yourself a little more today. Take good care of your mind, body and soul. Relax and unwind. 

4. Get really spiritual.

There is and always will be only one true "good" friend in our life-God; Lord. Connect with Him quiet often. Share your thoughts and try to receive His implications. Offer yourself (true-self) completely and let Him decide things for you. Let Him show you the right path. Trust me; you will never go wrong! Try it!!

5. Read. Read. Read.

Nothing like reading your favorite books, or certain books that can reload energy and positive powers within you. Utilize this day to feel more inspired and motivated (just the way you like). Just read the kind of book you like; but definitely nothing discouraging, or anything that will make you feel more stressed!

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How best you think you can spend your day or would like to spend? Share with me by leaving me a comment below. Would love to hear from you:)

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Positive 'She': How to Train Yourself to be More Positive

Do you wish to face the world with grace and a positive outlook; but often fail staying positive; then you have landed at the right place! I hope when you leave after reading this post; you discover your own 'powers' (positive energy) to give yourself a positive makeover.

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"Life is not an easy decision." If you have to live; you have to face changes and challenges. And we; as an all women are the most vulnerable  population; who suffers the massive destruction with the changes in life. Some changes are often passed through legacy and cultures.  Sometimes we try best to adjust to anything and everything, that comes our way;  and sometimes, we try even harder to get over those unforeseen unforgiving 'truths' of life. 

Do you really wish to meet and celebrate that 'positive woman' inside you; then come along with me to know how?

Simple life changing practices can tune our brain to see more positive around us; and to react less in a negative way! You just need to adapt few skills (learning to make peace all-the-time) that can feed your brain some positive messages. And when you make a shift in the way you accept things in your life; you can see a difference.

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 There are so many (like me); who writes and thinks positive, but certain instances get so forceful, that they make us take a u-turn; and the negative emotions again start hovering over our 'present life. Often life will not go the way we want it to be; but we can bring a change by being more mindful and conscious (of the moment).

I want to share few of the ways I have had started training myself to not take that u-turn in my life, rather continue being a 'positive woman.' Let's celebrate the positive things is life- together:-

1.  Don't take-in too much!

There's always a limit to accepting negative people, behaviors and circumstances in your life! When you see that things have started troubling you, putting lot of pressure on you- STOP!

Yes, stop accepting them or dealing with them right at that moment. I am not asking you to abruptly say 'no' to them, as sometimes it can be a tough decision (even if it hurts). So just ask for some time, take a short break before you reconnect with them again, and think a workable way to deal with them (if you still want to continue) or otherwise let it go. Problems can be workable when we deal with patience, empathy and compassion. 

Before quitting; feel the importance and give it a try. Deal with your problems more patiently.

2. Mindful living

Practice it every day, every hour and every minute of your day. Count on your negative talks, complains, reactions and decisions. If you cannot keep a track, write it down and tweak your approaches. After few days you will start to see the desired behavioral changes towards everything that's life is throwing at you. 

For example- you will know what triggers your 'negative talks' about yourself, or about someone else! Next time you will try not to start similar discussions and can send a message to your brain that; it's okay to not be treated the "expected way" all-the-time.

3. Set yourself a 'loud' buzzer of not thinking negative

Whenever (night or day) you feel you are going to be "hit" by any kind of negative "impact", press the buzzer and stop your thoughts right there!

4. Find reasons to ignite your excitement about life

Stay excited about each day- with reasons (passions and purposes) that can help you wake up every morning with a big smile on your face and with a  "can do" spirit. Participate in "reasons" that you call with names like; purpose, dreams, passions, interests, craziness and madness:)

5. Stay busy. Rally really busy.

Keep yourself busy in creating other's life (family, friends, co-workers, organizations etc.) or your own life; but be a busy bee! Busy lives know they have no time to fear upon 'false' speculations and assumptions!

6. Say 'sorry' even after you realize you have just hurt someone

Saying sorry may sound too difficult; but dare to say it when you realize, you have hurt someone (knowingly or accidentally). It will give you plenty of satisfaction and some new energy to deal with similar difficult situations.

7. Practice Staying Calm

A calm mind can take good decisions. So practice staying calm; even when you feel like you are going to lose! Practice every day and you will be able to increase your ability to remain calm; even in torrid situations.

By practicing these steps every day; I know I am getting closer to becoming a 'positive woman' for my family and friends, and also for the world whom I am yet to reach! Remember, a positive outlook is a choice and you can choose the best for you! Your happiness matters- for yourself and for your immediate family.

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Leave me a comment and let me know what would you like to change or include in your life to be called- "A Positive She!"

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bring Your Life Back On Track

When life takes ugly turns; we land on some unwanted, unexpected messes of life! But we cannot run away from those circumstances, rather we need to face them, resolve them and move forward. Life will start to pick up and get back on track, when we are clear about the purpose and stick to it- at any situation!

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Lately life kind of drove me out of the usual joy and peace, and I was stuck in a state of self-doubt and confusion. We all have had days like this. That's when I came across these "powerful" positive quotes, that gave me the needed strength and belief to start my journey again- with a positive affirmation.

“I’m always doing things I can’t do. That’s how I get to do them.” ~ Pablo Picasso

So true! I tried to recollect my memory and remember the purpose of my journey. I have had also made few promises to myself like; "I should never get distracted or disturbed by the people and or the circumstances that try to criticize me or try to bring down my spirit. I am what I choose to become every day. I am my own competition, and I will do everything that can make me better and better with each passing day."

All I wanted to do was: take back the control of my life! Tiny, daily mindset shifts can help us get our life back to us! All we need to do is; constantly remind ourselves  of the great things we have achieved so far through patience and hard-work- specially in such times of disappointment and distress. I just did that! Changed my focus to the 'can do' possibilities in and around me. We often fall into the trap of self-doubt and are plagued by a lack of self-belief. But we should learn to fail (many times) in order to achieve. I am glad today that; I am doing rather than just thinking that; I should have tried.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world. ” ~ Gandhi

 Yes! I choose to continue what I started, and do it with grace and confidence. Doesn't matter how somebody defines me! So turn down the noise- both inner and outer; and concentrate on your beliefs. How best you accept yourself- in true sense. Reclaim your lost hope and faith in yourself and tap on your "unfaithful" talents. The strength lies beneath! All you got to do is- see it from a different perspective, in a more meaningful way. 

Life is driven by beliefs. If you can believe, you can use your "magical powers" within; to achieve what you want. Believing is the first step towards creating possibility. Therefore what seems like a bad day or bad opportunity can just be clearing the way for good things to come. 

"Life has many twists and turns and sometimes what looks like a very bad day can just be clearing the way for good things to come." ~J Kim Wright

Feedback and outcomes don't always define your effort. They are also sometimes the results of personal requirements. "If you don't fit, you don't hit!" But you must not put a stop to your effort; even though it may seem unwanted and impossible at some point in time.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney

Isn't it?
So get up and get going!  Consider this as your life's wake-up call to tell you that; "you can do even better than this and be much more than what you are today."

Do leave me a comment below and let me know, which quote you liked and why?

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