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How To Choose Your Every Day Style

Every "day" is a new decision, a new reason to look at yourself in a more closer and better way. Embrace your changes in life and changes in your features. Get back your sanity by learning the tricks to dress in a more presentable and comfortable way- everyday. Do you wish to have a wonderful wardrobe with great styles (you love), colors and patterns- a blend of modern and classic pieces; and the clothing pieces that makes you look great, and brings back your sparkling smile?

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We try to hide behind the fact that; "appropriate physical presentations make good impressions. When we dress well, people pay more attention to us!" It may seem unacceptable to you and me; but this is the fact. The more presentable (and definitely comfortable) we are, when we, the greater becomes the chances of being seen and heard (in a more respectable way).

Everyday brings us more reasons to know ourselves better and see the best in us: as a woman! Own your personal styles, that can flaunt your best features and make you look more happy and confident. Every women deserves to look best and feel good about own-self.

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Choosing your personal style may seem like not an easy task; but it can get easier when you know yourself a little better! Staying sane and stylish just requires some tricks, and not following others or the fashion trends. I equally love browsing trends and styles- that find places in fashion, but I just try to draw inspiration from them, rather than trying hard to fit-in-to-them.

Know your personality and choose your styles accordingly! Styling is an art- sometimes may require too much effort and many times can be effortless. I love the art of simplistic dressing! Play around with neutrals, basics, bright and dark colors, floral, patterns and essential accessories like: hats, jewelry, watch, scarves, bags, shoes, sweaters, cardigans and jackets.

Inner beauty may be more important, but exterior beauty has immediate impact. 
– Daniel Goh, Editor of Style Magazine

Here are few of the suggestions that can help you discover and own your styles:-

Know who you are

Discover more about yourself in details, like; your dominant clothing personality- like classic, modern, shy & conservative, creative, trendy, tomboy, bohemian etc.! Find out who you are and what has been your dressing like? Always buy the kind of clothes that are appropriate for your age, occupation and your lifestyle.

Pin your Style Inspirations

Browse, save, capture, create or recreate the styles you love and you think is suitable for you. They can be of great help when you feel like you have run out of ideas and  inspirations. You can also save your "favorite look" and repeat them in the coming days and years.

Know Your Wardrobe

Often arrange your closet and find out your favorite, staple and or repeated clothing pieces. Find out if you need to discard few or stop buying the same styles anymore. Whatever it may take,but learn about your picks in fashion and styles that you can mix and match to create a fabulous design for yourself.

Have a Personal Color Scheme

While shopping, pick the "best" suitable colors for you. I am sure you love too many colors that you would also want to include in your wardrobe. So, go for it! Whilst shopping for clothes as per your personal color scheme, also try some new ones. With the right color perfect clothes, you will be able to accentuate your best features while disguising the rest.

Have Stunning Pieces of Accessories

A right accessory can make you stand out in the crowd, even in your dull; not-so-attractive clothes. Start buying some dainty, vintage, statement pieces and learn how to layer them together (mix and match) for creating a stunning chic look! Play with bold colors, when you decide upon buying your next shoes and bags (but keep your outfit subtle and try to avoid all-matching scheme).

Adding a "prominent" accessory can totally shift the look. People will be more stuck looking at your shoes, bag and other accessories rather than finding the faults in you or in your clothes. You will definitely look more stylish and will not fail to turn heads.

 Flaunt your Best Features

Include new stuffs into your wardrobe one-at-a-time

Do not hesitate to browse and try-on "new" clothing pieces; you feel you should try! Take time to pick few and try it on before you bring it to your closet. Feel inspired  to look a little different than your usual style.

Have "Wardrobe Essentials" Handy

"Wardrobe essentials" can really save our day. These staples can be mixed and matched with everything!

Focus on comfort than style 

Create your OWN BRAND- the Signature Style

How do you decide upon your every day style? Do leave me a comment below. I am excited to hear about your personal style statements.

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