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5 Essential Daily Self-Care Habits

"Today I promise, I will just take care of the "me" self. I will listen to my every needs and demands that require attention-on a daily basis. I will take that first step today, towards making myself better in every way possible."

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When was the last time you recall making such "power promises" to yourself?
The "best thing"I did for myself- lately!
I made a conscious choice! I slowed down and tried to understand what was going on with me. It's hard to slow down when you are trying to do zillion of things. 

When life gets really "heavy" on you, just slow your rhythm and start paying attention to your much needed areas in life. Pay attention to your every day small requirements. How about making a routine with very simple yet essential self-care habits? These are no big sacrifices like; going to a spa or salon, or often going out with friends (leaving the kids and family behind at home); but very basic care activities that we often overlook!

So here's a list of 5 basic self-care habits that you can start with and create a stronger foundation routine for your "better" being:

1. Sleep

The most essential habit for leading a healthy and stress free life: "getting enough sleep." We often compromise on this to make sure we are "perfectly" doing everything; we are supposed to do. But sleep deprivation is the most common cause of many illness. A peaceful goodnight sleep can take away half of your worries, by giving you a clear mind, a healthy heart, and lots of "positive energy" to deal with your every day challenges. 

How to start: Next time when you start feeling restless and impatient in dealing with even small matters; slow down and listen to the hint of your body and mind. They are asking you to leave everything and get plenty of rest. Let's call it a "power rest." Go get recharged and create a good 8 hours of sleep routine for a week- to begin with!

2. Play

There's no better way to recharge than engaging yourself in some physical activities. Make time for some fun and relaxation with your friends, family and kids every day. Choose to play your favorite sport or any kind of game that can help you de-stress!

How to start: Include your family. Your kids are your "best" partners. Find ways to indulge in some physical activities or in any video games, puzzles or in any indoor or outdoor fun time with them- each day. Make a daily routine to have more fun while giving your body a good muscle stretch.  

3. Meditate 

As life is a busy deal, we must have some "quiet " time for ourselves every day. Our brain can get really tired with the noise around us, so give yourself some silent moments: sit quietly with your eyes and ears closed at least for some time every day. If you can; then go for meditation and feel more relaxed.

“Silence is a source of great strength.” ~Lao Tzu

How to start: Try to spend some time outside everyday in nature. And if the weather is not favorable, try practicing some "silent time" inside. Find a good place to feel that silence around you and try to feel your body and soul (try to connect with your inner self totally). Feel each of your senses and free your mind of any kind of thoughts.

4. Smile

"A smile a day is such a good way to stay away from all persistent worries and to think clearly!" Practice laughing, giggling or just smiling every day. Find reasons (people or activities) that can bring a smile on your face; at least once in a day. You can instantly feel that peace and relief, when you smile. Try it!

How to start: if you are really finding it hard to smile amidst all changes and challenges; try watching some funny videos- to start and continue for a week to make it a self-care habit.

5. Relax 

We often end up doing more than we can, and the result is: frustration and health problems. Over doing may be rewarding at times; but personally the results can be dissatisfying and unhappiness. Try not to overstrain, and learn to say "no". Let go certain things; that you feel you cannot do at-the-same-time. Practice taking small breaks before you jump over to any kind of physical or mental activities.  Give some rest to your mind, body and soul once in a day.

How to start: try taking small breaks in between doing all the household chores. Sit or take a quick nap before you feel the urge of doing the next work on your to-do-list. Relax; by watching television, or going for a small walk, or even by reading few pages of your favorite book.

Self-care may sound like a big task to do; but if you really wish to take care of everyone in your life, you must first practice taking care of your essential basic needs. Start by creating a routine for a week and then continue for a month, to make it your lifestyle.


  1. Epsita... self care is so important... I need to work on sleep, I don't get near enough sleep ... I also agree smiling is a great way to lift our spirits... I hope you are doing well and enjoying your week xox ♡♡

    1. Thank you, Launna. Yes, trying hard to "feel the best" but I guess it will take some time to get over these health problems that's continuing from past two months. Thank you again dear! Hope I will be back on track really soon. Thank you for being there!

  2. This is so beautiful. You took the small thinks and made them seem just as important as they are :) Couldn't agree more.


    1. Thank you so much Danny for those beautiful words.....

  3. very beautiful post!

  4. Amazing post. Love it.

  5. Relaxing and Meditation is something I cannot do without on a daily basis.


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    1. Thank you Chaithra for reading and leaving me your thoughts..

  6. Self-care is the best thing we can do for ourselves, I have not enough sleep lately and I feel exhausted, smile and exercises are my way to feel better:)


    1. Thank you Dear...I totally agree: a good sleep is so important!!

  7. Totally agree with this list. Been applying them myself. You can't really say you love yourself if you deprive yourself of sleep.

    Keep smiling.

  8. I've been doing the first one quite a lot lately haha. Thanks for the tips

    The Color Palette

  9. great article! Taking a five minute break can make all the difference sometimes.

  10. thanks for sharing


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