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Choices That Can Make You Feel Better Instantly

The art of living a life you love depends on the choices you make: big or small. A person who chooses to be more peaceful in life is way happier than the person who chooses success, wins, accomplishments, fame and popularity. So what would you choose for yourself?

"You have a choice each and every single day. I choose to feel blessed. I choose to feel grateful. I choose to be excited. I choose to be thankful. I choose to be happy."

                                                                                                                       -Amber Housley

In my effort to make peace stay in my life forever; I had to let go many things. Yes! many relationships, opportunities, self care practices and even challenges. But I am glad; I made the right choices for myself and my family. 

You always have a choice. And your choice becomes your attitude. 

In my past maybe I had many choices; but my attitude wasn't so strong that I remember making any strong choices- may be due to fear and mostly because I did not have had much confidence in myself. But with every experience, I developed that "strong person" within me, and the attitude to choose "better" for myself. I decided to rise beyond my constraints to create what I wanted. I decided not to pay heed to people's criticisms and any such acts that would discourage me from pursuing my dreams. 

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If you continue thinking you have no choice over your situation, that's exactly how it's going to remain. Choose to take control of your present situation. Don't let your heart accept what is happening to you right now. Choose to see hope and "possible solutions."

Are there areas of your life that you would like to change? 

Choices bring happiness as well as disappointment. So why not make some choices that can make you feel better at that moment?

I have found few choices that gives me instant relief and makes me feel better, especially when I badly need a quick lift-even if it is for sometime only. Perhaps you'll find something here especially for yourself:

Choose a "good" book over people when you need a quick lift.

Books can be your "true friends." Avoid discussing your problems to anyone even before you think a way out to solve it. Sometimes talking your problems may give you relief; but there are chances- you will end up feeling more confused and stressed. Instead try reading few lines (motivating) from the books you adore or your favorite author; that can give you instant motivation and will make you get up right at that instant and fight. Fight to resolve it at any cost; or at least find a solution!

Choose the life you want over life you had (or have). Choose the bigger life.

Does this sound like a big task? Okay, let me make it simple! 

Proactively pursue a life where you have more laughter, fun and good feelings everyday- even if it for a very short period of time. Choose to focus only on the lighter side of your life; that's in your control at that very moment. Make it more lively and fun filled. Create your "version" of happiness and stick to it. Create a path that leads you to your better version, where you can have more purpose in your everyday living.

Choose to make up your today way better than your yesterday

Let go your yesterday. Doesn't matter how it was. What's important is:" how good you can make your today!" Are you ready to make it better by doing what you couldn't do yesterday?

Choose to pick your good mood over bad and stick to it for sometime.

Don't spend your whole one day of your life in a foul mood. Relax. Cheer up and Smile. day spent without smiling and living it mindfully is a total waste of one more day in your life. Life is unpredictable. Live it the "best" way possible. Do what you couldn't do; and be what you couldn't be. Remember the incidents that lately gave you the best feelings. 

Choose to  remember your good qualities over bad.

Try to switch over to the "good you." We all have certain "good" qualities that differentiates us from others. I am sure you know about yours.' Start thinking about any recent incident (s) that gave you inner peace and satisfaction- a sense of feeling that told you- "you are so good and kind as a person!" 

Nothing is as satisfying as to know that; "no matter how people and circumstances have had treated you, you haven't given up being your true best. I definitely cannot change people; but I can always choose the way I react to them by taking control of my life.

I know I am posting after a long gap. I hope you all are still with me? Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support. Lately I  got too busy being a mother, care taker and a homemaker; fighting cold and viral infections and trying my best to make things normal whilst bringing  everything back on track.  I hope to continue writing and posting regularly.

But you do not forget to tell me about your "quick choices" that you usually make when you require a quick lift in the comment below.


  1. It is not always easy to choose but it is possible... I do think we need to choose people, love and peace over any materialistic thing... that can never bring happiness no matter how much you hope it can... These are some great points Epsita xox

  2. I agree with Launna. Its not always easy, but its sure fulfilling to make the right choices. Great post, lady!! :)

  3. so true...we always have the freedom of choice. I also like to relax with a good book. Sometimes it helps me to take some time for myself. Spending time on my own, whether that is just hanging at home or talking a walk in the nature, usually helps me collect myself.

    Great article!


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