Wednesday, December 21, 2016

10 Reasons How a Hobby Can Change Your Life.

"Life is more than what we do at work for running our lives on pay-checks"- Read somewhere! And this was the best thought ever read. I did not grow up thinking this way; but just the opposite way. I always believed that money is very important in life, and if you have enough money to keep you happy and to meet all your needs- your life is rocking! But coming this far in life and living all "types of me," [as a wife, mom, daughter-in-law, and many more relations] I don't see "too much" money was more important than my self-respect, my peace of mind, and my self-worth; my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. I closely learned about all the essential parts of me whom I was neglecting, or was avoiding. 

Many felt I was not efficient enough to earn a living, or to work in a "good" company. Many left my hand, left me feeling sorry for myself, and to live a guilt-ridden life. I had nobody to trust, and to rise up again and to drag myself and my life out of hopelessness; but my hobbies, my dreams, my faith in myself never left my hand. They were always with me guiding me through all ups and downs; and motivating me to take charge of my life.

I remember being asked in all my job interviews, "What are your hobbies?" I never took that question seriously because it was not making any sense to reply the interviewer saying, "singing, dancing, and cooking," while I was applying for a support job in a IT Company. Writing, Reading, and Photography was way away from my love-to-do list. Ever since I realized 'I can write,' and do well in writing, I created a new me. I no more feel shy to say my hobbies to anyone. In fact I proudly explain them; how my hobbies have turned into my passion- and how I'm going to make a career in that. 

Few lines in this amazing book called, "Steal Like An Artist" by Author Austin Kleon totally took me into another world. The way  he has focused upon living with your hobbies just stole my heart. I have become such a huge fan of his books and thoughts now. His book made me feel good knowing that, "being creative is good after all."

 I will share those beautiful lines with you:

"Creative people need time to just sit around and do nothing. I get some of my best ideas when I'm bored, which is why I never take my shirts to the cleaners. I love ironing my shirts- it's so boring, I almost always get good ideas. If you're out of ideas, wash the dishes. Take a really long walk. Stare at a spot on the wall for as along as you can.

Take time to mess around. Get lost. Wander. You never know where it's going to lead you."

I have grown doing all these tasks; and I still love doing them. As because I love spending some time in solitude. That makes me more creative and I come up with some very good ideas. 

Sometimes I believe God speaks to us through different ways: and books are one of those sources. How amazing and miraculous it is to pick a book that totally speaks your heart. That says, "there's still hope and you can do it. Don't give up!" 

Some more gorgeous lines from the book that speaks," how having a hobby (s) is important":

"It's so important to have a hobby. A hobby is something creative that's just for you.You don't try to make money or get famous out off it, you just do it because it makes you happy. A hobby is something that gives but doesn't take.

Don't throw any of yourself away.  Don't worry about a grand scheme or unified vision for your work. One day, you'll look back and it will all make sense."

Exactly, isn't it? Therefore, I feel we all must grow spending time with our hobbies. You never know where they will take you; because you just love doing it. Don't you?
I want to have the same vision while working my dream at present. I don't know what's the future, and why should I do it? But I feel a great deal of satisfaction and joy while doing my hobbies, focusing on my passions at present.

These are reasons how my hobbies changed my world for ever:

  1. Hobbies show you that you are more than you know about yourself.
  2. Hobbies make you efficient and purposeful without having you compete or compare with anyone. 
  3. Hobbies can be your best friend/partner all-the-time; in all your ups and downs (trust me!).
  4. Hobbies helps in building your self-esteem.
  5. If you are busy with your hobby, you will no longer feel bored or dejected.
  6. Hobbies challenge you in a good way.
  7. You can easily calm down as you move your focus from your worries to doing something wonderful. So hobbies are a great way to feel more of life and "be present," without much worrying about what will happen tomorrow!
  8. Engaging your mind (and your complete self) in hobbies, invokes positive feelings.
  9. Hobbies are a great way to acknowledge and showcase your talents.
  10. "Creative hobbies" make you a happier person.
So what do you think? Are hobbies really important to shape ourselves and  to create a better us, better life, and better thinking for our own self? Does any of these relate to you? Please do leave me your thoughts below. And if you liked the article please do share with everyone you know - who's got a hobby and are extremely happy and proud about that?


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How To Live Your Best Day

No matter how our lives are, we need reasons to be alive, to wake up each morning, and to roll along with the day as it unfolds. Some start their day with yoga, exercise, or with a morning cup of tea or coffee; whilst many start by writing down their "dreams;" their to-do list- their motivations that keeps them on their toes to go for work, or to create something each single day! A day well spent adds power to our nights, and to the next mornings.

I don't see  my life as a big picture like; " how it will be in 2016 or in 2017; but I see it as living each new day in my life with passion, purpose, peace, progress, possibilities, and by making some  positive changes.

Living your best life every day doesn't require much, but some small efforts to make your day beautiful and meaningful.
Lately I came across many articles and some books; where I read about living with your hobbies. Like, "how a hobby can boost your motivation and can change your life," Which is my next post. And I believe it too! Keeping your mind engaged in doing something that excites you, that challenges you, and that inspires you to "create"something new each time- can have immeasurable impact on our whole self. When you are busy doing too many different things; you will never get bored of your life; and tired by your problems.
Being happy doesn't mean everything is fine and perfect in your life; but it means you have chosen to be happy and stay happy beyond all your problems.

Here are few of the ways I try to make my day- a happy and satisfying day. I hope you can find them inspiring too.

1. I chose to simply smile every day no matter what.

2. I definitely do one or more than one things that excites me, and brings me joy.

3. Start your day with this thought: " Every single day is a new opportunity for you to start afresh, and do those things that couldn't do yesterday."

4. If you feel too much is already on your shoulders; don't take on more, or at least go slow to complete the assigned/planned task effectively and successfully.

5. Do something that can give some rest to mind, and you can feel relaxed and rested. Tasks that can help you calmly do the work without much focus like; ironing, gardening, folding your laundry, washing the dishes etc. Such activities always help me in 'being present' and feeling the moment.

6. Find Inspiration daily.

7. Be Silly. Be Kind. Be More Patient. Be Grateful. Stop Comparison. Believe. Breathe. Wish.  And Repeat.

8. Forgive quickly.

9. Be Yourself.

10. Fail. Rise. And Grow.

11. To get into a positive frame of mind try to appreciate someone (known or can be a stranger) in a friendly tone; or say Thank You to them who did something good, or said something good to you.

These are few of the ways how you can live your day in the best possible way. Do everything but don't forget to smile and have fun every day. What do you think about this post. Do leave me your thoughts.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Steps To Design The Life You Want

Lately I have been busy reading a book, "Design The Life You Love" that totally touched my soul. While I was hunting for some interesting self-help and personal development books in the library, I stumbled upon this book. The title of the book looked so very attractive and interesting that I had to bring it home with me. I have just read few pages, and I'm already loving the ideas written by author Ayse Birsel that explains step-by step process of designing your life that you love.

Today's post is inspired by the book.

I really paused for a moment to think answers to these questions like; "how can I design the life I want? Am I doing everything that can lead me to the life I always wanted to live? I know we all have desires to live a large-size life- where we have everything, and just 'perfect.' But do you think we can have it all? And will that make us a happier person as a whole? If you're with me, "I would say 'no'." There's no such thing that's called a 'perfect life.'  Even if we get everything, we'll still have complains and comparisons. The day we learn to enjoy every small bit of life in happiness and inner joy (definitely), leaving behind all sort of loathed arguments about your inefficiently functioning life- we will begin to live the life we wanted.

Ever since I began this journey of change, I included two major components that I thought was important for constructing a good life: optimism and creativity. I decided that I will try to have more positive outlook towards my life, my problems, people in my life, and towards opportunities; that I never got or I had to miss many due to circumstances. And I took complete ownership of my life- good or bad! And creativity is my strength. I have always wanted to make my passion my profession. I started late, but I will not stop until I do it. I took my journey as; "creating something I love, and care for, making it happen that seemed impossible before!"

We all aspire to become famous, rich, successful, and wealthy. And everything begins by," seeing that it can be possible." When you believe in yourself, and believe in doing things that you want to do- that brings you maximum joy; you get everything in life.

I found these five steps helpful, to design the life I wanted. And I hope you find them useful too.
  1. Optimism.
  2. Don't waste time blaming and complaining.
  3. Pursue your purpose with passion and enthusiasm.
  4. Break your IDEAS into: how will you attract people, find resources, and create opportunities for yourself to make your idea go live.
  5. Time, money, and effort decides your success. See if you can start without any one of these?

I do little different things each day: productive as well as unproductive. I am not earning money to run the house; but I'm doing everything else that's required for a balanced purposeful life like; creating a beautiful peaceful living, a happy home, and helping myself and family to make the desired dreams come true. I know I'm far far away from where I want to be; but nobody said it can't be done! I completely believe in my dreams, and want to work really hard to make it happen.

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."
~George Eliot
Yes! remember these wise words every time you get distracted from your purpose and dreams. Do leave me your thoughts about this post in the comments below.

Monday, November 28, 2016

How To "Style" Your Mind Positive

I don't know how but styling my own way has always got me some good positive feelings. Creating signature personal style and following fashion (the way I like) has always brought me fresh positive feelings- about myself, my life, and everything in between. I don't even remember how it all started; and I became so aware of creating my style (s), and looking fashionable all the time!

"Fashion isn't always about showing; rather more about feeling good from inside." We are all different, and we can never fit into somebody else's body. All we need is to create styles for our own body. That's when we can feel "really" good about our own self-image. And such good feelings make your life, your thinking process more positive. We start accepting our flaws, and do everything we can, to bring that change in our look and feel.

I've always been a huge fan of fashion; and personal styles. There's a lot out there to learn from and to get all kinds of inspirations from every single person. I like pulling out best pairs of clothes for myself, my kids, and sometimes even for my husband. I like to wear styles, and look my best. I have been following thousands of fashionistas, bloggers, artists, celebrities, friends, and every single person whose style inspires me. I like following them and adopting few tips from their style statements; but I also like to transform all those into 'my way of styling.' I love to experiment with patterns and colors, and sometimes two different genre of styles together. And I can guarantee you that; doing all this gives me immense positive feelings- a sense of acceptance and peace within myself.

There are several paths to self-love. And there's no better way to transform your whole self than by adopting fashion, new styles as well as considering your personal style.

When we see certain possibilities in life, that's when we find joy in creating, and creating more. We all like to depend upon certain purposes to move ahead in life- doesn't matter if creating a positive body image is the purpose! But something that can pull this life forward, that can help us belong in the crowd, and that can push us to go for our dreams. All we need is that 'kick' in our life to make it happen. And self-love is that one big reason for living a positive life.

When people talk about fashion, they share love. They share the warmth of good feeling from inside, and the confidence that's more than enough to spark that positive feeling within us. When you are too busy 'creating' something for yourself, you will not have enough time to see what others are creating. Rather you will go into the mode where you will feel like inspiring others by sharing your work, your story, and your fashion. And that's what exactly we bloggers or writers do. Don't we?

So these are the reasons how a mind can be turned into the positive mode through fashion.

1. Dressing in nicer clothes make you feel better.

We often choose clothes according to our emotions. Like: a happy mood will always pick the best or favorite clothes from the closet whilst a sad and frustrated mind will pick anything, or the worst choice of dresses. So when you can create that eagerness to look your best - you will always pick the best suitable styles for yourselves. This whole thing impacts our day, work, emotions, and productivity.

2. People who love to style are more positive and interactive in life.

Yes! You may not agree with me; but that's so true. I have seen people who like to style and look good all the time; are always on a hunt for something beautiful and attractive. Such people are usually happy and happening; because they always have a job to do- collect and share their 'best' dresses, bags, shoes, or jewelry. They always have something to talk about, and something to feel good about- they like to feel good about themselves!

3. The power of making a choice.

You are in total charge of your choices- what and how you like to dress. You have the power and the freedom to create something new and better for yourself- that in a way also influences positive energy in the society. You become the inspiration to others-  to take charge of their likes and dislikes too, to control their life, their way! You're the designer of your uniqueness. And doing so, definitely makes you confident and unique.

4. Self-care broadcasts self-love and respect.

When you put effort in your appearance, you make is possible to care, how you want to present yourself to the world. You create that power within yourself; by taking care of your physical and mental health requirements. Caring about how you present your physical beauty to the world also keeps you engaged to your-self, to your body.

Self-love is the first step towards a better positive life. When you very well understand your needs, you tend to prepare yourself to accept others with flaws too! You create a happy atmosphere in the family.  You become a loving person. You smile often. You stay busy. You become more productive, and more purposeful.

By bringing a positive change in your life, you also bring a change in other people's lives- who are directly or indirectly connected to you. You create a positive atmosphere in the society. You influence dreams, careers, passions, and possibilities.

There are many such 'passions' I have inculcated in my life- that has helped me to become more and more positive each coming day- and fashion/style is one of them. Stay with me to know more ways how you can create a POSITIVE LIFE.

If you liked this post, please do share with your friends and readers. And do leave me your thoughts.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Continue: Tips To Be Busy and Happy At The Same Time

Every time I experience too much of negativity around me; I don't forget to thank myself! I thank because I have chosen to keep myself busy doing something good for myself and for my family. I'm a kind of a woman who likes doing too many things. As long as I don't over exhaust myself, I am a happy busy mom.

We are almost half way through November, and I'm doing my first post of the month. I never wanted to take this long for doing my second and the last part of the post; but as I had mentioned in my previous post, "I have been very busy lately. Busy doing everything I must, I should, and I can."

Life is all about balancing your tasks and happiness. Now it's up to you; how you're going to label them: as happy tasks and unhappy tasks. Write down your day's to-do list, by separating your tasks under two categories. See how many activities you are doing actually makes you happy!

"I'm busy may seem like a overstatement at times." But it is not an overreaction-rather a natural response, when you know exactly what you are busy for! But also sometimes get busy doing nothing. When you want to disconnect from everything; like willing to take a break from real life for a bit; so that you can recharge and refresh yourself, is the best way to "be busy" doing nothing.

Don't let your busyness compromise your happiness. When you're aware of your journey- whether forced, or with interest; being busy in life can be acceptable. Sometimes it is worth it, if you can make some minor changes to your routine.

If you have read my last post, you will remember that I shared four essential questions that can make you think about- how you can be happy while being busy?

Remember these five essential questions you must ask yourself every time you feel overwhelmed or feel like your "busyness" isn't doing any good for you, for your growth, or for your life.

1. What are you busy for

Are you busy creating your career, or shaping your family? Do you really need to keep yourself busy doing what you are doing right now? These are the kinds of questions that can help you find the reasons- whether you can be happy while being busy; or you must eliminate those things from your work-life or busy-life that is not making you happy! 

Many people have their own ways of achieving everything they need to do, while still having time for everything they want to do in life. Such people are our great inspirations, real heroes.

 We are busy doing doing too many things- sometimes for own self, and most of the times for others.  But what makes you feel alive? Are you an inspiration for someone who is struggling to do everything? So remember what you are doing, is for a reason. Reason, that is creating a better future for yourself.

2. Whom are you busy for?

For yourself or for your family? So instead of feeling like you are stuck in a rut, feel good that you are busy doing something. whether working for family or for yourself, having plenty of 'me time' is quiet very essential. 

Doesn't matter how your day has gone, keeping a check on your emotions, health, and mind  will help you stay focused, and positive all-day-long. Making time for yourself, whilst meeting you basic needs can help you bring more satisfaction and happiness, even while you are working hard day and night!

3. Is your busyness helping you in your overall growth?

We work hard to earn money, to see ourselves successful, to be capable of fulfilling our demands, and to make our dream come true. Sometimes we even work harder to provide good care to our kids, to keep the family happy and healthy by being there 24/7 for them, and to create a clean, organized, healthy, and a happy home. 

So whether you are a working parent, or a stay-at-home parent- you will always feel the load of work on your shoulders; but those tasks should ensure a secured future for yourself. We can never stay happy by remaining there where we were yesterday. We all look forward to our personal growth. To have a better future, and a good life. We must see our life changing in some better ways.

We all want more out of life. After all that's why we are working so hard, right? So empower yourself while being busy- so that you can meet your needs.

4. What's your top priority- mindfulness & a stress free life, or in being a perfectionist?

More often than not, perfectionism dominates our life, our way of being us. We get easily caught up in the thought that, "if we do everything  and perfectly, we will be better than the others, or we will be the best." But that doesn't happen to everybody!

Do you remember your boss telling you that, "I know you have worked hard for this project, and you also extended your working hours to do it perfectly and in time; but from next time onward try working smarter and learn the tricks to delegate your work and get it done.Don't over-stress yourself." Do I sound familiar?

Yes, we overdo things sometimes in a quest to be called a 'perfect' example; but doing so we also exhaust ourselves, we neglect family moments, and end up feeling restless and tired. I have always felt that finding peace in life is my top priority. A balanced happy life needs many sacrifices, but do not compromise on being peaceful and living mindfully everyday. When we have the right set of mind and emotions in control and well-balanced, we can do hundreds of things even without feeling exhausted or hateful. Don't take more than you can handle.

5. Have you been getting time for your self-care rituals?

No matter what you day everyday, or how much you do- just make time for yourself. Listen to your basic needs, and groom yourself. We are all hungry for that warm care and love. But we can't always wait for someone to tell us, "stop being busy, and take plenty of rest now!" We must understand our mind and body needs. Make time for everything you are doing at present, but take frequent breaks, go on a vacation, do some of mind calming exercises or activities, groom yourself, look attractive and beautiful, and most importantly- feel good about yourself- just that way you are. When we feel satisfied with ourselves, with our own life, we can feel happy for others too! Get plenty of sleep and plan for more personal time with yourself.

Be more available in your life. Living a balanced and happy life while being busy is not that impossible. A little adjustment and some tweaks in your demanding routine life can bring you those happy moments.

I hope you find some solutions to your hectic work-life balance by reading this post. I hope through this post, I can motivate you enough to stay happy and cheerful while being really busy; and doing hundreds of tasks at hand. Do leave me thoughts in the comments.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Tips To Be Busy and Happy At The Same Time

We are all so busy being busy these days; but does that busyness bring you happiness? Are you happy being busy? "I know what you're thinking right now? Isn't this woman crazy to ask such a silly question:)?" No, I'm serious!  A busy mind can smile too. You can feel a load of satisfaction within yourself, and can stay calm and joyful; even while being busy. All we need is a few frequent sips of satisfaction during the day as well as while catching up your nap at night (this means: few reminders that tell us, "we are satisfied with what we have in life at present.")

I love this quote that says :

We all get report cards in many different ways, but the real excitement of what you're doing is in the doing of it. It's not what you're gonna get in the end--it's not the final curtain--it's really in the doing it, and loving what you're doing."

Ralph Lauren

That's so true! The real fun of living your life depends upon; actually doing what you want to do, and loving doing it. Coming this far through experiences, I've realized that being busy is fun. It's a lot more fun than just doing nothing. At the end of the day you can breathe satisfaction, and pride that you did so many things for yourself today- be it at work, or just inside the house.

We like to claim that each one of us are doing more than the other individual (in family, among friends, in neighborhood, or in office), but the truth is, "we are all busy doing our life. Busy doing the tasks/actions that helps in shaping us as a human being, and as a social being. We are all the same- even though we act differently, or try to do things differently. But everything we do boils down to one purpose- giving our best efforts to live a life that we have been offered.

Few of my friends and readers asked me to do a post or posts about work-life balance. How to stay happy when we have a hell of workload? I was little hesitant to write on this because I had to ponder deeply into the life of a working mom to find the ways she try hard to balance her work and life. I'm not a working mom; but a full-time happy mom; because I like working hard day and night for my kids. I fail, I frown sometimes, and I skip or neglect few of my mommy tasks while juggling between my passion and family commitments. I'm even left unsatisfied feeling miserable and guilty for not doing everything I'm supposed to do. But I feel happy to have not bargained my self  for my 'perfect self'; and rather make mistakes to create a happening and happy life.

So why do we work so much? For whom? Are we being realistic when we decide to take upon so many tasks at hand? Yes, exactly these are the kind of questions you must ask yourself when you feel overdoing!

Remember these five essential questions that you must ask yourself to help maintain your sanity and a happy balanced life:

1. What are you busy for?

2. Whom are you busy for?
3. Is your busyness helping you in your overall growth?
4. What's your top priority- mindfulness & a stress free life, or in being a perfectionist?
5. Have you been getting time for your self-care rituals?

I want you to engage your mind thinking answers to these questions for yourself; and I will have it all explained for you in my next post. So stay with me and please feel free to share your views and the answers that you would like to have for these questions in the comment section below. I love to hear from you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to Make Your Home a Happier Place to Live in

Doesn't matter if we spend more time outside; we always want to come back to a happier home- that reflects happiness, togetherness, and lots of positive energy. Your abode should reflect you- the person you are; and the person you wish your kids to become one day.

We try to fill our homes with everything we like. But how about filling your 'favorite place of all' with the things that can inspire you, motivate you, can help you feel fearless and secured when unavoidable fears and worries about the uncertain future makes you cringe! How about creating a place (or places within the house) that can instantly make you feel calm and more of life? 

"Your environment reflects your life." So the inside set up must be fascinating, should be wonderful- bright, peaceful, and clutter free.

Really doesn't matter if you live in a big or a small house. A house to be a happier place to live in requires more of life, inspirations to keep you motivated, the peace and calmness that you can feel in your spines. 

A place where there is more laughter, more understanding, forgiving quality, and lots and lots of love and respect for each of the members- such place makes a GREAT Happy Home!

I remember my teenage days. Every time something went wrong; or I was upset and worried about something, I would find myself a seat near the window and would continue looking outside for hours together- without speaking anything to anybody. I never understood (nor my parents and family) the reasons behind doing something silly like this! But as of when I started creating a positive life; I got my answers. "I was trying to find some motivation to fight back life's biggest problems. It was my way of gathering my (mental) strengths back to face the hurdles." 

Sometimes we just want to sit quietly and run through our day, our life, and our problems. I was exactly doing the same. 

In fact, there are many small changes that you can do today to make your home a happier place to come back at the end of the day. These additions to your house won't just lift you mood; but can improve your efficiency too!

1. Have one sound-proof quiet room in the house.

I find it easy to switch from a worst person to a better person in a quiet and calm room in my house. I get better when I get the chance to meditate, relax, read, explore, and create something exciting and new everyday. Make sure you have more than one such restful noise-proof ares in your abode.

2. Have more colors all around your house. 

Not necessarily colored walls; but you can add colors to your interior decoration in many different ways. Try these: pillows, curtains, coffee tables, large paintings or artworks, bright photograph frames, flowers and vases, decorative pieces that sparkle colors, even bright/bold color furnishings, etc in bolder shades. The temperature of colors can guide your emotions.

3. Include more Books and create a library if you can.

4. Have one "My Passion" room.

Hang your favorite work. Display your achievements like; trophies, certificates, pictures, or samples that you have created. Each day spend some time visiting this room in your house and feel good about your talents and creations. I feel such corners or rooms have powerful impact on your whole self, because they show who you are as a person, or what you are trying to achieve, and how far you have come in life making those dreams a reality.

5. Have 'happy memory' frames hanging all around your walls.

Such a feel good factor! Your happy days that are your favorite memories now- have them all around your house. Feel them, and remember them each and every moment. Try to live those days again and again. Create them now again! 

6. Have more green and white things around.

Having more house plants sparks a kind of joy within me. Every morning after I wake up and look at them, they kind of motivate me to start my day on a good positive note. I feel full of life, and the eagerness to do something, or to create something exciting. So is with the white color. White vases, potteries, pillows, bed sheets create a sense of calmness within us. Sometimes a white-theme decoration looks more attractive than bold colors. If nothing try adding a vase of white orchids and see the difference.

7. Have things that can attract your eyes and nose.

To say, bring yourself some good quality scented air wicks, candles, hand soaps, hand lotions and keep them in the common ares of the room; where you can access the freshness and enchanting flavors of life.

Have some wise words, inspiring quotes, wall decals, and stickers to keep you motivated towards life , duties, responsibilities, and dreams all-day-long. Hang some house rules' reminders like; "practice more patience, stay calm, take it easy, it's just a bad day and tomorrow is another new day, love more shout less, laugh more and frown less, be respectful towards each family members, eat together, watch something funny each day, try on something new everyday, etc. "

8. Focus on cleaning the "noisy areas" very often.

I find the kitchen area to be the most cluttered place in the house. I try to clean it often, and make it look attractive by using some decorative things like; house plants (both real and artificial), keeping the area dry and clean and utensils-free.

Similarly if you find any area of your house to be noisy and cluttered; then try keeping it clutter-free. Focus on the solutions you can try doing to make it look more clean, free and attractive.

Start with these easy steps and transform your home into a relaxing retreat.

What would you like to add to this list. I would love to hear from you. So please do leave me your comments. I love reading them. And if you liked the post also please do share.


Saturday, October 8, 2016

How To Find Peace and Stay Positive When People Hurt You

"We share pieces of ourselves with people everyday."
Sometimes our action or behavior is a conscious outlet of us, while all other times they're our spontaneous (depending on the situation) response (s) to the events or behavior. Don't lead your days depending upon people's perception. Nobody but only you can decide if you are good or bad; because the way we present ourselves to people (depending upon the situation) accordingly they form a opinion about us. But they are not always correct! Sometimes or I must say most of the times when others judge us, it also shows some part of them- their attitude, their habits, their thinking, and the way they see things- and not how exactly we are!  

A tiny trigger of  negative reaction or comment can make us unhappy.  But if we base our life on those negative opinions, we can never feel good about ourselves . Today take time to acknowledge all the best parts of you, and your life. Dust off every single thing that makes you feel negative about yourself.

I used to do exactly the same thing- believe what people said to me. But ever since I practiced listening to my inner voice, and decided not to care who hurts me, I felt the freedom! I felt being free from everything that expects me to be 'nice' all-the-time.

If your number one goal is to make sure that everyone likes and approves of you, then you risk sacrificing your uniqueness, and, therefore, your excellence.” ~Unknown

I remember some friends telling me, "you write positive articles but you don't seem to be a positive person by the way you talk." They said this to me just because I did not want to stay connected with them anymore! I was releasing myself from all kinds of their 'expectations'. Their words did hurt me. I felt sad. I was angry, as  I had to seriously ponder over my attitude. But something I knew very well- "I was not hundred percent wrong. And ever since I had decided to be more positive as a person; I had promised to stop pleasing, and or giving any kind of explanations. " So why did they accuse me? Why did they not accept their part of mistakes? 

Negative judgment and criticisms may paralyze our effort of staying positive and fearless. Don't let any kind of negativity destroy your built-in peace.

Learning to be fluid with myself has helped me to go in life with a certain ease. Life may force the chance of plan on you, but learning to 'dance in the rain' will help us get through our tough times. I try and find the good every day. 

There are too many moments in life that deserve a good laugh. 

I want to share some of the tips and ideas that can help you stay positive and happy, even when people hurt you, or accuse you of being not-perfect.

  1. Think about what they said. Is it true? Don't believe everything what you hear. If you believe, take it in as a chance to change yourself for the good.
  2. Free yourself from the fear of judgment.
  3. Use this powerful tool, and learn to say 'no.'
  4. Often rely on your inner critic than external voices.
  5. Get rid of everything negative in your life. Be more focused on your 'present' journey of change, and create a better future for yourself and family.
  6. Share positive feelings with others; but don't try to change anyone. Change yourself. Change your life. Move on from everything that tries to stop you from being you.
  7. Be your authentic self in every possible way.
  8. Focus only on the good.
  9. Move away from all negatively-driven competitions. They only create disturbances and more negative energy within you. Focus on improving everyday, and create opportunities to showcase your talents. "Not all who win always are champions. Many things also depend upon the kind of opportunities they get." So, be your own competition.
  10. Always count your blessings. Feel good about your own life rather than comparing with others. You have so many things to feel good about your own life.

Any kind of criticism doesn't  affect us until we start reacting to it. We should never allow ourselves to be crushed under the negativity around us.  

I hope you find your purpose, and the motivation to stay positive and kind to your yourself; after reading this post. Don't forget to leave me your thoughts on what will you do to not feel bad about any kind of negative remarks or comments that people try to use on you?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Sources Of Inspiration For Writing

Hello Dear Readers.

As most of you know I've been almost absent from blogging from past few months. Please excuse my lack of blogging. I missed you all so much. I missed writing and blogging very very badly! Each day I would open the blogger page...look through all other's posts and... *sigh* wish; "wish I could write few lines for my next post today, but never happened, and finally was able to sit and write today!" So excited to be back.... just can't tell you:)

Motherhood is an endless process- with no breaks, no rest at all; but there's always more "real" joys and blessings of being a mom. It has been a great experience seeing my kids growing up this fast. I Did want to give them my full attention, and spend as much time as possible. I had made certain promises to myself before stepping into motherhood," that my kids will never find me absent- 24 hours a day- until they attain that appropriate age where they can do everything their own. I have always wanted to be available for them; doesn't really matter if I have to let go many things in life, or if others criticized me for being jobless." 

With my daughter turning 6 and son 2 years old, I'm always busy with them and stinking busy doing household chores. I'm happily living life; but have been badly missing writing. In all these months and days I missed myself somewhere whilst I was juggling between priorities and dreams/passion. Sometimes it's so difficult to choose between the two! We want to do everything; but it's never possible. But no regrets. I did what I felt was more important to me. Not being available to my kids would be the last thing on earth I will ever do. Doesn't matter how many more sacrifices and adjustments I need to do in life:)

Well now that I'm back; I want to share another good news with you all. I have also been busy decorating our house- with more inspirations, positivity, and life all around; in each and every corner. Do let me know if you would be interested in seeing a glimpse:) 

Now let me begin with today's post. Well, this is going to be a bit longer than my usual posts.

I have been a huge fan of such posts- where writers/ bloggers share their different source of inspiration for writing and or blogging-where they find ideas to write on new topics everyday. We often face writer's block in some point of writing- where we lack inspiration and the motivation to create interesting topics for our readers. Not just that; being a part of the creative world always require us to be active and kicking. With competition and comparison dominating the Internet, we need to come up with "new" creative posts for the target audience .

Though I see inspiration everywhere; but there are certain places where I can't stop visiting everyday. Not just I find interesting articles to read; but I find plenty of ideas to create meaningful posts for my readers. So I'm happy to share my favorite sure sources of ideas:

1. Bloglovin 

Bloglovin tops the list. The website itself is so attracting, that all articles look great to read and to devour every bit of the information there! I don't spend a day without visiting the site and or looking at all the articles.

2. Other Blogs/Websites

Subscribe and follow similar blogs or sites that interests you! They make a great repository of ideas for blog topics and for content writing. I love visiting all my "favorite blogs/websites" at-least once or twice a week, and sometimes even more often, when I decide to just read more and write less. I love reading them all. They don't just spark ideas in my brain; but most of the times they motivate me to continue my journey towards achieving my dream(s), they inspire me to live and love my life; and to face every day problems with a smile. Sometimes I can relate to them so much that I feel we all are same in some way or the other!

3. Books

Ever since I had a love affair with books; my life has changed completely. I no longer crave for friends and spending time with them; as much as I love sitting and reading a "good" book all-by-myself. I now have something to keep me company when I wish to stay away from everyone once-in-a-while! 

Books are a great source of ideas. If you're able to find that 'right kind of book;' that can keep you glued to it's pages, then you can find hundreds of new topic ideas to write about. 

4. Pinterest

I love browsing though Pinterest exactly the same way I like Bloglovin. These two are my favorite sources of Lifestyle and Fashion Inspirations. Every-time I feel low, or not myself (due to various reasons), I end up on Pinterest page. It is my favorite source of beauty, fashion, and home decor ideas.

5. Magazines

Pick  a magazine that you find interesting and get ready to find more ideas and information.  Magazines can make a great source of ideas and inspiration for writing.


A good quote is always an inspiration-that can change your life for good! Quotes inspire writers to write more and can generate a great deal of thoughts for the writing process. 

7. Words

Yes! A single word can trigger zillions of thoughts; but depends how you want to perceive it. But positive words like: inspiration, motivation, focus, possibilities, passion, failure, purpose, fashion, self care, mindfulness, joy, hope, wellness; etc are my favorites. I would love the opportunity to write on these words- any day!

8. Photography

Yes, click what you like and sit down to create a thought or an idea to present it in words. Photography is a very motivating source of my writing. I love clicking. Nature, kids, styles & fashion, colors make great subjects for photography and topic ideas.

If you ever find yourself stuck in getting ideas and the required inspiration to continue writing, then find the sources that can elevate your writing passion.

Where do you go to find ideas for all your posts and for writing? Do leave me your thoughts about this post in the comments below. I'm so excited to hear from you all after such a long gap!

Thank you for being there.

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