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3 Simple Ways To Stop Thinking Negative

"Stop it," right there! That instant!

Yes, halt your unproductive thoughts as soon as you feel you're having them. 

You can always choose your thoughts. As soon as you realize you are being approached by unwanted unhappy thoughts like; anger, frustration, jealousy, fear, worry, blame, selfishness, and comparison- please interrupt them, then and there. Immediately choose an activity that can engage your mind and heart 100 percent- something that can bring you joy and smile instantly! Completely shut down your "thinking process" at least for that moment of time, and move on to the good feeling activities; that's happening around you. 

Replace those errrrr feelings of frustration, that's stemming from you, for your failing efforts; or from other sources! But stop them right there.

There may be many defined rules and or tips to stop feeling negative; but everything will work only when we take the charge of our thoughts; and filter only the productive ones to ha…

21 Things That Can Make A Woman Happy Instantly

You know the feeling I am talking about- yes, it's very familiar! Something that makes you feel like; jump out of your bed and dance, or squeal in delight:) So now you get me! Are you that "happy woman" who always find reasons to be happy?
There are as many different definitions of happiness, as the number of women in this world. But the  most basic statement of happiness boils down to "satisfaction with life," that includes- a good fulfilling life, a satisfying well-paid job, an exciting career, few shopping credit cards(of your favorite brands or stores), good bunch of trusted friends, a good social life and a happy loving family. But contrary to popular belief, happiness doesn't come from fame, fortune, bright career, from other people or from materialistic belongings. Happiness can only be found within. The clear version of happiness lies beneath our demands and expectations. We can simply be happy- for no reason, but that needs a strong desire to become a…

Dream. Believe. Work Hard. Achieve. Repeat

"If you can dream it, you can do it"~~Walt Disney

Dreams are not just our powerful thoughts; but also some crazy, restless urge to do something, or be something. If you dare to dream, also have the courage to "believe" in your dreams! This powerful quote by Walt Disney; truly explains the strong motivation a person can feel in their dreams! 

Dreams are powerful sources of imagination- it gives you the freedom to change your fantasies into realities, and to make things possible that seemed impossible, irrelevant to many! So when we know this; why do we still fear our actions? I am sure we all want the opportunity to pursue our dreams, but very few act towards achieving it; or even giving it a try!

"Dreaming is easier than doing." But doing what you love and what you have always wanted; can be much more simpler and satisfactory than just keeping the dreams to yourself (without any action), I suppose! So why not take a chance and do something amazing with your …

Do What You Love

Happy New Year everyone.
"What you do today can improve all your tomorrows." 
This is how the first day of a brand New Year should be lived I suppose. We definitely try every possible way to spend the 1st of January in a "perfect" way; so that the rest of 364 days are lived the "same way." But many of us also fail in doing so!  And I did not spend it perfectly either! But I have faith and I believe that; "2016 will bring me good days, happy moments, and hopefully good of everything."

I want to start this year with few inspiring powerful quotes and thoughts; that are going to be my daily dose of inspirations to help me achieve my dreams. I hope they inspire you too.

"Do What You Love."
Nothing can be as inspiring as to know that; "what you choose to do is your love." You love to do what you have had been doing, or you choose to do next! And that solves all your problems, because you are definitely going to find a way out to find su…