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21 Things That Can Make A Woman Happy Instantly

You know the feeling I am talking about- yes, it's very familiar! Something that makes you feel like; jump out of your bed and dance, or squeal in delight:)
So now you get me!
Are you that "happy woman" who always find reasons to be happy?

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There are as many different definitions of happiness, as the number of women in this world. But the  most basic statement of happiness boils down to "satisfaction with life," that includes- a good fulfilling life, a satisfying well-paid job, an exciting career, few shopping credit cards(of your favorite brands or stores), good bunch of trusted friends, a good social life and a happy loving family. But contrary to popular belief, happiness doesn't come from fame, fortune, bright career, from other people or from materialistic belongings. Happiness can only be found within. The clear version of happiness lies beneath our demands and expectations. We can simply be happy- for no reason, but that needs a strong desire to become a "happy person," without any clichés . 

"A woman is happy when she finds more joy and peace in her every day life; when 'being happy' is her attitude and finding happiness in every moment is her habit!" 

 Despite the fact that happiness depends upon getting what we expect; there can be few simple reasons to being happy from the inside out! Few simple pleasures in life that can make a woman feel happy instantly. 

I want to list those 21 simple reasons that can make any woman happy in just few seconds: 

  1. When she fits into her favorite outfit.
  2.  She enters into a clean, well organized bedroom. 
  3. Someone tells her,"she is looking very beautiful today."
  4. When she finds that "perfect content to read" in a book or in a magazine- at a book store.
  5. When she suddenly receives a call from her friend or from a member of her family to tell her that - "she is doing a wonderful job by pursuing her hobby or interest."
  6. She receives a discount coupon from her favorite brand or stores. 
  7. She goes shopping with her girlfriends.
  8. Looks at her jewelry and accessories on display.
  9. Plays a sport.
  10. Gets unexpected smiles from strangers on her way to work or even to do groceries. 
  11. When she finds other women turning heads or talking about her fashion or looks :)
  12. When she helps someone in need.
  13. Her coffee or tea is made just the way she wanted it to be :)
  14. She looks stunning in pictures.
  15. Wears her new outfit.
  16. Gets a surprise gift or card from her partner, or from her friend (s).
  17. Goes for a pedicure.
  18. Eats chocolate.
  19. Waits for her birthday or any "special day" to celebrate the next day.
  20. Gives a suggestion,  and everyone around her accepts it. 
  21. Gets to flaunt her newly bought jewelry or accessories.
Have you ever felt those "instant" happy moments out of simple things? Do you believe that happiness can be better found in small pleasures of life? Do leave me a comment and share your thoughts.


  1. Agreed, agreed, and agreed! Who can deny the happiness of finding the perfect book to read? :o)

    --Lianne |

  2. This is so true! All of things listed make me happy. Especially entering a well organized room. I always try to organize my stuff but sometimes I'm not very successful:)...Another thing that really makes me happy is reading.

  3. Oh that's so true indeed. Thank you for visiting my blog dear, I followed you back, you've got a nice blog <3


  4. So true :D Specially for me "when she finds other women turning heads or talking about her fashion or looks" and "eats chocolate" :D

  5. i agree with your statement!
    would you like to follow each other on GFC & G+? If you follow me,
    I will follow you back after it.

  6. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  7. I agree that it's the small things that make us happy and bring us joy. The older I get the more that I appreciate those small things in life♡♡♡

  8. amazing blog<3
    follow for follow?

  9. I said yes to all to these little points! I love your blog. In this world we need a lot of people who bring positivity into this world and I thank you for it! I will be following you to know more. I absolutely adore you signing out signature I think it is so sincere! Love it.

    Izabele x |


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