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3 Simple Ways To Stop Thinking Negative

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"Stop it," right there! That instant!

Yes, halt your unproductive thoughts as soon as you feel you're having them. 

You can always choose your thoughts. As soon as you realize you are being approached by unwanted unhappy thoughts like; anger, frustration, jealousy, fear, worry, blame, selfishness, and comparison- please interrupt them, then and there. Immediately choose an activity that can engage your mind and heart 100 percent- something that can bring you joy and smile instantly! Completely shut down your "thinking process" at least for that moment of time, and move on to the good feeling activities; that's happening around you. 

Replace those errrrr feelings of frustration, that's stemming from you, for your failing efforts; or from other sources! But stop them right there.

There may be many defined rules and or tips to stop feeling negative; but everything will work only when we take the charge of our thoughts; and filter only the productive ones to have access to our heart and mind- may be with some mindful practices! 

 I have had been trying hard to find those reasons with which I can win over my negative thoughts. And finally, I got hold of them- nowhere else, but inside me. I was excited to learn about the "powers" we have inside us. If we want, we can for sure!

I would like to share those three simple ways, I have been practicing- how to mindfully shift my negative thoughts and feelings. I hope they'll be useful for you too!

1. Self-knowledge of the kind of thoughts you have.

"Self-awareness is the secret weapon for habit change"- read somewhere. When you know what you think, why you think and, how often you are hit by similar thoughts; you can accept yourself and others with an open mind. You now know the reasons that brings such thoughts to your mind, and you can avoid them in future.

2. Asking yourself few questions 

Every time you start feeling a little different (not the usual happy you), focus your mind and ask yourself few questions like: why do you even need to think about that person or incident? Are they important in your life? If not,
then why should you spoil your day for someone, who does not even hold a place in your heart? Are those thoughts necessary, or you're just having them because you don't have anything else to think about right now! 

Finding answers to such questions will not only involve your mindful decision; but will also engage you to understand the kind of thoughts that actually make your day?
See if you can, try and focus on the possible solutions, that may help you clear your mind by erasing the burden of unhappy emotions- at least for some time!

3. Stop the negative conversation in your mind itself.

It usually happens that; when we feel terribly down by the hovering negative thoughts, we try to reach out to the person we feel safe to discuss our problems with, or we involve someone near us- to pour our heart out. But it is always good to not spill the beans when you are feeling torn by your negative emotions. Just let that bad feeling (s) settle down before you speak to someone, about something. 

How about you switching off everything that you have right now- your mind, phones, internet, and any kind of conversations you think, you wish to have and going out to your terrace, deck, or to your backyard and breathe some fresh air? Remain in that 'zone' until you feel calm and relaxed again. Only then get back to your original place you have had to leave behind.

Do you think this could be a best way to calm that storm inside you?
Do not forget to leave me your thoughts in the comments below. 
What do you do to pop those negative self talk bubbles immediately?


  1. Such a self awakening post! I often find myself indulging in negative thoughts and to banish them away I start writing a post on my blog and that diverts my mind away from them. :)

  2. Amazing post Epsita.
    Keep in touch.


  3. such a great post again. I used to feel so negative sometimes back and nothing would help me. Only then I learned meditation and it healed me inside and out. You have rightly said that we have to stop the negative thought the moment it comes and try to engage our mind in some productive thoughts :)

  4. That photo is fabulous and I love the advice. Great blog post luv!

    XO, Jessi

  5. Great post! I like it!

    Have a nice day!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  6. OH, you are so so right! I'm a very positive person, but of course sometimes I have negative thoughts and yoga really helps me! Thanks for sharing :)

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  7. I really love you :) Happy New Year!

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)

  8. Such an inspiring post Epsita, I love it!

    Camy xx

  9. I'm guilty of number three. Its not easy, but trying to stop. I sing to distract myself every time something negative comes to mind. Great post, Epsita! :)

  10. Such a great post - looking on the positive side of things is so important!


  11. How are you today .)

    hugs from Germany

  12. Amazing helpful post ! :)
    please follow my blog : YOUNG BLOG

  13. Taking responsibility for our thoughts and by that I mean realizing that we can train ourselves to think in a more constructive and efficient way is the perfect way to get rid of negative thinking. Great tips!!

  14. Epsita I need to learn how to control my frustration, I just let it out. I do try nor to bring others down... I don't always succeed but I will never stop trying. Very inspiring post ♡ xox

  15. the neative conversation in my mind is a very common thing with me. I think I should sit and introspect myself.

  16. this is so true! Basically the reason why I started a blog about makeup. It makes me feel good, and then *pluff* negative thoughts just burst like bubbles :-)

  17. Hay que pensar solo en cosas positivas, lindo post. Saludos desde El Blog de Boris Estebitan.

  18. This is such an amazing post -> coming from a person struggling with anxiety :) I do have to keep reminding myself to think positively, thank you for sharing this dear.


  19. I think step one was the most helpful for me , I think once I started paying attention to myself and my thoughts i was able to find a pattern in them and then I learnt to recognise them and everytime I felt them I corrected them in my head or used a positive affirmation :)

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx

  20. This is a brilliant post, that's one thing I am trying to do this year is to be more positive even when things are bad!

    Meme x

  21. Yes, we need that with the world so full of hating nowadays.

  22. Love this!! Thanks for it :)

  23. We really share similar interest, Epsita! I definitely do number 2 and you can always see that in my post. 😄

    - Joan
    The Single Inspiration

  24. great article! This is so important for people just for mental health reasons!



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