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Dream. Believe. Work Hard. Achieve. Repeat

"If you can dream it, you can do it"~~Walt Disney

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Dreams are not just our powerful thoughts; but also some crazy, restless urge to do something, or be something. If you dare to dream, also have the courage to "believe" in your dreams! This powerful quote by Walt Disney; truly explains the strong motivation a person can feel in their dreams! 

Dreams are powerful sources of imagination- it gives you the freedom to change your fantasies into realities, and to make things possible that seemed impossible, irrelevant to many! So when we know this; why do we still fear our actions? I am sure we all want the opportunity to pursue our dreams, but very few act towards achieving it; or even giving it a try!

"Dreaming is easier than doing." But doing what you love and what you have always wanted; can be much more simpler and satisfactory than just keeping the dreams to yourself (without any action), I suppose! So why not take a chance and do something amazing with your life on your terms?

We love to dream. Don't we? In fact that's the only best thing we have continued doing since we were kids. But as we started growing into adulthood, our "dreams" merely seemed nothing more than childhood fantasies, that never comes true! But if you flip back through the pages of your life, you will be surprised to know that; many of your dreams have actually come true!

"You closed your eyes holding that sparkle, and made a wish! You wished for better days in future life, wished to earn and spend your "own" money, wished for a job, your own individual closet full of branded clothes, watches, jewelries and what not!" Now do you think, few of your dreams (you wished for) have actually come true? You are already living your wishes, your so-called "hopeful dreams?" 

You are never too old to dream again, or making your dreams come true! So bring that courage out of you and live up to your dreams. As long as we have our dreams- we have that very hope of living our next days (s)- a hope to see ourselves living a better life than today!

We live in a very realistic world where talking about dreams, your passions may seem unrealistic and not so important. People may not take you seriously if you say, "I am going to make my living by following my dreams."  But when we have a sufficiently big reason to understand why something must be done, the task becomes easier! A dream provides inspiration and motivation to the dreamer; for a convincing future! But having a dream is important to carry on that task. 

When we start to believe in the power of our dreams, we can also find ways to make it happen with hard work, consistency and by doing things differently! Convince your mind that ,"it doesn't matter whether your dream is big or small; what matters is how important is it to you, and how far can you go achieving it?"

So do you believe in dreams? Leave me a comment below. Would love to hear how you made it to your dreams?  


  1. Epsita, I've always wanted to write... For years I thought I'd write stories but eventually I came to realize I just wanted to write my story regardless of whether I ever get paid for it. I'm grateful I found blogging xox <3

  2. Postagem maravilhosa amei, tenha uma semana abençoada.
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  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great day! xx

  4. lovely. I just love yout posts. so positive :)

  5. Thankyou that was really very lovely! Also love how inspiring all your posts are.

    The Chicster Diaries xx

  6. All the positivity I need today. Thanks!

  7. Always motivating and encouraging. I'm working and praying hard for my dreams to come to pass.


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