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Brand Name Clothing: Why Does It Even Matter?

Do “brands” really matter? What do you think? Gone are the days when buying a brand was just a luxury statement for few; now it‘s a necessity. A much needed form of self- presentation. How you portray yourself to the world out there, matters.
The magical aura of brands; are no more restricted to the fashion industry, or to celebrities, but it is a demand of everyone who is trying to represent the growing niche in the society. When it comes to clothing, or creating a style statement; wearing brands seem so important these days! It is no more just a status show-off, but an effort to take care of your appearance. Name brand clothing gives a positive impression to everyone around you. When you see people sporting your favorite brands, or similar brands; you can instantly feel that “worth it” feeling. Brand name products can instantly change your look and confidence level- that’s the assurance, trust, and loyalty these products offer us.
Remember, “Fashion isn’t just about wearing branded clo…

12 Self Care Questions You Should Ask Yourself Everyday

If you have been reading my posts regularly,  then you will know that; I write a lot about self-care, self-love and self acceptance habits. I believe they are essential for leading a healthy and happy life! "Self care habits makes an essential part of healthy lifestyle and keeps us happy, healthy, and more aware of our mind and body needs." Taking good care of yourself doesn't just help you in leading a better life, but it helps others too. 
Self care rituals may sound like big tasks; or very big tasks to you, but the fact is; these routines are very simple every day acts,  that contribute to bigger changes in your life. So how do you know if you have been taking better care of your basic needs? Come, read further and discover those basic necessities of self-care habits- that can be as simple as brushing your hair everyday (at least two times a day; in the morning and in the evening), to learning doing yoga!
Even in the midst of career, motherhood, family demands, and rais…

6 Inspirations to Look Forward To Mondays and Weekdays

If this resonates with you; then let me tell you something, " even I am not a Monday person :)....." In fact, I have never liked Mondays in my six years of career; nor I like it now-when I am a stay-at-home mother and a housewife. It feels like starting all-over-again! 
Monday may not be the favorite day of the week, for most of us; but there are too many things to love about this day: new beginning, new opportunities, starting fresh, and another brand new week to plan and achieve. I have no special reasons to hate weekdays; but it's just that, I am quiet never ready for the weekend to end. Monday feels the end of all enjoyment! I love laid-back weekends, where I get time to do things- "not that perfect way." But weekdays calls for being more focused, more organized, meeting deadlines, facing the problems directly; and doing all these tasks without any skip button.
Doesn't matter if you had a bad Monday. You still have four more days to make things better for …

A "No Inspiration" Day

We all have days like this; when we don't feel (or want to feel) inspired and motivated. When nothing can cheer us up, when smiling seems to be the hardest job on earth, when all we want to do is; "sit near the window and continue looking outside, without anyone or anything interrupting us." Yes, it was a bad day for me. I didn't feel inspired to do anything or even see anything. Unwelcomed worries and thoughts kept entering into my day, and I was feeling terribly helpless. My mind just went blank. It's very possible that it was because I had a million things on my mind, and everything seemed falling apart. 

But I couldn't have let this day go just like that! After all, it was another beautiful day in my life. So I had to do something to make it to myself. 

How hard you try, but such unforeseen circumstances will keep interfering in our lives. So hard to accept, right? But this is true. Do not beat yourself up by asking; "why me?" You still doesn'…

Everyday Inspiration: Living with Books and Bookmarks

I was never a book person, until I read that very first book in my life- that totally changed my love for reading! I got lost in its pages; and went delving deep into it. The message beneath those words were not just inspiring, but so authentic that I could not put it down! Reading turned into a beautiful habit. I love devouring non- fictional books; that inspires me, helps me to create "beautiful days" in my life, and makes me a careless wanderer. 
I have always loved scrolling through blogs and pictures that showed books, favorite picks of the month, personal reading lists, libraries, personal reading spaces; etc. I would always save and bookmark such posts, and revisit them to feel inspired and motivated. 

My love for books have has increased in past few years; and the attraction is continuously growing with each passing day. "Books can take away your sorrows and pain. They can be your best source of information and inspiration." All you need to do is- include the…