Monday, February 29, 2016

Brand Name Clothing: Why Does It Even Matter?

Do “brands” really matter? What do you think?
Gone are the days when buying a brand was just a luxury statement for few; now it‘s a necessity. A much needed form of self- presentation. How you portray yourself to the world out there, matters.

The magical aura of brands; are no more restricted to the fashion industry, or to celebrities, but it is a demand of everyone who is trying to represent the growing niche in the society.
When it comes to clothing, or creating a style statement; wearing brands seem so important these days! It is no more just a status show-off, but an effort to take care of your appearance. Name brand clothing gives a positive impression to everyone around you. When you see people sporting your favorite brands, or similar brands; you can instantly feel that “worth it” feeling. Brand name products can instantly change your look and confidence level- that’s the assurance, trust, and loyalty these products offer us.

Remember, “Fashion isn’t just about wearing branded clothes and accessories, but more about creating a “perfect” comfortable look for yourself.”  Still if you are a “brand lover,” and can’t stop falling in love with your favorite brands, I have something for you. I want to share few strong reasons why people love and trust brands, and how they impact lives:

A brand is a promise

Think about some top brands, and or your experience with them; and you will quickly learn about the type of promises they deliver us! We believe comfortable clothes are not just perfect fit, but make you look and feel fabulous. Any top or famous brand can give you that surety of satisfaction.

Known varieties and styles

Awareness of the available styles and sizes makes it easier for everyone to stay up-to-date with the brands. People are confident about their expectations from a particular brand.

Promises quality

Doesn’t matter where and what you buy, as long as it lives long and makes you feel wonderful- every time you wear it, your every penny spent is worth on it. So that’s what labels in clothing offer us- quality promises! Well-known brands are most famous among common man, because of this attribute. The greater the quality, the greater can be the chance of more people falling for them!

Social acceptance

Everyone wants to be accepted in a respectful and friendly way; be at work, or in the society. The best way to make people accept you seriously is by creating your “perfect” image. Buying a brand does help in contributing to greater social acceptance-both personally and professionally. You are perceived in a more respectable way.

Brands have become unavoidable part of our lives. Rather than believing in the statement that; “wearing brands makes you a show off person,” I want to make you feel good about your choices; feel worthy and important just as anybody else in the society.

Great brands have become so relevant in our lives that they now shape our values, opinions, and our perception of ourselves. So will you agree with me in saying that, "brands are not just labels anymore; but have become more of a culture, that shaping our "positive image" of ourselves! 

Does brand matter to you? Do you feel any different when you wear something with brand names? Don't forget to leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

12 Self Care Questions You Should Ask Yourself Everyday

If you have been reading my posts regularly,  then you will know that; I write a lot about self-care, self-love and self acceptance habits. I believe they are essential for leading a healthy and happy life! "Self care habits makes an essential part of healthy lifestyle and keeps us happy, healthy, and more aware of our mind and body needs." Taking good care of yourself doesn't just help you in leading a better life, but it helps others too. 

Self care rituals may sound like big tasks; or very big tasks to you, but the fact is; these routines are very simple every day acts,  that contribute to bigger changes in your life. So how do you know if you have been taking better care of your basic needs? Come, read further and discover those basic necessities of self-care habits- that can be as simple as brushing your hair everyday (at least two times a day; in the morning and in the evening), to learning doing yoga!
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Even in the midst of career, motherhood, family demands, and raising children, earning for family, job demands; taking proper care of yourself is important! We often neglect our own needs to meet other's demands, and the result: serious health problems, sleep deprivation, and lots and lots of stress. 

Therefore, I've come up with these twelve questions that you can ask yourself at the end of every day; and learn more about the demands from your body, mind, soul and health, in all means. If you have already been following them, then feel happy to know that- you have started your journey towards caring for "self;" and if not, you can always start practicing:

1. Am I getting enough sleep every night and waking up fresh to take on the day?

We are often sleep deprived; either by choice or by the circumstances. When mind and heart feels heavy, and too many things run in your mind, falling asleep can be really difficult. But, learning about some tricks and tips to fall asleep quickly can ease those sleeping problems. Try and find out more about healthy sleeping habits, and sleep better at night and wake up feeling fresh and more energetic. A "real" good night sleep can help calm your mind, and reduce fears and worries.

2. Am I getting exhausted and or frustrated easily?

Have you been screaming, shouting, and getting angry easily these days? Why are you unable to control your emotions, or frustrations in disguise? "Unpleasant thoughts," like: fear, failure, anger, jealousy, comparison, anxiety, and failed expectations are well-known emotions; that make us feel uncontrollably frustrated and mad. Before you do anything else; first get over your floating disappointments one-at-a-time. Just close your eyes (wherever you are), and do some deep breathing exercises. 

3. Am I taking care of my body needs?

Start by giving  a 10 min mindful attention  to your body- every day! Take good long baths (if possible). Scan through each part of your body and feel the neglected areas. Don't just do it one day and then go neglecting it for a long time! Give close attention to the needs every single day. 

4. Am I smiling or laughing often in a day?

Smiling can instantly boost your mood, and even your immune system. 

It helps in removing all the blocks, and makes you a beautiful happy person within no time! "Practice a bit of smiling everyday." Smiling stimulates our brain to the feeling of joy, so make those smiling muscles do their job (of sending happy messages to the brain back and forth), and bring happiness into your life.

5. Am I working on my goals or towards reaching my dream (s)?

The greatest satisfaction is achieved in life, when we work passionately and enthusiastically-day and night to "make things happen," to become successful in living our dreams, and to be what we have always wanted to be! Often check upon those underlying (yet irresistible) needs, as they often tend to slip under the rug of demands and commitments.

6. Am I sitting in silence every day at least for 15-20 minutes?

A must-do activity for every individual! Noise, daily stresses, and too much of talking can drain your energy and can also affect your brain. Either meditate or simply sit silently with your eyes open; but allocate 15-20 minutes for this activity; once or twice a day.

7. Am I saying "no" to not-so-important phone calls, social events and parties, or any kind of gatherings?

Do overdo to "please people!" You cannot make everyone understand your problems, so practice saying "no" to the places you think you cannot go. Limit your phone calls. Say a simple no kindly; when you are given too much- at work or in the family. 

8. Am I keeping a track of the number of meals and glasses of water I drink in a day?

Count your glasses of water and other fluids (if any) intake. Be mindful in eating healthy meals all throughout the day. Keep a track of your bad food choices in each day; instead of  worrying about the calories.

9. What am I doing to keep my health in check?

Listen to your "health alarms." Go for timely check ups.

10. Am I getting some extra hours every day- just for myself with myself?

After everything else in your "world" is done; all you want to do is, "spend some quiet valuable quality time with yourself." Don't forget to do that often on a daily basis!

11. What am I feeding my brain every single day?

Feed you brain with some inspirations, motivating stories, real life success stories, lots of laughter, and happy feelings. What you read, what you see, and what you listen to every day matters; so keep a check on the kind of things you feed your senses. Avoid anything and everything that can trigger stress, fear and anxiety in you!

12. How best am I taking care of my beauty and makeup needs?

Even applying a hand cream, foot cream, or a lip balm every night before going to bed matters! Taking care of the "essential" beauty routines is really important to feel good in your body and skin.

These are very basic ways to practice self-care. Try and find out what works for you and make self care a real priority.

What are your self care routines? How do you practice loving and taking better care of yourself? Do leave me your thoughts in the comments below. Would love to hear from you.

Monday, February 15, 2016

6 Inspirations to Look Forward To Mondays and Weekdays

If this resonates with you; then let me tell you something, " even I am not a Monday person :)....." In fact, I have never liked Mondays in my six years of career; nor I like it now-when I am a stay-at-home mother and a housewife. It feels like starting all-over-again! 

Monday may not be the favorite day of the week, for most of us; but there are too many things to love about this day: new beginning, new opportunities, starting fresh, and another brand new week to plan and achieve.
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I have no special reasons to hate weekdays; but it's just that, I am quiet never ready for the weekend to end. Monday feels the end of all enjoyment! I love laid-back weekends, where I get time to do things- "not that perfect way." But weekdays calls for being more focused, more organized, meeting deadlines, facing the problems directly; and doing all these tasks without any skip button.

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Doesn't matter if you had a bad Monday. You still have four more days to make things better for yourself; even before the weekend! "Be it at work, or at home; the "workweek" seems a little challenging for almost everybody." Weekdays may seem overwhelming and burdensome; but you will be surprised to know the benefits of saying goodbye to weekends; and welcoming a new "working" or official day into your life- another opportunity to face and solve new challenges, meeting your peers, colleagues and people; whom you like working with, sharing your new finding and discussing little bit about what's going on in your life, getting social with friends, finding some more time to do chores, best time to do some low budget shopping, and many more such fun things to catch up with!

These are few inspirations that you can tune your mind to follow, and you will be all set to take on the week- happily:

1. Every Monday wear something new.

Yes, save your best or most favorite outfit for the beginning of the week. Even if the day gets not-so-good; still you will feel good from the inside that; you have had received many complements, that helped you survive the day! This will also help you avoid any kind of confusions (like: what to wear today) that usually happens on Monday mornings'.

2. Create workweek challenges with friends and peers.

First, create a "challenge list" for yourself with yourself. Start with small achievable tasks.

Next, to make the day or the week more motivating, try pitching your ideas and or solutions to your friends, peers, and colleagues. This way you will have too many things to do in just five days. The same rule applies to a stay-at-home parent too! When you are able to create competition with yourself; you are less likely to feel overburdened and exhausted.

3. Save your purchase for the weekdays.

Unwrap your purchase on Monday morning or during the weekdays. If you have bought yourself some new clothes, shoes, or bags, or any kind of accessories; the best time to flaunt them; is during the weekdays. "Try dressing up and looking your best everyday."

4. Write down your "gratitude" list- the night before starting of the week.

Say, thank you God!" every day, to remind yourself that; how blessed you are, when you have a job to survive, a family to prepare food for, and a life that is safe and warm under a roof! Many don't have these basic requirements. So, even if you feel not-so-happy to wake up each morning and go to work, or get your kids ready for school, or to prepare breakfast and lunch boxes; you should, as you have been given the opportunity to create a wishful better life for yourself, and your family. So get up and get going!

5. Wear bright and bold colors.

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Brighten up your dull Monday or any other day of the week (not weekend), by wearing bright colors. This will keep you in focus, and will drive attention.  You will not just feel confident, but also a lot more productive and presentable, throughout the day.

6. Try to wear one new make up each day.

Challenge your limitations; and try out new make up, or a new hairstyle each day. This way you will also have too many new things to share with everyone at work, or at a grocery shop.

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Life seems interesting when we try new things, learn new things, and create new things. "Inspiration is everywhere." Find them and include in your life. Live those inspirations. Create. Recreate. Belong
Make the most of your days

So are you a Monday person or you like weekends? How do you plan for your week? Do leave me a comment and let me know.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A "No Inspiration" Day

We all have days like this; when we don't feel (or want to feel) inspired and motivated. When nothing can cheer us up, when smiling seems to be the hardest job on earth, when all we want to do is; "sit near the window and continue looking outside, without anyone or anything interrupting us." Yes, it was a bad day for me. I didn't feel inspired to do anything or even see anything. Unwelcomed worries and thoughts kept entering into my day, and I was feeling terribly helpless. My mind just went blank. It's very possible that it was because I had a million things on my mind, and everything seemed falling apart. 

But I couldn't have let this day go just like that! After all, it was another beautiful day in my life. So I had to do something to make it to myself. 

How hard you try, but such unforeseen circumstances will keep interfering in our lives. So hard to accept, right? But this is true. Do not beat yourself up by asking; "why me?" You still doesn't know many things about people around you (some who are even closer to you).  They are also fighting their battles. So does this give you a sigh of relief? Yes, it makes me feel better too! But be prepared for such days in your life. I am not a born positive person (nor does it mean I don't have problems in my life), but over the time, I have practiced staying positive; and that has helped me in several ways: at least to stay calm in such unfavorable circumstances. Trust me, I am still getting at it- a work in progress. But every time I feel miserably down, I try looking around and find some (any, may be) inspirations to pick myself up back to normal. Many a times, things don't work; but I don't stop trying.
I am glad I found my "doses of inspiration." 

I would like to share few powerful, positively motivating quotes that helped me to get over all my worrisome thoughts, and do something good today-for myself. I have saved them, hanged, clipped, and have pinned them everywhere; I thought I could see them all-day-long. So here's my collection of those strong powerful messages and affirmations. I am going to read them every single day. Hope they are helpful to you too!

Do you find any of these to be strongly inspiring or motivating? Do let me know in the comments below. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Everyday Inspiration: Living with Books and Bookmarks

I was never a book person, until I read that very first book in my life- that totally changed my love for reading! I got lost in its pages; and went delving deep into it. The message beneath those words were not just inspiring, but so authentic that I could not put it down! Reading turned into a beautiful habit. I love devouring non- fictional books; that inspires me, helps me to create "beautiful days" in my life, and makes me a careless wanderer. 

I have always loved scrolling through blogs and pictures that showed books, favorite picks of the month, personal reading lists, libraries, personal reading spaces; etc. I would always save and bookmark such posts, and revisit them to feel inspired and motivated. 

My love for books have has increased in past few years; and the attraction is continuously growing with each passing day. "Books can take away your sorrows and pain. They can be your best source of information and inspiration." All you need to do is- include them in your life- (only) if you want to!

Don't just read because, you want to show others; but read, because reading gives you that inner peace and happiness. You feel good with books, and love its company. Read, because reading matters in your life!"

Ever since I started loving books; I realized, "a book is actually one of the best things in the world. A true friend and the best companion." Reading gives me my sanity, and the power to be myself. 

I wanted to share with you my tiny library, and the beautiful accessories for my books- book markers. I am so obsessed with collecting book markers; that I can never have enough of them... They are my treasures. Every time I start feeling low or unhappy; I try to bury myself in the books of my favorite authors- stay there until I feel myself again. My love for books in the recent years have blossomed into a deep appreciation for the love of literature; that has the power to connect us with people, places, and our own self; a strong connection that can improve our lives and develop good relationships!

I love reading hardcover books. They make such an authentic "true" companion. No technology can replace the satisfaction we earn after reading hardcovers'. I love to escape in a good book. It usually helps me to take my mind off of what's happening in my life. I totally enjoy that carelessness of my mind- for that moment. Books do impact our lives! I love to lose myself in good books- that leaves behind fresh feelings and many calmed thoughts and emotions.

I wish to have my own library someday; that will include my favorites reads, and authors; and also to collect all-types of bookmarks available:)

Reading is such a beautiful and easy exercise for our body, mind and soul! So continue reading more and more.......

At present I am reading this book.
What are you reading lately? Does reading make you happier? Do you love collecting bookmarks too?
Do leave me your comments.

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